40k: War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades


Today we have Reece’s Khorne Daemonkin and Renegades vs War Convocation! Who will win?

We’ve got a good fight lined up this evening! Reecius’ KDK+Renegades vs. guest John’s War Convocation!

This will be an interesting battle. Both armies are very flexible, having melee and shooting options. The War Convocation list has a lot of free points and tricks up its sleeve with Canticles and such while the KDK list can summon in powerful reinforcements and largely does not care about grav weaponry. The Dune Crawlers are problematic for any summoned Bloodthirsters and the Heldrake, but the War Convo will struggle to deal with the Khorne Hounds. The Dominus with the powerful Skryerskull will be a critical unit to deal with as he is a lynchpin for the War Convocation’s pnas for dealing with the Khorne Knight, who will otherwise run roughshod through their lines.

Check the Tactics Corner for more great video battle reports!

  • Peter Utecht

    where´s that game mat from???

  • Roboutico