40K: The Lord Inquisitor Prologue is LIVE


It’s been 6 long years, but the 9 minute Warhammer 40,000 short film is here!

The first 8 minutes of The Lord Inquisitor, a full CGI short movie set in the universe of Warhammer 40k.

Created and Directed by Erasmus Brosdau.

This project was created entirely in spare time without any budget.

Artist page of Erasmus: 

Note: this thing has huge res, to go full screen and crank it up as high as your bandwidth can handle.

You can read the previous review of the video here.


And here are some stills to get your grimdark going.


A Lord Inquisitor


Everyone loves a parade!


Statue of Rogal Dorn


I see you…


Say it with me, skull blimps.


Holy Terra


Battle Barge in orbit.

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Finally, some context for your conversation:

  • Its NOT “The Lord Inquisitor” that was released, just a prologue. Please adjust the title of the article.

    It is freaking awesome, though.

  • shiwan

    The “thump” of the marines marching is very satisfying.

    • The parade scene is my favourite, especially that shot down the middle where you first see Torquemada’s float.

  • In before anyone rants/complains about any of the inconsistencies and glitches. Guy and his team did it in their free time for free. It is amazing as it is, even more so when you consider that.

  • Also, before anyone complains about Marcus’ attitude

    He is a near radical inquisitor. A man with little morals and near absolute power who believes everything he does is just and right. You would be cocky too.

    • petrow84

      Aaaand perhaps he’s also been a subject to a rejuvenating procedure, maybe for many times. So, he might be much, much older, than he is currently being shown.

    • Laurence J Sinclair

      As evidenced by his funny walk. 😛

      Yeah, there’s little to complain about here. The only thing that’s even slightly annoying is the lip-synch, and that’s something that animators have struggled with for decades, so I can look past it.

      The video is gorgeous.

      • euansmith

        I rather liked his “gangasta” strut.

        • BeneathALeadMountain

          I agree, the ‘gangster lean’ was a nice, believable bit of characterisation.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Well I thought it odd at first but after watching it a second time, he is quite the sadist. Dragging out the kill and all.

    • Deez

      I believe Marcus is also a “newer” Inquisitor. His sadistic, cocky manner maybe traits reminiscent of his days as an Acolyte. I believe the Acolytes serve under senior Inquisitors, who’s primary duties are to torcher and interrogate under supervision of the Inquisitor they serve. Marcus seems, to me, to be a fresh off the line Inquisitor that hasn’t been serving long enough to become all Imperial Cult bald headed and stoic.
      Just my theory, and open to interpretation. Regardless, I love every second of this.

  • petrow84


  • Hawt Dawg

    Now that’s what I am talking about!

    The giant marines… Wow! Looking all proper big and everything.

  • Can anybody explain to me what those odd floating things are with the red balloons and the white skull markings? Haven’t encountered anything like it yet in 40K but everyone else in the comments seems to be able to relate to them?

    • yorknecromancer

      40K is a wargame, which means the models that are created are explicitly for war.

      The odd floating things are a creation entirely of the film maker. The implication is that they are most likely some kind of civilian vehicle or installation that has no place on the battlefield, but which retain the ubiquitous imperial skull motifs.

      It’s not that people are ‘relating’ to them, so much as just accepting that the parade is clearly a display of military power for the civilian populace, hence there will by necessity be civilian features in the surrounding area.

      Put another way: they’re cool floaty thing the film maker put there to look cool. They serve no purpose and do nothing but float around looking cool.

  • benn grimm

    Looks flipping amazing, congrats to Erasmus and all the contributors; just goes to show what you can produce when you have love for the subject, a lot of talent, resilience and a good, hard working attitude.

    Now take a holiday! 😉

  • Lord_Summerisle

    Very nice. The Marines and Dreadoughts really have some “weight” in the animation. You get a real sense of “trans-human dread” from their intimidating height and bulk.

  • euansmith

    Well that didn’t disappoint; which, after six years of expectant waiting, is pretty darn amazing.

    Things I really liked included the hot aether ballons, the properly huge Space Marines, the articulation on the Dreadnoughts’ hips, the “thomb” sound as the sun comes in to view on the vertical tracking shot through the amazing cityscape, the grizzled henchman and all the ormolu decorating in the anchorite’s apartment.

  • Thornoo1

    Anyone able to determine the shore line of the contients of Holy Terra?

    • petrow84

      There ain’t no continents on Holy Terra anymore;
      – many of the oceans were already evaporated, or became much smaller, than they actually were (iirc, in a Dan Abnett novel they say that from the undersea mountains and magma formations they carves mile-high statues)
      – during the heresy the traitors inflicted so heavy bombardment, that the tectonic plates itself were breaking up
      – The whole surface is now covered by cities, armour plates and the like; Terra is currently the biggest hive-world in the Imperium.

