40K RUMORS: Daemon Primarchs Coming


There is lots of chatter of Daemon Primarchs in plastic coming tot he tabletop. Here’s the latest:


Three sets of info are doing the rounds:

Industry insiders tell BoLS:

  • A Chaos Marine Supplement is coming
  • It will Feature Kharn
  • There is a large plastic kits for both Magnus the Red and the Lord of Change coming


Spikeybits reports a recent GW Managers meeting points to the following:

  • Cult troops alongside Kharn
  • New chaos psychic powers, Formations etc
  • Next campaign for the stores is themed around a Black Crusade

Faeit reported the following:

  • Primarchs and Demon Primarchs are coming to 40K.
  • They won’t be the same as they are in 30K. They’re going to be slightly different to account for the 10k year gap.
  • We will be seeing The Lion, Russ, Guilliman, Khan, Mortarion, Angron, Perturabo and Magnus.

As with rumors, the thing to look for is not the details, but then all the major rumor sources start to get into alignment. At this point all signs are pointing to the Primarchs coming back in some manner and some number.  I can only image that a Primarch’s pricetag would be!

pile of money 1280x720

~ Which Daemon Primarchs do you want the most?

  • ILikeToColourRed

    none of this is new.

  • Emprah

    Selling salt here!

  • Kritarion

    How would someone like Poppa Smurf work in 40k? Having a squad of marines push around a stasis tank?

    • CMAngelos


      Or just put him in a Grimdark Wheelchair like Karsmivov

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        He is housed in a super dreadnought that is the size of an Imperial Knight.

        • nuggy

          That, hands down, would make me drop chaos altogether and join the posterboys team right away.

        • Alan C

          That… would be awesome.

        • Statham

          I’m kind-of questioning why that isn’t a thing already.

          • Deathwing

            lol the Smurfanaught. or primarchanaught

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      he just drops on them from orbit in his adamantium hospital ward, like the Foot of Gork but bluer.

      • Kritarion

        Actual hospital ward or Matt ward? You know he could make that work.

    • GingerPowered

      While that image would be entertaining as hell (and would pertain to the Lion as well), plot advancement might fix that for us

    • Spacefrisian

      Super mega dreadnought?…or just hooked up into an Imperial Knight.

  • Commissar Molotov

    Slightly different, eh? I eagerly await Magnus the Fuchsia!

    • Ruadhan

      Magnus the Fuchsia is now my forever-name for Flying Monkey Magnus :

    • euansmith

      Ol’ Nipple-clamps is back.

  • Talos2

    It will be interesting to see how close the release of fw Magnus is to the gw daemon Magnus. Stealing a bit of thunder really, which is an unusual relationship for the two divisions

  • Red_Five_Standing_By


    Loyalist Primarchs in 40k?

    It’s the end of times!!!!!

    • Davor Mackovic

      NO it’s not. It’s the Age of Roundtree.

      (not my saying saw someone else say it some where else)

      • euansmith

        Wotchewtalkin’bout, succah?!

        • Guido Hockmann

          Wotchewtalkin’bout, Willis?

          • Commissar Molotov

            Talkin’ ’bout SHAFT!

          • Jared van Kell

            He’s da man!!!

          • Countdiscount

            Damn Right!

  • SilentPony

    I doubt it. They’ll never introduce loyalist Primarchs for 40k. Never.

    • Ben Martin

      You do realise that right at this moment Vulcan, Primarch of the Salamaders, is running around 40k leading history’s biggest imperial force since the Heresy against a horde of super-orks led by The Beast?
      The Primarchs are already here buddy!

      • PrimoFederalist

        You misspelled “32k”.

        • Ben Martin


      • Horus84cmd

        Isn’t that series set a few hundred years after the HH though not during 40K? Plus it’s Vulken a missing Primark not a dead one?

        • Statham

          Supposedly the Necron guy with the sweet collection of rarities has Vulkan’s body.

      • Aaron Elvis Pearce

        Aren’t the beasts arises book around the 34th to 36th millenia, so 4-5000yrs prior to current date. However, Vulcan is a perpetual, I believe he is in stasis somewhere atm

        • 1500 years after the Heresy, 50 years before the 2nd Black Crusade. It looks to me like Vulkan also finally died.

          • Jonathan B.

            Vulkan lives!

