AoS Tips & Tactics: Bonesplitterz Battletome


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RUN! Because these Orruk’s are killing e’ry body up in here- especially your monsters!

Battletome Bonesplitterz is here and the Orruks are coming in savage!


This is second new style of battletome which has come out after the General’s Handbook and includes things like Artifacts and unique allegiance abilities. It adds 6 warclans, and 8 new warscrolls all in a 110 page book,

There’s a few tweaks versus the Grand Alliance: Destruction book like the savage Orrucks are split up into three different units, the boar boy’s and split up into two different units. You’ll want to go over your troops, they’re all pretty good, this army was good in fantasy and it seems even better now.

It’s got a lot of unique flavorful abilities that I really like.


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Pro-Tip: If you’re not using the app yet, you need to check it out.

Now, to the allegiance abilities, they’re pretty solid. War Paint means you successfully pass a save on a 6 regardless of rend modifiers. Then, and this is a big one, they can save Mortal wounds on a 6 as well. If they kill a monster in a turn they ignore battle shock tests until the next turn, oh, and then they get to roll on the boon table which can give them more pile in range, mortal wounds, or re-roll failed wounds.


The command traits, again you can pick or roll are solid, one is letting you save mortal wounds on a 4+. You can re-roll failed battleshocks, Pile in again after killing monsters, -3 Rend, and then getting to pick your monster killer boon trait. They’re all pretty good.

Again, like the Sylvanth the Orruks get their own unique spells as well: Waaaaaaaaagh!


Note: you can get bonus, but you have to roll doubles without any modifiers.

These all have a casting value of 6.

  • Squiggly Curse, dishes out some Mortal Wounds with the potential to increase casting if you slay something.
  • The Hand of Gork lets you double your movement and potentially triple it on doubles.
  • Brutal Beasts Spirit, gain 1 to all run, charge, and to hit rolls, if you roll doubles you get to select ANOTHER unit. My money is on this power.
  • Bone Crusha allows you to unleash up to D6 Mortal wounds on units that are within 12” and decreases the further out the unit is.
  • Kunnin Beast Spirit, your opponent must re-roll to hit rolls of six that target your selected unit.
  • Gorkamorka’s War cry: can dish out mortal wounds and basically concusses a unit. It’s another solid ability.

Artifact’s are for Heroes, they’re all pretty good but big ones in the Artifact’s, in my opinion are the Dok’s juice which heals up to D6 wounds and the Lucky Bones which lets you re-roll ones on run, hit, wound, save throws.

The Big Wurggog Mask is fun, pick a unit, it suffers d3 mortal wounds. You can keep staring at the unit and unleashing more damage until the unit is gone but if you roll a 1 it kills you.

Pro-Tip: If you bring a battalion you can set up the entire battalion in one go, you don’t have to lay it out unit by unit. This is good because you have the option to try and control if you go first or second based on how many war scrolls you bring.

Savage War Clan: The Warscroll ability is no joke, you can re-roll all failed save rolls but they only pass on a 6. THEN you can re-roll the war paint save that saves mortal wounds. Barebones, this is a 1700 battalion. So, there’s that.

The Teeth Ruuk, is kinda cool, these guys will kill monsters dead, and they get to pile in 6 inches as if it were the attack phase and then attack again in the combat phase. If the mortal realms are teaming with monsters they won’t be any more because the Bonespliterz are killing them all.


Then it’s the War Clans that are SUPER battalions. Remember, each Ruck will 300 points of each warscroll, but then you need to take some extra stuff so you’re getting really close to 2000 for just one of these but they give you lots of unique flavor.


There are only two boxes that make up this faction but they have a lot of unique abilities, a lot of unique flavor. One thing to note is that there’s a lot of book keeping to be done but in my opinion it’s totally worth it because they have a lot of great abilities.

For the full recap, watch the video!

AoS Tips & Tactics: Bonesplitterz Battletome

  • Damon Sherman

    That seems kind of annoying that GW is slicing up armies piece by piece to just sell more books. I bet next they’ll try to sell Cave Goblins as a separate faction too.

    • Marky

      They are a company with shareholders and people seem to be buying it..

