BoLS Wants YOU!

BoLS is looking for opinionated writers/evangelists to spread the word on popular games out there. We have spots to fill including:




Role Playing Games

Calling all Dungeonmasters & Gamemasters.  If you are an RPG fanatic and have a flair for the pen, we want to hear from you! We are looking for a regular writer who can talk any and all things RPGs, from gamemastering to talking about the latest RPG news.




FFG’s Star Wars Games

Calling all pilots.  If you can’t get enough of either of FFG’s Star Wars space-based games (or board games like Imperial Assault), then step right up!  We need to hear from you!




Calling all Infinity ringers.  If you an N3 master and have a flair for the pen, we want to hear from you!



Calling all HeroClix players  If you can kick butt across all the HeroClix universes and want to share your beloved game with a giant new community, we want to hear from you!

Sigmar Stormcast Eternal Face

Age of Sigmar

Calling all denizens of the 8 Realms  If you have been kicking butt from Azyr to Chamon and back again, and can handle a tactics beat, we want to hear from you!

Tactics / Editorialist /Hobbyist / YouTuber ( X-Wing, RPGs, Infinity, HeroClix. Age of Sigmar)

What does this entail you ask? Well, his or her duties are as follows:

BoLS Tactics – Editorialist – Hobbyist – Youtuber 

We are looking for the best players and the most opinionated gamers & hobbyists out there. If you have the best kung-fu for your favorite game system, knock out stunning miniatures for it, or have a talent for standing on the soap-box we want to hear from you. You will be:
-Writing short-form tactics and gameplay pieces and editorials, (and/or hobby centric pieces focussed on a particular gamesystem) across a variety of assigned tabletop/RPGs systems and submitting them to BoLS on a regular basis.

-Writing short editorial and opinion pieces and across a variety of assigned tabletop/RPG games systems and submitting them to BoLS on a regular basis.
Tournament Credentials, wargaming experience and history will be requested.

– If you regularly produce video content for the game systems listed, and have a Youtube Channel, apply right away.

In all cases, the ability to take and submit quality photos or upload Youtube videos is a plus.

If you think you have what it takes and would like to join the BoLS crew, please fill out the questionnaire below and email us at Subject line: BoLS CREW

We’re looking forward to your applications! And will be in contact with all the details shortly.

-Avatar or Forum Name:
-Location and Time Zone:
-Days and Times Available to post Content:
-Instant Messaging Name and Protocol (google+, MSN, AIM, etc.):
-Tell us about any previous writing experience. Do you have your own blog? Worked for a paper? If you have no previous writing or editing experience, tell us why you are perfect for this spot?
-Writing a “beat” is never an easy task. What qualities do you think a “BoLS Correspondent” needs to possess?
-What sources do you generally use to get the latest news about tabletop/RPG games? What RSS feeds have you subscribed to?
-How would you typify your attitude or “style” as a writer?
-Tell us why you would be a fantastic contributor for BoLS.

-What game systems do you play (Warmachine, X-Wing, Infinity, D&D etc…)?
– Tell us about your experience in the above listed game system and what inspires you to write about it.
-Have you worked with WordPress?  Blogger? If so, please list your blog’s URL.
-Have you worked with Youtube/Twitch? If so, please list your Channel’s URL.

Thanks for everyone who is emailing us and please be patient while we work through them.  We will be in touch as soon as possible.

  • sacha Lampens

    The question would be: is it paid?

    • Grasshopper

      In this economy?

      • sacha Lampens

        in these times?

    • JP

      F*CK NO. You really think this place gets enough traffic to generate any appreciable amount of cash?

      • ChubToad

        If they would get money for every negative comment towards GW and its games, they would pay hefty salaries to their contributors.

      • They pay me in firm hand shakes and old Mageknight boosters.

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    “BREAKING: new writers need to be SPOTTED and then CONFIRMED”

    There’s my heading for this article. Gimme gimme dat job booooiiii.