      • Spacefrisian

        The Beast BROCK LESNAARRRR!!!..? Vulcan going to suplex city i guess.

    • Admiral Raptor

      Why not?

    • Gideon Ernesto

      Many said that over the last 20 years. Many at GW did. If true then this is a whole new time…. not sure that I like it. I wanted change at GW. And I like a lot of what I see. But I’m not sure about what we see here.

    • Rafał Pytlak

      Never say never. The almighty dollar god can warp reality better than Tzeentch ever could.

  • Horus84cmd

    I calling it now. If we see demon/dead/missing primarch return then my premise for where the 40K back will have a strong chance of happening. As i posted couple of weeks back:

    • MightyOrang

      Ghazzie IS Da Prophet of Mork.

      Or is it Gork?

      • Karru

        According to the Ghaz book, he is Da Prophet of Gork & Mork.

        • Jonathan B.

          Nanu nanu

      • Golden Yak

        Gorkamorka. Believe it.

    • Konrax

      These rumours have been around in some capacity for months now

      • Horus84cmd

        which rumour the primarch’s one or things akin to my thought – because I know that’s been around years – decades even for bits of it.

    • weeler

      I love this idea. Also I would love to see down the road, (as this would take a few years and we might have to deal with a 40K version of AoS), a total reconstruction of the 40K ruleset.

  • Karru

    The amount of salt here isn’t even close enough to what the Dead Sea has to offer. I mean, yeah the campaign and the Black Crusade is a given considering that they are moving the fluff, but the Primarchs? Really?

    If they were to give Chaos the equivalent of the SM Angels of Death supplement, I’d be the happiest heretic alive. I just bought it myself the other day and oh boy does it have some very fun and fluffy things in it. The book really made me want to do a Raven Guard army. I just hope that the CSM supplement would do the same thing. Make me want to make a CSM army that is, currently it does the opposite.

  • MightyOrang

    You had me until you said Guillman / Russ / Khan / Lion — because they’d have to retconn the holy bejeezus out of their own timeline – real AOS level stuff.

    And they’re not foolish enough to do that just to sell some models are they?

    Oh…wait … $&@!

    • Karru

      But as far as I’m aware only Guilliman is the “problem child” here. Russ and Khan are only missing as far as the fluff of the codices and the rulebooks go and Lion isn’t dead either, can’t for the life of me remember what happened to him. I’m pretty sure that anything Black Library is non-canon to the Table Top game.

      • Horus84cmd

        The Lion’s supposedly in the care of the Watchers deep within The Rock (can’t help but read that with a connery accent).

        • euansmith

          He’s hidden deep within the Rock?!

      • Calum Wallace

        As far as Guilliman goes, bear in mind this, which has been in the fluff so long that I’ve copied it word-for-word from my second-edition Codex Ultrasmurfs;

        ‘There are some, however, who claim the Primarch’s wounds do change. They say that the Primarch’s body is slowly recovering and that his wounds show mysterious signs of healing. OThers deny the phenomena, and point out the sheer impossibility of change within the stasis field. Yet enough believe the stories to come to the shrine and witness for themselves the miracle of the Primarch.’

        I think on the whole out of the Primarchs we know have taken serious/fatal damage, he’s the hottest tip for a return even before you get to the Smurfs posterchild status.

        • We’ve also had a hint of technology from the Iron Hands, the Iron Heart, that seems to be repairing the Space Marine it was attached to, WHILE that guy is in stasis.
          They definitely set up a miracle healing of Guilliman for a long long time.

      • Gavin Henning

        Corax also isn’t dead

    • knightsanguis

      I fail to see how their return would retcon anything. Khan and Russ disappeared, with Russ promising to return in the time of ending. The Lion rests deep within the Rock and according to some higher ranking Dark Angels will awaken when he is needed again. Guilliman had his throat cut and lies in stasis but there are those who claim the wound is actually healing.

      • Calum Wallace

        Vulkan wasn’t confirmed dead – he went missing much like Russ and Corax. It’s Ferrus Manus who was confirmed dead.

        • Azhrarn

          Confirmed Headless you mean. 😉

  • pokemastercube .

    bringing in the primarchs is poinless unless they resserect sanguinius

    • DJ860


  • or1992

    No fulgrim?

    • Horus84cmd

      Shhhh! You will bring out the “GW are killing Slaanesh” conspirators!

