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Games Workshop has a new update and re-cap for how the Season of War ended – Check out the State of the Realm!

via Games Workshop (Age of Sigmar Facebook)

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“Thanks so much for taking part, everyone.
We had a blast, and we hope you enjoyed the campaign too.

This victory of the forces of Order has been entered into the history of the Age of Sigmar.
What this means for the future of the Mortal Realms will be revealed in time.”

Season of War Website

I wrote up my preliminary thoughts about the results earlier.  Order really held off the other three factions pretty much the entire time. As a Chaos player – it was an uphill battle from day one. I think that started out as motivation and eventually became a frustration. Keep in mind that players could participate on the hobby side of things and not just by playing and winning games. And looking back Order got a huge boost from the Sylvaneth release schedule right at the start. I’m not complaining but it does explain how/why Order was able to start so far ahead and stay there for the entirety of the campaign. That and the other 3 factions not allying to fight against Order…

Either way, the campaign is officially over and now all three areas are quickly becoming Order strongholds. I’ve been keeping up with the story of Age of Sigmar and I’m curious to see where Games Workshop will decide to take it from here. Things have been going very well for Order since they decided to start the Realmgate Wars. Up-to-now there have been a few close calls in the lore, but according to these battle results, Order isn’t having any real trouble winning. I wonder if Games Workshop has a plan to reward Order but also bolster Chaos, Death & Destruction to make them feel like real threats again…


This Season of War has ended but the battle for the Realms never truly ends.

  • Ross Allan

    Really interested to see where it goes from here, especially as the Realmgate Wars have concluded in the background.

    Seems to me these three bastions of Order may act as a poultice for for attracting remaining Nurgle Warbands in Ghyran, making it ostensibly easier to wipe them out?

    Main wish is for an actual ‘Year One’ type timeline – it’s strongly alluded to that the Age of Sigmar has been ongoing for some time, but how long isn’t at all clear.

    • Xodis

      Would be nice.
      The Realmgate war lasted this long, during that time this happened, now get prepared for this as all the forces move towards this goal, etc… etc….

      Gives everyone a bigger base and can even work to map out areas we have seen so far, while still leaving plenty of new areas ripe for exploration and for players to homebrew.

    • Golden Yak

      Retaking Ghyran is going to be a huge campaign – Nurgle still controls the vast majority of it, though Order has made a good start taking it back. These cities are basically the first beachhead Order has been able to set up.

      I’m guessing that the next major arc will explore Hysh and Ulgu – the end of Realmgate Wars hinted that something weird was going on in both these realms, and we only heard that people who go to them come back crazy or not at all. They’re the realms we know the least about.

      • SundaySilence

        I am really intrigued by the goings on in Ulgu personally. I’ve just finished reading Balance of Power and there was a line in there about something happening and it being noticed by the major players such as Nagash, the Chaos Gods and “something” in the Realm of Shadow…

        • Aezeal

          Some Malekith thing

          • Golden Yak

            “Malerion, hur derp!”

          • Aezeal

            I actually knew that and typed it first but feared to much might not know the name.

          • Golden Yak

            Yeah, I actually I keep forgetting that’s his name now and always think of him as Malekith. I only remember they changed it when I see ‘Malerion’ written out. “Who? Oh yeah, they changed that. He’s part dragon now.”

        • Golden Yak

          I suspect that Slaanesh is there, and something is going on with him. I *think* that whatever happens with Slaanesh in AoS will dovetail with whatever’s going to happen with him in the 40k eldar event that’s building up to, and it will result in some major change with Slaanesh that will be mirrored in both settings.

      • Aezeal

        Yeah the silver tower aelfs where promising

  • rtheom

    “There are always more units to be collected”… This makes my teeth hurt… trust me… we already know you want us to keep buying your product.

    • OldHat

      Yea, how dare they be a business!?

      • Xodis

        I think he meant it as more of a we know to expect more you dont need to remind us that our wallets will continue to suffer lol

      • jcdent

        Don’t recall Battle for Xylos ending with a “BUY MORE MINIATURES TO DRIVE AWAY THE GHAR” message.

        • OldHat

          I had to Google what that was… which probably says a little bit. That being said, who cares? They are a company. They sell models. They want to drive excitement at more to come.

          • ZeeLobby

            LoL. Anybody who follows more than one gaming system knew about Xylos. I’m honestly shocked you didn’t.

          • Drew

            That’s an absurd statement. Anybody who follows Beyond the Gates of Antares knew about Xylos. Nobody who follows X-Wing, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Guild Ball, etc. etc. etc. would have any reason to automatically know about something being run by a company that has a tenth of GW’s market share, reach, and influence in the gaming world.