      If the company was owned by a small group of people who liked games and took pleasure from owning a great games company then they would focus on making great games…. it’s not its owned by people who only like money so they can spend it on stuff that probably isn’t games.

      • Damon Sherman

        People bought the crap out of “Flavor of love”, and “Jersey Shore”. That doesn’t mean that they were quality shows.

      • Horus84cmd

        Most GW majority share holders are nearly pension investment companies. These companies typically invest in various PLC’s that are reliable give returns and have long term stability as business.

        I’ve probably just open myself up to be shouted down that GW is struggle, bad profits, losing business etc… Yet for the Pension Investment companies, over the long term which they are interested in, GW’s a good bet for a regular return for pensions – which is what they need to provide the pension for the retired.

        GW is not “owned” by investors wanting a quick buck.

    • Shiwan8

      I’d rather take a portion of a faction in a form that is well fleshed out than a book with the whole faction that is not.

      • Damon Sherman

        that’s not an excuse, a Company like GW does have the resources to make a whole faction that is well fleshed out.
        Your cousin Lenny might be able to get away with that excuse for his fan supplement, but not a large corporation like GW.

        • Shiwan8

          So, you really expect grand alliances to be fully fleshed books on their own. The same material we now have spread across various books to be in one book. Do you have any idea how thick that tome would be? 😀

          • Damon Sherman

            They did that in the first few editions of Warhammer fantasy and 40k.

            But, that’s beside the point. Why can’t they make ONE good Orc Book, huh? Why can’t your precious GW do that?

          • MPSwift

            The Ironjawz battle tome is 128 pages, the Bonesplitterz is 112. If the remaining Orruk books (standard Orruks and the Goblin Clans – assuming that is one book not 3) are the same size it would be a roughly 450 page book! 670ish if the Goblins are divided up.

            Having bought the Ironjawz book I love the level of content in it and wouldn’t want that to be sacrificed in order to create a single “Orruk Faction” book.

          • Aezeal

            Im not sure GW will be releasing any thing for vanilla Orcs or Goblins. It does not seem to be their current modus operandi…. they have tons of these ” fluffy” subfactions to do and these will likely sell better than any thing vanilla (I doubt any one would start a regular orc army when you see elitist ironjaws or savage orcs next to them on the shelves).

          • Dan Wilson

            Yep, you’ve got at least Spiderfang goblins and “Moonclan”, the old Night Goblins. Not sure if they’ll do “standard orruks”, but you’ve got at least 4 factions within the Orcs and Goblins umbrella there.

          • Shiwan8

            Ok, let’s start with this. I am not a fanboy. GW has füked up so much during the last 2 editions of 40k alone that I’m not buying anything for that game until they get their act together. Also they messed up with AoS up until they released the generals handbook that made AoS an actual game instead of sandpit fun for 3 year olds.

            That being said, They want to keep the factions separate. The books are cheap so that’s not really a problem either. Would you pay 200$ for an army book that is mostly useless to you, weighs 10 pounds and so on? I would not. Maybe that’s just me, but I’d rather pay a little more for the portion I want than pay a lot for mostly useless stuff.

          • Zack Seiders

            rather pay for rules/ fluff on the subfaction in a diverse army I would actually use that pay for the other subfactions I do not care about.

          • Aezeal

            Fact is a lot of people already made armies of subfactions and GW is just catering to that. There where plenty savage orc armies and this book would appeal to them. A goblin or iron jaw player does not have to buy this. As a former WE player you won’t see mee buying all order army books or even the grand alliance order book (though I will be getting the sylvaneth battle tome and possibly a wanderer book if it suits my playstyle )

      • Zack Seiders

        Same. Orcs and goblins as a whole has enough diversity to have some… stand alone armies by themselves (by that I mean orcs and goblin army with a primary gimmick)

    • SupPupPup

      I quite like them. They feel more thematic than previous armybooks, which overtime became diluted hodgepodges.

      The flesh eater courts is one of the strongest army books they have released in years.

      • Beefcake the mighty

        You mean battle tome: Crypt Ghouls, a sub faction of Grand alliance: vampire counts😜

        • SupPupPup

          Sure, whatever makes it easier to remember the rules.