      • amaximus167

        It wouldn’t surprise me if GW made a model for him and then killed Slaanesh…

        Not that I am buying into the Slaanesh conspiracy.

  • OolonColluphid

    Boo, they leave out two Primaches confirmed to be still alive and take the Lion and Guilliman out of stasis.
    Also it’s rather pitiful that Perturabo will be the only Iron Warriors character in the game. It would also make him the third Chaos Undivided character.
    Five if for some reason you count the Crimson Slaughter. Which nobody plays anyways.

    • Darth Bumbles

      Given that the Thirteeenth Wolf is back on Fenris, and the entire Fenris system has just had the Feth kicked Out of it by Chaos and the Duck Angels, the Russ turning up incredibly pissed off is a logical next step.

      • OolonColluphid

        That would be a total dues ex machina, the Space Furries have almost as many as the Ultramarines to save them when they should have lost.

        The Black Crusade would be a more logical place any for a Primarch to turn up.

        • Calum Wallace

          Speaking as a Wolves player I’m hoping for that exactly – him and the non-Wulfen parts of 13 Company to turn up in pursuit of Black Crusade forces. Would be nice to see the 13th back again, for keeps this time.

          • OolonColluphid

            Makes more sense than the Wulfen garbage we got. Wouldn’t be a surprise to me if the non mutated 13th Company Space Wolfs used them as cannon fodder, like the Blood Angels with the Death Company.

          • amaximus167

            I am afraid, with the ‘not like their 30k versions,’ means that Russ comes back as a mega-wulfen…

            I hope that isn’t true. But I have a baaaad feeling about it…

          • Lee Williams

            You mean a *Chaos* wulfen?

          • amaximus167

            I more meant as an Imperial Demon Prince, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they made him Chaos. Depends on who is writing the neo-fluff…

          • OolonColluphid

            Ew, I hope not. GW would go with the dumbest route.

          • amaximus167

            Let us pool our collective hopes!

    • amaximus167

      Weird that there is no mention of Lorgar.

      • OolonColluphid

        He founded Chaos Undivided. GW seems to not know what is in their own lore.

        • amaximus167

          If it wasn’t for Lorgar there would be no Chaos Space Marines. No Horus Heresy. Oops, we forgot that guy…

  • Painjunky

    Bring Night Haunter back to life!!!
    Ideally to the tune of “Back in black” by ACDC!!!

  • Jared van Kell

    Good thing I own this here salt mine.

  • Admiral Raptor

    Sounds good to me! My 30k Guilliman can hang out with 40k Guilliman!

    The end times can’t start soon enough. I’d love to get my hands on any of the Daemon Primarchs, and at the very least the Lion, Guilliman, and Dorn (I don’t care what anyone says, he’s not dead :P).

    • Darth Bumbles

      Dorn’s ‘armless though.

      • Horus84cmd

        Give that man a hand….Ooooo too soon?, too soon?

        • MPSwift

          At least he didn’t lose his head in the heat of battle…

  • Alvin Adorno

    I think Vulcan should be found in the Necron collection by a deathwatch team. Russ would come back from the eye crazed with warnings of chaos. The emp should die and come back as a god with half the emperium not believing in him.

  • Mr.Gold

    well they did bring him (Mr. W) back.

  • Horus84cmd

    Throught the background ever since the inception of Rogue Trader there have been, and still are, stories of: ridiculous (and sometime ludicrously silly – I’m looking at you “Hair Squigs”), over the top heroics, deeds and other-world/unexpected “deus ex machina” interventions. But, you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that!

    Every Primarch origin story runs like a movie superhero origin story, Imperial Guard History reads like timeline of John Wayne or Michael Bay war movies from the last 60 years, I could go on.

    There have rarely been stand out fiction writers inside the studio/GW. Even BL only has half-a-dozen really strong regular authors. Most of the novelist are par for the course.

  • Calum Wallace

    Khan chased a bunch of Eldar into the Webway and is presumably still in there.

  • CF

    I don’t know if these rumors will pan out but I do assume something big may be on the horizon for the 30th anniversary. If the past year plus has been any indicator — Ad Mech, GS Cult, Deathwatch — who knows what may be in store.

    I don’t play AoS but am envious of the cool centerpiece models most of the armies have in that game. Sure, Knights of the Imperial and Eldar flavor, are cool, but I don’t think of them like I do the super units in Aos.