            I’m sure it’s a good game, and it may be a better campaign, but to act like someone is ignorant of the wide world of gaming just because they aren’t in the know about one corner-case game system is just unnecessarily confrontational and absurd.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean anyone who reads articles on BoLS would have seen the at least 5+ articles on xylos posted here. Plus, the shock is because OldHat seems to be pretty up to speed on tabletop gaming in general.

          • Aezeal

            He can’t be blamed when he ignores a game not worth reading about. (yes I admit I know nothing of the game and I’m pro gw, Sue me. 😉 )

          • SupPupPup

            what is a xylos?

          • ZeeLobby

            It’s the Gates of Antares summer campaign. I guess there may just be a larger portion of the BoLS community who only clicks on articles pertaining to one game then I imagined.

          • SupPupPup

            I think you mentioned it before. Looked cool. Certainly more involved than the GW one.

            Gotta admit, I only go to BoLS for the ‘discussion’.

            At times its worse than youtube comments, and there is something glorious about that.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Too true!

          • OldHat

            I follow a few games, but GoA never hit my radar. Never appealed to me. Same for Infinity and Malifaux, oddly. Now, if you want to talk AoS, 40k, 30k, Team Yankee, or Battletech… I am game. 😀

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I just knew you were knowledgeable. There are plenty of people it wouldn’t have shocked me with, but you seem to keep up on the industry. Really wasn’t meant as a dig.

          • OldHat

            Didn’t take it as a dig. 😛

          • ZeeLobby

            Alright, cool. Drew seemed pretty caustic. So I wanted to make sure.

          • Aezeal

            Guilty as charged. (Play aos and follow 40k)

          • jcdent

            If the product is good enough to get sales, why do you need to explicitly state that people have to buy more miniatures? No subtlety, especially when it’s done in a statement that was supposed to be done in an in-universe tone.

          • Frostasche

            Done in an in-unverse tone?

            Well it is actually new to me that England and America are actually part of the Age of Sigmar lore. Not to mention that they talk about players and painting. Where actually did you get, that this was supposed as an in-universe statement?
            And i think you all are interpreting to much into it, the whole sentence says collect units and fight battles. Collecting miniatures and fighting battles isn’t that actually a good description of the hobby?

          • OldHat

            Oh my sweet summer child, since when has GW had any subtlety? 😀

          • Aezeal

            Subtlety is overrated. GW just released Ogors (correct spelling? Never know with aos 🙂 ) so they are not in a subtle state of mind.

      • Beefcake the mighty

        they definitely act like a business. Not a particularly good one though.

        • OldHat

          Getting a hell of a lot better since I started back at the end of 4th / start of 5th. Too many years ignoring fans. Now, they seem willing to listen… mostly. Sorta. Some is better than none…

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean it definitely reaffirms what they care about most.

        • Beefcake the mighty

          I would love to see this in X wing. “I find your lack of purchases disturbing”

        • OldHat

          Yes, again… they are a business. Soooooo… if the didn’t care about sales, we wouldn’t have a game.

          • ZeeLobby

            It’s OK you selectively missed the “most”.

          • OldHat

            I did. 😉

          • Aezeal

            Once a business reaches a certain size it’s hard to cover up its a business really… you could appreciate the honesty 🙂

          • ZeeLobby

            True. But it’s a nobrainer. Of course the company wants you to buy more. They don’t have to say it. And honestly it stings those who were recently accosted under the GW sales staff of the Kirby reign, when GW didn’t care about gamers, and wanted you to buy more models, including the use of their WD sales catalog. It just seems like sloppy advertising. Get me to buy more by making your campaign more interesting, don’t just simply tell me to buy more…

          • Aezeal

            Ah it was not that unsubtle… they said collect and play ..

      • rtheom

        Yes, we all know they’re a business. I don’t care for it much either when ATT sends me e-mails telling me about the great deals I can get if I just upgrade my contract either. :p

        • OldHat

          Neither do I, but as much as it pains us to see, it is a standard business practice. So why be aggrieved at it?

    • jcdent


      • vlad78

        Exactly. So I stopped. ;p

        • Aezeal

          Ah chaos worshipper.

    • SupPupPup

      Do you not enjoy collecting models!? HERESY

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Chaos needs to try harder! We need those places!

    • jcdent

      Chaos needs to buy harder*

  • shiwan

    Well, time for a new end of times. The status quo is set. Order won by sheer volume of participants and this will not change. To make things interesting again the world needs to burn.

    • ZeeLobby

      Lol. Yup. I just can’t believe they made fantasy space Marines day one… Talk about setting the early skew.

