AoS Narrative Battle Report: Order vs Death



Mariana pulls out all the stops in this cinematic batrep between some highborn white lions, and an evil necromancer and his zombie hoard. 

What did you guys think? Please let us know in the comments down below!

Voice Acting: Larry Dente

Players: Jason Butler and Brandon Minor

Directed and Edited by: Mariana Vera

Thank you all so much for your kind and constructive comments on youtube!


  • That was the best batrep I have ever seen! Fully painted (always a key), nice terrain, and a STORY!!! It wasn’t long (I think that no more than 15 minutes is perfect these days) and it had a reason! “Dice tell the story” was in full effect!
    Also, this is how I see AoS! THIS!!!

  • kloosterboer

    Cold blooded, Korhil. Live with the deaths of those you left behind.

  • ragelion

    This is awesome. I want to see more of this.

  • hywelphillips

    That was really good. Short, snappy, well-produced, interesting. Glad to see Age of Sigmar is starting to catch on 🙂

  • Sonic tooth

    really enjoyed this, especially as a fan of all things elfy… well done!

  • Admiral Raptor

    Might be the best battle report I’ve seen on this site! Good job!