40K: NEW Deathwatch Rules in Death Masque


Death Masque contains new rules for Deathwatch that aren’t in the Codex – take a look!

Like Stormclaw, and Deathstorm before it Death Masque offers hobbyists the chance to get some new minis that have not been released yet early buy picking up this bundle deal. However this time there is over $250 in savings by doing so right off the bat!

The rules supplement for Death Masque also contains datasheets that currently are available no where else, so this box fills the savings, new miniature, and new rules prerequisites that seems to entice so many hobbyists into making the purchase.

Checkout the 10 new datasheets and TWO formations that are inside this 40 page mini supplement:

2016-08-12_1029-1 2016-08-12_1028

Not in Codex Deathwatch


New model, old rules


New Squads for Deathwatch

Deathwatch New Rules:

  • Watch Captain Artemis
  • Squad Crull
  • Squad Galatael
  • Ven. Dreadnought Nihilus
  • Watch Force Artemis Formation

Eldar New Rules:

  • Eldrad Ulthran (Current Rules)
  • Death’s Companions
  • Company of the Threefold Stranger
  • Inriam’s Spector
  • The Blades of Fate
  • The Serpents Breath
  • The Coherian Host Formation

Warhammer 40,000: Death Masque $150


Eldrad Ulthran, the most skilled of the Eldar’s prophets and one of the most powerful psykers in the galaxy, whose existence has spanned ten millennia, has put into motion a series of incredible events. Descending upon the planet of Port Demesnus, his intention is to seize its crystal moon, Coheria, for a forbidden ritual capable of awakening a slumbering god…

Watch Captain Artemis – born into violence, recruited into the Mortifactors, his talents in the art of detecting and slaying the merest hint of xenos taint saw him plucked from his Chapter and sworn to lead Kill Teams of the Deathwatch. The first to respond to the distress signals from Port Demesnus, and the first to realise Eldrad Ulthran’s motives, he has diverted his strike force to Coheria.

The battle for this moon, and the events that transpire, will send shocking reverberations throughout the galaxy.

In the Death Masque boxed game, you’ll find two forces of Citadel miniatures with which to re-create the tense battles set upon Port Demesnus. The included booklet contains 3 Echoes of War missions which allow you to play through the story, with full background explaining each battle. Full rules for all the miniatures are included, with an exclusive formation for both forces. Also included is a 208-page softback copy of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules with an exclusive Watch Captain Artemis cover.

Included miniatures:


– 1 Watch Captain Artemis
– 5 Deathwatch Veterans
– 5 Vanguard Veterans
– 1 Venerable Dreadnought
– 1 Deathwatch Upgrade Frame

60010699007_DeathMasqueENG14 60010699007_DeathMasqueENG11


– 1 Eldrad Ulthran
– 12 Harlequin Players
– 1 Death Jester
– 1 Voidweaver
– 2 Skyweavers
– 1 Harlequin Transfer Sheet


Press play to checkout the new mini rules supplement with all the Death Masque datasheets below!

The Missing Deathwatch Rules – REVIEW

  • Byungwook Kim


    Its been a while anyone done this so…

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    The Dreadnought one is the only one I want a piccy of, and it is the one you don’t upload 🙁 Rob Baaaaaaaeeeeeer!

    • Trentat

      It’s the standard Venerable Dreadnought. You can see the sprue close-up on the GW website. The only thing making it Deathwatch is the insignia glued to the sarcophagus. You get the smaller DW upgrade frame with the kit that has two vehicle sigils, 2 x Terminator pads, and 10 x regular pads.

      • Alienerd the unbannable

        I meant rules, not picture of the model. My fault, I should have been clearer.

    • UvW Sausage

      Don’t know about points but I think he’s like a normal ven with PC and fist. And has a 6++ becoming 5++ vs witch fire. Again, if I remember correctly.

      • Andrew Thomas


      • Alienerd the unbannable

        Hmm, sounds interesting. Thanks guys.

  • Carlill

    Shouldn’t squad crull be riding firemares?

    • euansmith

      😀 😀 😀

    • kobalt60

      You Sir, just earned yourself 17 interwebs points

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    because what every faction needs is rules spread between lots of odd places…

    • petrow84

      No worries, in 8th ed (read: 7 months later) you can use them as a regular assault squad and tactical squad…

  • Andrew Thomas

    Digging that they aren’t locked into being a single squad if you field the full Formation.

  • Mud_Duck

    Is it just the picture or does it look like there are some sort of mounting hole is the back of a couple pairs of legs?

  • Guido Hockmann

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before; but two-wound sergeants!

    • Shawn

      Good catch Guido. They probably needed it, since they aren’t a full army, and are technically all veterans.

  • Xodis

    Yeah I need this lol

  • TheSlann

    That box got me back to 40k after a decent hiatus. The minis are awesome, and I was already thinking about starting harleys a while ago, but the price was to much for me only playing super casual. But now … 😀

  • Austin Becht

    Squad Galateel is good, but at 5 men it’s a bit limiting in its uses in any of the Kill Teams. Otherwise, squad Crull doesn’t seam to know what it wants to do…so it’d be better for an Aquila Kill Team, if anything, but none of the specialist ones.

    Do, however, really like how they can be included in the formations, and, ergo, the Kill Teams.

  • Alex Rowley

    Mine is coming today! i’ve not bought a boxed set for 40k in a long time. Looking forward to it.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      Mine should be there today too! I’ve been working on my Harlies in anticipation of getting quite a few more!