    • Frostasche

      Actually for me it never looked like the stage is already set.
      I mean from the start 3 mortal realms had their own alliance, 5 are still under chaos control. Now they let order move from one mortal realm to the other, in the wake creating a new subfaction, which is not directly loyal to Sigmar himself, giving more power to one of the members of his pantheon.

      Slowly introducing in this way the new factions, that may be the new major players. For me it looks like GW is right now creating the new world, adding new factions that are still too small to stand on their own, so all are thrown together in the big bag that order already is, until all is ready for the birth of the new world.

      My guess is in the end when the gods don’t have a common goal any more, the pantheon will break up, and with this elves and humans not loyal to Sigmar will move to one of the realms that fit more their taste.

      I think on the long run the main factions will be something like the 8 mortal realms and 6 chaos realms (the 5 chaos gods and Archaon leading the troops of chaos undivided).

      But this is just a guess, even though all GW does right now fits it quite well.

      • shiwan

        If this is how they are creating a new world this game will not last. The conflict has to go back and forth to be interesting. Now it’s just “oh look, more players use Order than the rest of the 4 combined. Lets give the realms to order instead of making it an actual struggle between factions.”
        I mean, if they are not going to make the next campaigns scoring system something that scores things in relation to the number of players using that faction they might as well skip to the end and agree that sigmarines won. People are not going to change sides away from the winning faction because it’s winning and the people who pay armies of the losers might just decide to play with the winners instead.

        • Frostasche

          Sorry that you didn’t get what i ment.

          Right now GW has, i am quite sure, already new factions for the next realms in plan, so the overall course is set. Order needs to move forward to weaken chaos in the mortal realms, to give this new factions a place in the fluff. So yes order will have the upper hand, as GW needs them to move on to develop the story.

          I mean how dumb would it have been for example to add to the Sylvaneth
          faction, and then let Chaos destroy all footholds of Order in the realm
          of life? Why building up the Sylvaneth and destroy them in the next
          step? That would only be a good move, if you would want to kill your own
          So giving the realm to order as you called it, is actually the only way to move forward.

          Giving it to chaos, would mean keep everything as it is. The other two factions would be just occupied with killing everything that moves in the realm of life. With order you give Alarielle a powerbase, that makes it possible, that she cuts her ties with Sigmar, and a reason to do so, she and her children would actually be quite happy, if Greywater Fastness would be destroyed.

          • shiwan

            I’m not complaining about the outcome. I’m complaining about the way it was reached. There is no suspense at all. One does not have to be a psychic to see the future in a situation in which a game that is relatively balanced and is clearly dominated by the numbers on one of the 4 sides.
            The next campaign will be handled like this and the results will be repeated. Now it does not matter but what happens when the order just plows through the realms of the other 3 factions? “And they lived happily ever after?”

            GW is not good at learning. It is more than likely that they do not see the problem that by accident did not do any harm now. When the order makes a parking lots out of the rest of the realms they are going to bee neck deep in the brown substance. Then what? Will they just change the results so that they do not end up killing their own game? If they do, what will the fans think?
            I for one am not exactly pouring money on them as it is and if I’m not convinced that they will keep things interesting without cheating the relatively small amount of spending I’ve done for GW this year will cease to exist next year. I suspect that I’m not the only one but rather one of many. I’ve actually bought a start collecting box worth of models for non-Heresy era GW games since new year. That start collecting box was bought yesterday. I do not think that there will be much buying before I can be sure this game is not dead within a year. My Heresy army is ready so there will not be more of that either.

            Anyway, since that might look like a rant in the spirit of “you don’t play the way I want you stupidpants” I think it’s appropriate to note that this is just me as a customer deciding where to spend my money based on product quality and the behavior of the company. There is no point on pouring money on something that can not succeed as a product and is produced by a company of questionable ethics. GW is starting to look just about as ethical as Prodos.

          • Frostasche

            Now i get it, you actually think that Order is here to stay. If you look at the fluff, you see that the conflicts inside order are growing right now. Just look at the description of Greywater Fastness, they are using words like horror to describe the reaction of Sylvaneth to this order city.

            Right now the results are predictable, because GW needs to add the next realms.

            It looks for me as if GW is already preparing to blow up order.
            My guess is they always planned to have a faction for each realm, and the alliances are, once they get to this point mostly a temporary thing.

            For example, if i am allowed to dream, i don’t know if GW would really go that far.