  • Lord_Summerisle

    Should be called The Edgelord Inquisitor. What a little sh1t.

  • plasticvicar

    Those Imperial Fists need to work on their marching drill 😛

    But in all seriousness THIS is what the universe has been lacking in media all this time, not more action or gore but a subtle weight and atmosphere depicting the sheer scale, extravagance and yet the immense dogma and inequality of the 41st millennium.

    The vistas blending the gothic architecture with futuristic technology is what really drives the atmosphere but more subtle parts such as the omnipresence of implants or the ubiquity of rejuvenant treatment amongst upper echelons of imperial society are good touches as well.

    The Imperium is a totalitarian techno-archaic religious state ruled by a personality cult the likes which has never been seen in history. In over 30 years there has not been a video that seriously fleshed that out without shoving it down our throats, until now.

  • karloss01

    This is what GW is missing in their games; Books about the constant war can sometimes feel repetitive. I mean we’re playing a war game so war is what we know. I’d love to see more films like this that build on the atmosphere itself, or source books full of landscapes and offer a glimpse to what the average imperial citizen looks like (in terms of clothing) and what they engage with in everyday life.

    • petrow84

      But…but… there’s ONLY war!

      • euansmith

        “I’ll have the mini squid and chips, please.”

        “Sorry, mate, squid and chips if off the menu.”

        “What have got?”

        “War… only war.”

    • Severius_Tolluck

      They have that in some novels. like the Necromunda series or The Esienhorn / Ravenor trilogies. They have people at prayer, normal streets, hospitals. etc….

    • Eisenhorn and ravenor are great for this. Double Eagle somewhat (best shows normal life that gets disrupted by war)

      The “Mars” trilogy isn’t war so much as a dangerous expedition into the unknown.

    • James Hall

      They;’re a little dated now, but Ian Watson’s Inquisitor trilogy do an incredible job of adding character to the world. Those books have shaped my view of the 40k universe a great deal.

  • edendil

    Amazingly intricate and detailed scenery. Great atmosphere. Fantastic!

  • matty199

    Fund these guys to make a longer movie gw

  • Dan DePalma

    I enjoyed those 8 minutes more than I enjoy most 2.5 hour cinema presentations. The details, the creativity, the way your team captured the shared world we love…all I can say is well done. I look forward to more minutes.

  • BloodAngel

    While I liked it. It had NOTHING whatsoever in common with the trailers released over the years. I was very disappointed. I thought we were going to see Grey Knights going bad-assed Agro on Daemons, Void Battles, possibly Imperial Guard in action, etc…
    The only trailer that tied into this was the “Nobody Expects the Inquisition” trailer.

    • amaximus167

      I read somewhere that a full length is coming out in 2017. I would assume that the Bloodletters and Grey Knights might appear there. This is just the prelude.

      • euansmith

        In the grim dark Universe of the future, its a good idea to get your victory parade in before going on campaign. No one’s going to queue up to cheer what comes back after the fighting. 😉

      • petrow84

        “a full length is coming out in 2017”
        Let me answer with the trailer:
        “We know one thing. This… is a lie”

        • euansmith

          Weren’t they saying that the full movies is something like 20 minutes long? Maybe, now they’ve got the assets all lined up, they can animate and render the rest of it rather more quickly.

  • This is amazing. I rewatched the parade sequence several times. I felt that that section of the video especially captured the equal parts terrifying group think as incredible might of the Imperium. The marines, dreadnaughts and servitors were nailed down amazingly.

  • TheWanderingJewels

    Not a bad prologue and it does give the feel of the place in it’s proper glory. Given this was done as a passion project I can really appreciate the work done. If I remember correctly, there is a full film coming?

  • Deez

    This is amazing. It would be such a treat if GW would actually fund Erasmus and his team with a full staff to give us what we have been craving for years. The Lord Inquisitor is just a small taste of what could potentially be something huge.
    Thank you Erasmus and the folks involved whom dedicated precious time and money to an idea and project that could be revolutionary for this universe we all love so much.

  • Sebastian Marrero

    I like to play the scene from the 2010 movie with the ultramarines fighting CSM to the tune of Yakety sax

  • Damistar

    I hope the final version has Titans 🙂

  • Dan

    I hope Games Workshop takes note of the overwhelming positive response to this and we will start seeing a lot of official 40k cinema of this quality in the future. I would love to see the Horus Heresy play out on the big screen.