          I still call orcs, orcs and dwarfs, dwarfs.

          • ZeeLobby

            As you should. LoL. I’m still hoping that one day GW says “This is just silly, we’re going back to old names”

          • SupPupPup

            Its all silly names, none are better than others.

            I played a Khorne Bloodbound army yesterday and listening to my opponent call out all the blood related names as he triggered abilities was really enjoyable. Felt like a religious mantra/chant.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, every unit have a unique ability with unique name just confuses me for the most part. Probably just because I don’t get enough reps, but they should really just go back to what fantasy miniatures actually are named, that parts just silly.

          • Zack Seiders

            … knowing chaos that should be the feeling

    • I actually prefer sub faction books as opposed to trying to cram everything into one book. The only thing positive about one book is the money issue.

      Which has been a universal whining point at warhammer since the internet sprung up and we had AOL chat rooms.

      • Ross Allan

        Yet all the *essential* rules are free, either via individual Apps, or the rather spiffy AoS App.
        The only premium content are things like the Warclans. Even then, they’re not exactly expensive.

    • Ross Allan

      Moonclan Grots? Long since known they’ll be a separate army.
      Thing is, it’s not as bad as it sounds. There’s no restrictions at all on allying. None. Not one. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nowt. But, if you do a ‘pure’ army, you get plenty of little perks and bonuses.
      Let’s look at Greenskinz. If you just play Bonesplitterz, you get Bonesplitterz boons. If you just play Icy Ogres, you get Icy Ogre boons. If you mix it up a bit, but only include stuff from Destruction? You get Destruction boons.
      Plus, contrary to the claims of those who have never bothered to actually read it, the background is pretty good, so even if you shell out for the Battletomes (not compulsory!), you’re still getting a good read. It’s not the same old same old with a slightly different focus.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        No animosity seems like a step in the right direction.

        • Ross Allan

          I dunno. That’s been part of Greenskin Kultur since before I started gaming. I get from a purely gaming perspective it’s a welcome change, but I still miss it.

    • jcdent

      Ah, remember when Militarum Tempestus was released as an own book and how the faction got strongly developed afterwards?

      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Wasn’t it own book but a stupid supplement with nothing new to add just so you can ally it to guard to have more than 3 elites worth of scions… dumb idea…

    • I really don’t mind this. My main army is pure savage Orcs. So this book was made for me. Also hand of gork gets my boarboys into your lines first turn.

  • Malisteen

    unfortunately, bonesplitters just don’t have the variety to be particularly playable on their own, particularly in terms of monsters and monster-riding-heroes (ie, heroes too tough to be casually sniped to death with a small handful of ranged attacks). I really wish they had worked the forest goblins (and maybe giants?) into the same subfaction. Arachnaroks, and in particular shamans-riding-arachnaroks, would have done a lot for their overall playability, and forest goblins on their own are too narrow a model range to function on their own anyway.

    As it is, the bonesplitters’ big stabbas and archers are legitimate damage threats worth considering in general destruction armies, so its not a complete loss, but you can get their unit rules online or off the app for free, so I wouldn’t recommend bothering with the book.

    • I agree that adding in the Spiderfang Grots would have been cool, but I wouldn’t sell short the damage that Savage Orruks can deal… The Big Stabbas are the most damage on paper, but Bonesplitters in general actually have a ton of ways to deal additional damage in the Hero Phase: Kunnin’ Rukk, Teef Ruk, Drakfoot Warclan Spell, Wurrgog Prophet… You could get a unit to attack 4 times in a turn, 3 rounds of attacks in the Hero Phase where your opponent doesn’t get to fight back.

      As a vanilla destruction player, the book doesn’t cost a ton of cash, and has some helpful Warscroll Battalions (Kunnin/Teef Ruk), but also has some of the best lore I’ve read in the game so far.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Give me Rune Wars please, thank you very much.

  • Couple small details you missed… Gorkamorka’s Warcry has a casting value of 7, and the Big Wurrgog Mask kills you on a 1 or 2, not just a 1.

  • LordAK

    The Brutal Beast Spirit is Gorthor’s Command Ability. My favourite. Too bad Gorthor is Compendium only now.