Age of Sigmar: Season of War Ends Today

Season of War map1

Get in those last battles and report your results while you can! It’s almost over except the crying.

GW says:



Season of War Website

At presstime, the three global zones look as follows:

Greywater Fastness

Built by the Ironweld engineers, the Greywater Fastness is a towering stronghold of ironclad walls, roaring furnaces, and cannon batteries.

Greywater Fastness will be fought over by participants in the United Kingdom and other locations outside of the US, Canada, and Europe.

Now controlled by Grand Alliance: Order


The Living City

Within the reclaimed lands of the Jade Kingdom, the Everqueen forged the Living City from great bulwarks of entwined ironoak and bedrock, fortified with thorn-studded vines.

The Living City will be fought over by participants in the US and Canada.

Now controlled by Grand Alliance: Order



An ancient metropolis suffused with the power of Ghyran, the Phoenicium stands as a symbol of rebirth in the Realms.

Phoenicium will be fought over by participants in Europe.

Now controlled by Grand Alliance: Order


I’d say Sigmar is smiling upon his throne with only hours to go. The Stormclad Eternals, Sylvaneth, Seraphon, Fyreslayers and allied forces of Order have been smashing face for 30 days straight. You Death, Destruction and Chaos generals better get on it! GW has been offering up cool little special rules and magic items the past couple of weeks to help turn the tide but Sigmar’s forces have not backed down an inch.

GW says they will release the final standings on August 16th.


~What have you thought of the summer global campaign? I can’t believe it’s been a month.

  • euansmith

    “Do you wanna side order of Order with your order?”

    It looks like the stultifying forces of stasis are going to be claiming a victory.

  • shiwan

    Ok, so, roughly 60% of all armies are from Order. Apparently nothing compensates this in their poit system. This pretty much kills any and all reasons to participate in this.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Next time one can hope they use a percentage system so it is irrelevant how many good guy armies there are.

      • ZeeLobby

        Would definitely help. Or heck, weight it based on results. There’s plenty of campaigns through history where one side consistently won until the other won a critical battle. Itd be cool if they dedicated more effort to motivating underepresented and undersupplied factions.

        • Randy Randalman

          Well, if recent GW trends are an indicator, we can expect they will make adjustments. Having such a wide variety of the old WHFB armies at their disposal, plus Stormcasts, proved to be a major advantage for Order.

      • shiwan

        I hope they will.

    • Horus84cmd

      Given the graphs are representative of the alliance win percentages, I’m not quite sure how you can extrapolate that to mean “60% of all armies are from Order”. That is not, you know, how maths works….

      Without any figures, the most we can infer from these these pie charts is that “roughly X% of a wins are from Y-alliance”.

      • keroko

        While his math is off, what he means is most of all the armies by old Fantasy counting that GW sells are Order. Order has Stormcast, Dwarfs, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Empire and Lizardmen. 7 unique armies. Chaos has Warriors, Daemons, Skaven and Beastmen. 4 armies. Destruction has Greenskins and Ogres. 2 armies that you -maybe- can stretch to 3 if you include giants as a unique army, but that’s not really playable so I’ll pass on that. Death, since the squatting of Tomb Kings, has only Vampire Counts. One army.

        14 GW armies, 7 of which Order. 50% Order, 29% Chaos, 14% Destruction, 7% Death.

        Which actually fits the graphs reasonably well too.

        • Wayne Molina

          So basically the same problem as anything in 40K where half the Army’s belong to the same faction

          • ZeeLobby

            Lol. Yeah. I don’t see the creation of Sigmarines helping that skew in any way anytime soon.

        • Horus84cmd

          Ok. Yes, in term of armies there is a skew of army alliance proportions of what GW sells and therefore a higher probability that the army a hobbyist collects COULD come from one alliance over another.

          WITHOUT the figures for the chart we cannot know/say of that disproportion spread of available armies to faction is DIRECTLY translating to what is represented in the pie charts.

          It COULD just as equally be that the hobbyist taking part in the campaign have a skewed liking towards Chaos, Destruction or Death. Yet if these hobbyist don’t paint as many warscrolls or play/win as many games as compare to the other alliances, then the result will still show the Alliance that has painted the most or winning as “being” more abundant.

          • keroko

            Individual examples will always vary, yes, but unless one army is massively favoured over the others for its own reason, averages will ensure that this leans in different directions everywhere and that in the end, the factions that has the most armies available will still be more likely to win simply due to the odds of people picking armies from that faction.