    But seriously though, good luck to all those who WRITE (not podcast) articles which DO NOT (that means you are all naughty boys for doing it) feature cIickbait.

  • One Angry Dwarf

    Do any of the existing writers meet these criteria?

    • One Angry Dwarf

      Ok I realise that was a bit snarky. I appreciate this place.

      • euansmith

        Snarky, but funny. 😉

    • No. They don’t. 😉

      • JP

        DAYUM son. Coming from a BOLS contributor that is HARSH.

        • I miss no opportunity to make fun of myself or others. 🙂

  • Simon

    What about The Ninth Age? Will that continue to be ignored or accidentally overlooked? I see a lot on here about Age of Sigmar and Kings of War, but nothing on The Ninth Age. Don’t you want writers to cover that? They just recently had another big announcement on the development of new editions and army books.

    • Monly

      I dont see a market for it. People who like that game will just visit their page to look for them. But T9A is just a game for raged up frustrated warhammer fantasy battle players who cant accept change. Again, thats my opinion, if you like T9A, power to you!

      • Aezeal

        And I hope that with the gh 9th age will be one the declinatie. Nothing against 9th age, I dont know it, but I preferable people going back to aos….hopefully they wont keep increasing prices then

        • Grafton Is Dust

          People playing 9th Age has nothing to do with GW raising prices…

          • Aezeal

            More buyers might mean less price raises. It’s not likely I’ll admit but still.

          • Grafton Is Dust

            Not really. More buyers won’t force GW to lower their prices in order to entice people to play. It just means that they’ll be selling more at the same profit margin, which is exactly what any business wants.

            Not to mention that you’re basing this on the assumption that 9th Age players wouldn’t be using GW models.

      • Beefcake the mighty

        There is the outside chance it’s for people that want to use their rank and file armies in a rank and file game as well.

    • euansmith

      I’ve not seen a huge lot about KoW on here, outside of stuff on Game Wire.

  • Mike X

    I’d apply for the RPG department but my articles would be mostly rants about how much I hate powergaming, WAAC, and RAW players in role play games. They have absolutely zero imagination.

    • Tim Kennedy

      Sounds perfect, now how good is your copy & paste ability?

    • ChubToad

      If you want to rant, you’ve come to the right place! I mean, internet as a whole is an endless rant field ready to take on anyone with a keyboard. So no shame in that.

  • OldHat

    I am working on AoS stuff, but I don’t know that I crank out enough content to satisfy. 😀

  • Vepr

    Nice, I wish I had the time. I am just ecstatic that BOLS is giving dedicated coverage to RPGs. Thank you BOLS team.

  • Vepr

    The guy that runs Dawnforgedcast on YouTube would be a good choice.

  • Certs

    Man, hadn’t realized but it has been a bit of a while since I saw an Infinity article on here.
    I think the last few were just fan-hype for the latest new releases. Though before that it was series of general new player tactical advice.
    OTOH, what else is there to really write/read about for Infinity? Just random batreps I suppose.

    • ChubToad

      The problem I see with Infinity, at least in my area is that it can attract new gamers like there’s no tomorrow, but it lacks the power to retain them. I’ve seen too many gamers buy Infinity only to sell them in 3 month’s time. I’m reallly curious about why does that even happen.

      • Certs

        I think the minis can more than easily pull in a lot of window shoppers. But I think the issue is some combination of the game’s steep learning curve, with the various various nuances required to create a “good” experience, and the much more competitive mindset that’s been slowly permeating itself throughout the community.
        I don’t know, I’m just not convinced the system is well suited for the tight competitive scene that CB’s adapting it to with the ITS, and would much rather see more cinematic RPG-esque campaigns like Paradiso instead. I think it’s also a bit cringeworthy that comments like ‘new players should expect to get beat badly their first 30+ games as that’s how they’ll learn to play properly’ have become fairly accepted within the community.

  • I wouldn’t be opposed to tackling the occassional Black Library related article or review, especially since the news posts involving BL releases are usually written by people who don’t know what they’re talking about or don’t seem to keep up with the news at all.