            In a later campaign, the Realm of Metal ( lets say dispossed, free people, ironweld arsenal) need more wood and coal for their expanding industry, and in the realm of life there is more then enough, so they start to expand their influence from Greywater Fastness deeper into the realm of life. The main inhabitants of the realm of life (sylvaneth, wanderers, …) have now enough of them cutting trees and digging holes in the earth, and try to to finally remove this eyesore from their realm. Nurgle is seeing this as a chance for comeback, and instead making Greywater Falls a breachhead for his forces.

            Sigmar needs the steady supply of warmachines/weapons/armor from metal for his eternal war against chaos, so he sends his stormcasts to help seccure their ressources. While Tzeentch helps the realm of life, because helping Alariel means weakening Nurgle. And the shadow realm (Whatever lurks there, dark elves and maybe some undead that escaped there to be free from Nagash) wants to hurt life and metal to progress their own plots, decide that the best option for this is to help Nurgle to make as much damage as possible. If you add the other gods and their realms in a similar fashion, you now have three new alliances.

            In my opinion the best for the future is too not see the alliances as set in stone as most people believe them to be. I really hope we will see in the long run a number of fixed realms, that are capable of building a full army. And more dynamic alliances as an additional layer above it, to give changing possibilites of additional allied units. The mechanics of AoS right now, seem to support such a thing quite good, if they are not even planned for it.

          • shiwan

            I suggest that you apply to a writing job at GW. You just built a better plot line than what GW has managed since…ever…

            Anyway, I think it’s great that you believe in their capability, but history has a nasty habit of repeating itself and looking at GW during the last 10 years I do not have that faith in them. We will see, though I hope that you are right.

          • Frostasche

            Yes i was a little bit dreaming.

            But i would bet the next steps after the war of life are, perhaps not in exactly that order:

            1. steampunked dwarves vs tzeentch (classical steampunk scenario, science vs magic)
            2. shadow vs slaanesh (maybe Morathi becomes the new Slaanesh “I am your father ” “No” becomes “I am your mother” “No ” This example was a joke, just making sure everyone gets that. )
            3. light vs skaven (don’t know what will happen here, but they are the last missing)

            4. Break up of sigmars pantheon and exodus of the followers of the different gods to the realm thier god’s realm. Maybe all at once, or sprinkled in between the other steps.

          • shiwan

            I think that skaven already have a book. Death rattle and what ever was Empire are without one.

          • Frostasche

            As Karl Franz is not a chaos god, why should the empire defend the realm of light? That would absolutly make no sense. 5 mortal realms 5 chaos gods, the logic is as simple as that.

          • shiwan

            Sure. I was just wondering how they are going to integrate new faction releases into the new campaigns…assuming they are…

  • gordon ashacker
    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Which could be easily labeled against the old world, or most fantasy settings, really.

      • Aezeal

        But not the aos setting..which is way more ‘fantastic’ than nearly any other fantasy setting I’ve read.

  • LiveWaaaagh

    The campaign got AoS moving at the store I play at. However, it’s time to announce a 9th edition set in the old world and ride the excitement wave from Total War game.

    • ragelion

      I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  • Tim

    My store destruction won. The first week and a half was order. Then chaos and finally destruction. Our breakdown was almost equal between the four factions. Personally I think the campaign did what it was supposed to. Get people to play. As it most likely has no impact on playing, I don’t see why it matters who won. At my store to take down order, other factions started playing each other to garauntee a point and making sure they were painting. I saw more painting in my gw store than I’ve seen in two years. Ultimately it made a community for us to play together and work together with others in our faction to try for a common goal making the community at the store even better.

  • marxlives

    State of the Realm (AoS)

    As someone who plays multiple game systems from different game producers I have to say AoS has a bigger problem as a game than just needing points or fixing the campaign.

    1. AoS is Boring (kind of)

    Placement is not the most important component in the game

    The game is actually very balanced as the expense of being bland (AoS games feel like lets push models together and rolling it out).

    Movement and placement is not dynamic

    Huge models are boring, yes you roll dice and push opposing models over but there is no high octane feel of these guys trampling through and crushing the enemy.

    2.The system is so simply my 7 year old could play it, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    The game is expensive, 100 dollar buy in before you even know like it is nuts!

    Yes there is a 33 starter but for marginally more (like 6 dollarish) I can get better starters from any other game company FFG, CmoN, PP.

    The game seems more about moving very beautiful models and seeing them roll it out, rather than groking a really deep, intricate ruleset. Even with the Generals Handbook. Playing and seeing the game played reminds me why I can enjoy Dark Age, X-Wing, Warmahordes, Wrath of Kings, Flames of War, Battletech, but not one game of AoS. GW is still a company about miniatures first and not rules and While AoS is balanced by being bland, the miniatures are amazing

    3.The story is very bad.