            Just look at how all three cities have roughly the same end result. Three cities, many different cultures working on their armies, yet the differences in what each city scored for the various factions can be measured in single percentages. That’s a pattern.

          • Horus84cmd

            Oh for sure yeah averages will do that by their very nature. So you’re not wrong there.

            To take a leap sideways we (outside players) don’t know if GW have opted to use a normalising formula, so every result has equal weighting when it comes to the overall result, thus removing evening the skew starting point.

            My point here is that as participant we don’t know. I think someone said it elsewhere that it would be nice to know exactly how they are calculating results to reassure hobbyist of a level playing field.

      • shiwan

        The same way we know that most 40k armies are loyalist marines.

        If we assume that participation numbers are equal we are seeing order being broken.

        It’s one way or the other.

        • Horus84cmd

          Err no just no – not at all in relation to the pie charts being used to graph the campaign results.

          I won’t say it can have bearing, but it is far too simplistic to make that assumption.

          To just “assume”, the participation numbers of hobbyist in the campaign are directly equal to the skew number of army choices available to one alliance over another, ignores so many other things. To cite a few (but not exhaustive) issues:
          – The results included at least two variables that contribute the data. Won games and Painted Warscrolls. If one alliance group paints far more than another this skews the data (see example in a different post)
          – Hobbyist may use more than one army. Across several alliances during the campaign.
          – A hobbyist playing one alliance may paint/play much more than another alliance’s hobbyist i.e. someone with a Order amy plays five time more than one using a Chaos one.
          – The campaign will not contain a equal number of games between alliances. i.e. not like a football league where everyone plays each other twice. You could have situations where a play repeatedly plays the same combination of alliance e.g. Chaos vs Death 20 time compare to Chaos vs Destruction 5 times.

          • shiwan

            Congratulations, you brought up many more reasons why this campaign was a waste of time just because it’s not fair in any way.

          • Horus84cmd

            Nope. Just reasonable arguments for why more Order factions does not automatically make the campaign unfair.

            I never said it WAS fair. Mind you the results can be easily made to be fair by utilising some basic math. All they need to do is internal moderating formula so every result has equal weighting.

            Not hard and for all we know EXACTLY what GW has done. 😉

            It seems like you just want the AoS campaign to fail and are looking for any reason for it to fail.


          • shiwan

            Not automatically, true, but if there is no measure taken to ensure that disproportionately large presence of one faction compared to others does not skew the results it is pretty likely that it does. GW has been very open about the point system. There is no reason to think that there is a system beyond what is told in place.
            I do not do fanboyish assumptions to keep my hopes up. “For all we know” is just another way of saying “we have no reason to make an assumption but let’s make it anyway”.

            Actually I want AoS to be awesome now that it can be. 40k is not going to get a fix and AoS is a fun idea.
            The campaign was a great idea. I just hope it’s not pointless because of almost predetermined winner due to some beginner level design mistake.

          • Horus84cmd

            And much here sir, I can agree with.

            I’ve really enjoyed the campaign. It would have been nicer to know exactly how the results are being applied, so as hobbyist we can see that it was a level playing field.

            I hazard one thing though. All the data gives GW some great market research to shape future releases.

          • shiwan

            If it was just a market research campaign for them they should have been honest about it. At least I think so.

          • Horus84cmd

            I wouldn’t say the campaign was directly run just market research. I doubt the conversation would have been “we need to do market research…ok lets hide it in the guise of a worldwide campaign”. It’s a nice little consequence of all the data they have produce.

          • shiwan

            I have no doubt that this was a promotional thing too. Still, telling the customers honestly how it works and what are the expectations would be…well…honest instead of this dishonesty or lack of professional skill…

    • Beefcake the mighty

      Plus it’s AoS.

      • shiwan

        Why is it being AoS a bad thing?

        • Beefcake the mighty

          It’s a beer and pretzels game, generally those aren’t what you think of when campaigns come up. Unless there is a large munchkin or cards against humanity campaign I’m not aware of.

          • shiwan

            All GW games are like that. Tournament games just do not mesh well with a narrative.

    • ZeeLobby

      Well and that’s the continual problem with GW. When one faction has 3x as many options, releases and combinations as the others, you’ll always see them win events and come out on top. With GWs consistent design philosophy of only release stuff for things that sell well, it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • shiwan

        Sadly true.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        At my local GW store, most people are playing with the “new” armies (basically anything with a white starter set or a recent release).

        If you go by that logic, then Chaos and Order and kind of similar.