    So if Daemon Primarchs, returning SM Primarchs, Super Eldar Avatar, Gorked/Morked out Ghaz are on the way … I want to see a super C’Tan or the return of the Silent King for the Necrons.

    • Lee Williams

      The Silent King is on self imposed exile because of what he did to the necrontyr. He won’t be back unless he has something that can totally flip the fate of the Necrons.
      As for super c’Tan, just bring them up to the level of the fluff. I don’t even mind the rando powers because it fits the fluff of a pissed off cosmic being trapped by robots telling it what to do. They don’t even really feel like an MC the way they are now.

  • JP

    GASP. Loyalist Primarchs sound AWESOME, but also a little too good to be true. That would mean advancing the plot of the game to account for their return… to the point of the End Times for 40k. Who knows, though? Maybe they do have the brass cajones to go through with it.

  • Alvin Adorno

    The fluf on fulgrim is stupid he was possessed that means he lost his soul right? Demon princess are given a portion of demonic energy from the patron God. So his soul should still be in that picture.

    • Tshiva keln

      He beat the possession and trapped that daemon in a painting. He got made a daemon prince for giving an entire eldar tomb moon of spirit souls to”she who should probably watch her waist line”. Plus for trying to kill Perturabo and gain his power. I’m sure anyone with a sibling would fully understand this 😉

      • MPSwift

        It’s like Highlander all over again…

        *Spoiler* Best bit in that book for me had to be when Perty beats seven shades of purple out of Fulgrim with a model of a Warhound titan. So perfect.

  • I am ready for Daemon Primarchs now. But now I am playing the awesome 8 ball pool multiplayer. http://ow.ly/lgOE303emI4

  • Orblivion

    God dammit, can’t I just have one version of Sanguinius before we get two versions of other primarchs?

    • MPSwift

      Think of the poor Imperial Fist/Alpha Legion players who have had rules since Book 3 and still no primarch model! And in the case of the Alphas, no unique terminator models or upgrades yet either… Iron Warriors are still missing Havoc/Tyrant Siege models or upgrades, Ultramarines have armour upgrade packs but no sign of the Fulmentarus yet… Sanguinius is going to be a bit of a wait I’m afraid bud 🙁

    • Don’t worry, you’ll get an epic setpiece to go along with the archtraitor version of Horus. You know, lying on the ground, wings spread, quite dead.

  • Dumbcow1


    I can dream….

  • Knight

    I always like the series on youtube “If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device”. It is a comedic story if the emperor had a basic communication, text-to-speech, and follows how (hilariously) upset he is at the current state of the universe.

    When the emperor finds out the grey knight kill people that refuse to believe the emperor as the one and only god, he is appalled and disbands the grey knights. The grey knight don’t believe they are being disbanded by the emperor himself, instead believe the high lords of terra turned heretic. The grey knights fight their way to terra and etc. etc. Primarchs return etc.

    If you didnt watch this yet do it. It is very well though out, it explains stuff like how Dorm lost his hand.

    The channel name is Bruva Alfabusa

  • euansmith

    It has always been the End Times in 40k, right since Rogue Trader. However, the Galaxy, even the tiny one conceived by the game’s authors, is a vast place, and its destruction can take decades more releases from GW.

  • DJ860

    It’s one of those crazy things that I love the sound of the primarchs returning until I actually read a discussion about it, then I’m not so sure.

    Also, imagine, one of the loyal primarchs returns, as a traitor.

    Russ returns as a traitor alongside daemon Magnus and helps attack the Wolves. I would ROFL.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    I always lol that Lion is comatose maybe 20 meters from some Dark Angels prancing through The Rock. If they only knew…

  • Mark of Death

    Daemon Primarchs maybe but I think the loyalist Primarchs will lose their mystique. I don’t get why they don’t just tell amazing stories in the huge setting they have. Rather than this need to change everything that made the setting so good.

  • Lee Williams

    Anyone exposed to the warp for 10k years is going to come out a bit tainted…..

    • Azhrarn

      This is GW remember, Draigo is a thing that happened. He’ll be just fine and dandy, right along with the 13th Company… Oh right. 😀

  • ChubToad

    I need salt loads and loads of salt, and perhaps Soy Sauce too.