    Bad people come from the bad place and good people come from the good place

    This is where 40k will do better with the AoS treatment than AoS itself. 40k and Malifaux have a very mono-centric vision, everything sucks. In fact people do bad things because society is so unbearable the alternatives are really just a paler shade of white. Genestealer cult or working on a global industrial caste driven hellscape. Beyond sacrificing your humanity (which isn’t that great in the lore to begin with) on alternative is not clearly better than the other. A hallmark of good storytelling

    Other stories either lack a good guy completely or have a couple classically bad factions to appease those who dig that stuff. Infinity and Battletech doesn’t have a bad guy, Dark Age has corruption within the same faction (Salt Nomads vs Slavers or St. Mark vs. Saint Mary). While living in the Nightmare Empire is bad, I couldn’t tell if its worse to live in Khador or Cygnar. Cygnar is technologically advanced but has a capitalist faux aristocracy, a class system, and private education while Khador has labor unions, aristocracy, and a better public education system. While living in the U.S. vs. say Mexico may economically be better than the other, morally the choice is equal and muddy. Another hallmark of good storytelling.

    4.AoS is great for kids (kind of)

    I got into miniature games because of Hero Quest. It was alot fun but mechanical and lore was it was simple. Then again I was 7 so I thought He-Man was super deep too. That said AoS is a great entry into the hobby. The models are great, which is something kids focus on, but the rule system is easy which is good for kids too. The game is a great launching point for your kids as the grow into more morally and mechanically deep games. The only thing stopping AoS from being the Hero Quest of miniatures that your kids will one day look upon with glowing nostalgia is the price point.

    The price point is too high and I am not entirely sure this is due to production costs alone. In a world where many people are starting to play mutiple game systems from different companies, I am sure the price point is to keep your wallet dedicated to GW and GW alone. If you already spent 100 to get your army started then you don’t have money for X. While other companies are 100 dollars can get you two or 4 really great starters. I understand the reasoning, if I spend 20-40 bucks on a starter I may play the game and decide I am not into it, but 100 is an investment. I did not try the game, I invested into it, and this is before I buy the books. Its basically an Apple vs. PC approach. People will pay twice as much for a Mac to have a computer with the same specs as an equivalent PC to own the brand. Its not a bad approach, by creating advocates around a brand it means Mac will always be around but they will also always be niche. There was a time when Mac was the rule and not the exception for users.

    The 33 dollar starter is great if you are a parent and you want your kid to get into the hobby for all the reasons previously stated but it actually has a solid price point.

    5.My bias

    Love them or hate them, PP enduring legacy is creating an Atlantic division in wargaming similar to boardgaming. There is American and European wargaming. I am partial to American wargaming and this is entirely preference.

    European wargames use charts and army lists. Is not big on synergy but really focuses on how models/units work on their own. It carries the legacy of historical gaming by being very house rule friendly. Tends to focus on the hobby, customization, and special rules are referred to by the book rather than cards. (Which bars me from getting into Infinity even though mechanically and visual its stunning)

    American wargames use modifiers heavily, a network of synergies, customization is very limited or non-existent since the focus is on rules rather than showcasing models. Special rules are on cards to keep the flow the game moving. Basically all the game design choices are focused on the tournament experience rather than showcasing models and having rules to use them and enjoy the aesthetic rather than the mechanics. This is not to say American miniatures are bad, but that great looking miniatures are the bonus not the focus. Infinity is a middle ground in this case because it borrows elements from both styles.

    AoS starter for the Walmarts and such should have been distributed rather than 40k. I don’t think GW needs to “fix” AoS. But I do think they need to change their paradigm. AoS, gets kids into wargaming, 40k keeps them gaming with GW products.

  • Ciruelo

    As long as the Good guys are united in one single faction and the bad guys are divided into three. The factions of “evil” have defeated the faction of “good”. GW should not give more things to “evil” factions, they should make more “good” factions. Death is only vampires, Chaos is only chaos, Destruction is only Greenkins and Ogres, and Order is Sigmarines, Empire, Dark elves, High elves, Dwarfs, Wood elves, Lizardmen…etc. Order faction is too big and too wide, split it in two at least. In the end, other than Sigmarines, Order is not receiving any love.

  • OldHat

    Companies don’t listen to fans when it comes to who it hires. They go with what they think is best, assuming fans have any say in that is a bit …entitled? He might have been a stellar studio person who helped the team more than we know and we just take out of context what we think he did.

    That being said, if they had listened and revamped Fantasy, we might not have had AoS, so I am fine with them going their own way sometimes. WHFB, now that I look back on it, was boring and tired.