        Nurgle Daemons
        Khorne Daemons
        Korne Bloodbound
        Skaven Pestilens
        Slaves to Darkness
        (Daemons of Tzeench by way of Silver Tower)

        Skeleton Horde
        Flesh Eater Court

        (Savage Orruks)

        Stormcast Eternals

        I know with more established fans, they are going to have the old armies but in my experience, newer players (the kind GW has been courting) do not have these armies. They are starting fresh and are really focused on what GW is pushing right now.

        Also, with the bonuses you get by staying “in faction” with the new points system, playing the older armies is more difficult because they are dispersed amongst many different “factions” rather than being housed under one banner (ignoring the old army army lists in the back of the book).

        • Aezeal

          At least the new released starters will likely have more units newly painted

    • jcdent

      I’m just happy Chaos (let’s be reasonable here, it’s Khorne and Nurgle tag team, really) didn’t win.

      Too bad Orc/Ogre 2016 didn’t score better. At least the old orcs would have made this fun.

      • shiwan

        Why would Chaos winning be bad?

    • Axis Mundi

      Well, all it really proves is that Order armies are popular – and maybe for GW this has been a very useful way of getting some data in on what people are playing?

      I don’t see that it in any way makes it pointless to have participated in this campaign – but yes, maybe in the next one unless they weight it somehow.

      Also, localy in your store it might matter – in our one it was a bitter struggle between Chaos and Order when I last checked. That will have no effect on the final result of course, but it’s all meant to have just been a bit of fun to get people playing – which it seems to have done.

      • shiwan

        This could all be true. If it is I think GW messed up by selling it as an idea of people getting to participate in something cool in the game.

        • Axis Mundi

          It’s certainly disappointing that it’s been so one sided, and I agree that it’s been a bit underwhelming – but, I think this was them just dipping their toe in this kind of event. Fighting over just three cities in one Realm was hardly an epic event really – and I guess Order players are probably quite chuffed to have got a proper toe hold in the story with this result?

          Also at just four weeks, and with a bit of confusion at the start as we waited for the General’s Handbook to drop, it feels a bit like I blinked and missed it! And I was even in Warhammer World yesterday as they finished it off with a mini-tourney, so couldn’t really have been closer to the action.

          Hopefully they’ll do what they seem to have suddenly become good at – learning from and building on experience. I’d like to see a longer more complex campaign next year, possibly using the re-vamped White Dwarf as well as the Facebook page to moderate it. Could be very cool.

          • shiwan

            There is potential here, that is true. As it is though I have no intention to participate in future events like this unless they are beyond clear about how they are going to kill the effects of different levels of participation between factions. I can play for fun without things like this campaign and honestly playing to gain points for your faction seems pointless if the campaign has a predetermined winner. Actually, to be honest, the predetermined winner thing takes the fun out of the game.

            Well, I hope they fix it. After all, it’s not hard really. You just calculate the points relative to participants and be done with it.

  • ragelion

    Honesty as a Death player as someone said they should of used a percentage system but for once in warhammer fluff let’s have the good guys have a win. Instead of the constant “chaos is looming over to destroy everything!”.

    I hope this loss pushes Archaon to put more resources into finding slaanesh and from a fluff standpoint Death losing does not mean much in the grand scheme of things considering what nagash is planning. Plus he grew strong on all the Death caused.

    Destruction just wants a good fight win or lose. Plus order get’s some form of civilization back. Things could still be interesting still I don’t want loads of fluff books of order punching all the factions in the face.

  • MightyOrang

    Nice to see a global campaign. Hoping they do one for 30K or 40K soon.

  • dave long island

    Weirdo bubble kingdoms unite!

  • SupPupPup

    Bit dull. Was fun in my area, but nothing special is the greater scheme of thing.

    Its nice to have some cities that can be expanded on in the fluff.

  • Christie Bryden

    hope this shows them they need to release abunch of non order armys, infact, no new order for a whole year, that might fix the problem.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. Too bad new dwarves and more elves are supposedly on the horizon, along with the human faction that has yet to be released (the new one). Hopefully tzeentch will get a slew of releases on par with Khorne at some point.

      • ragelion

        Yeah I highly suspect the new human faction is the devoted of sigmar. They keep popping up here and there in the fluff and I suspect they are going to get the new crusading knights as well.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Tzeench kind of did with the Silver Tower.

  • Golden Yak

    Maybe they’ll have Order lose control of cities if they ultimately have too few points compared to the other three combined, even if no one single other faction is bigger than Order? The Living City is looking a tad overmatched in that regard…