Changes to the Heresy – Legions Book Review & Tips


Forge World updated the 30K Legions Book recently. Come check out what’s new in our compete Horus Heresy Red Book review!

The Horus Hersey Red Book contains rules for 13 Legions, it’s a big resource. A lot of people already have this book but I want to go over the changes and why you might want to consider buying it. First off, this is in a smaller, codex size, versus the huge campaign books.

60040187050_AgeofDarknessLegions01 (2)
The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions

is a 131 page hard back book that collects together and updates the Space Marine Legions appendix entries from the first five of Forge World’s Horus Heresy books. It is intended to be used alongside its companion book, The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List.

You will need a copy of The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List and the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook to use this book. £32

It’s got the good-looking graphics and the silver leaf foil. I’m not going to do a deep dive in but I’m going to go over the new things. If you don’t have it, this is an auto-buy IMHO.


There are 13 in here and another three in Horus Heresy Book Six: Retribution (Blood Angels, Dark Angels, White Scars.) that can be a bit of a Catch-22 because those three legions aren’t in this book. If you play a legion up to book 5, they’re in here though, so that FIVE books you don’t need to carry with you.

Emperors Children: get +1 initiative on the charge, Shriekers give -1 WS to units who aren’t fearless. Phoenix Terminator’s get WS5, the sergeant gets +1 attack. The Cacophony is now Heavy 2; that’s a top 5 Hersey unit for looks alone.


Iron Warriors, get the Iron Circle, The Primarch’s personal guard robots, they’re MC’s and he can join them and make a squad to make things D-E-D. Ded. Iron Havoc’s are now +1WS and they can take Autocannon’s; that’s their thing.


The Imperial Fists: the shield wall confers +1WS and not initiative. Dorn’s Chain Axe is now a Reaping blow and not unwieldy. Some of the older legions are pretty dialed in.

Night Lords: get a 5+ cover save, talent for murder which +1 to hit and wound. Terror Squads give precision strike; keep an eye on that. Sevatar got his FAQ’s put in here.



Iron Hands: nothing new.

World Eaters, I’m a bit surprised here because they where the first, now get Blood Lust on a 4+ and must always consolidate towards an enemy they can harm. Can’t get a felblade to get them off target. Should a unit fail the moral check on a 4+ they don’t flee but get rage. A fundamental change to how they play. Incarnate Violence, re-roll to wound rolls of 1 unless they’ve performed a disordered charge.

Ultramarines: No changes.

Death Guard: Lots. Re-roll dangerous terrain test regardless of what the terrain is. The sons of barbarous confers a 4+ Feel No Pain now. Power Sythes, lose unwieldy, two-handed and gives reaping blow. Grave Warden Toxin: Poison 3+. Deathshroud can now be taken as an elite, HQ, or command squad for a Terminator Praetor, or Mortarian who’s Scythe is also now not unwieldy as well. Witchspite is 4+ malediction denial.



Justarians just got two wounds and is a stock troop, that’s a unit you need to immediately take a look at. Generally, two wounds make a unit badass.


Word Bearers: No Changes

Salamanders: Firedrakes go up to 2 wounds as well.


Raven Guard: Mor’deythian, just went up to 135. Mmm. The Dark Fury’s now have the Talons by default for 175 with the +1 initiative bonus and the 5+ cover save when they arrive via deep strike and the chooser of the slain gets precision strike.


Alpha Legion: The Saboteurs Sabotage attack got Ap3 versus units with a toughness value or AP2 versus vehicles. They can no longer take a job pack. Headhunters replace preferred enemy with precision shot.



That’s all I could find in the new Legion Astartes book. Hopefully, if you’re a Heresy player this helped out.

Changes to the Heresy – New Red Book REVIEW

  • euansmith

    Changes to the Heresy:

    And then did mighty Horus arrive at the throne room, and spake he thus, “Thou hasn’t not be returning my calls, Emperor!”

    The Emperor did wax wrath, and terrible was his anger, “Sorry, dude, its this new iPhone 30k, the battery life is terrible. It keeps going flat and I forget to charge it.”

    Bold Horus responded thus, with sage wisdom, “Ah, that explains it. I use a ancient Nokia 3310. It hasn’t been recharged since the Dark Age of Technology, and it is still showing full. Sorry about the whole civil war thing.”

    The Emperor was chastened and hugged his beloved son, and everything was right with the Galaxy once more… the huge collection of stars, not the Samsung phone range; that had been devoured by the Tyranids.

    Ruefully the Emperor did confess, “The trouble is, I’m addicted to playing Heretic Crush Saga and Poke-a-monster Go.”

    • Ebsolom

      It’s almost like you have inside knowledge ; )

  • nurglitch

    Lots of errors in this article. Thank you for the pictures though.

  • Drew

    As somebody who’s played nothing but Salamanders in the Heresy, Firedrakes have always been two wounds each- and with a Primus Medicae, they are one of the top units in the format.

  • Talos2

    That’s the second time you’ve said night lords terror squad got precision strike in this update. It was in the first 30k faq, do a little research

  • kensaix

    lets get this started:

    – i have an eye on you

    – now i know where the name “eye of terror” originally comes from

    – what do i spy with my little eye? EVERYTHING !!!

    – the eye of the tiger

    – many bothan eyes died to bring us this message

    – i confess, i’m seeing someone else

    – i sleep with open eyes

    – eye surgery is really expensive for me

    now you go

  • flyingtam

    Seems that the Sons of Horus section title got left out.

  • Andrew Thomas

    Excited about the World Eaters changes.

  • SilentPony

    You know what would be a good change? Make the Heresy longer. 7 years isn’t long enough for a galactic war, let alone one that requires genetically enhanced soldiers that take at least 25+ years of gene therapy and surgery+recovery to make.

    • nurglitch

      The process of making Astartes was notably shorter back then. The Imperium was also less picky about who qualified. There used to be a suggestion in the background that the accelerated process contributed to the Horus Heresy.

      • SilentPony

        Even if they had widdled it down to 5 years, that’s still too long, especially considering how young a boy is when he’s chosen. Not even the World Eaters would take a 6 year old, spend 5 years training him, then send an 11-year old in Power Armor against full grown adults.

        In a 7 year war, you’d get 1 new batch of Marines to replace losses. And that’s assuming everything goes well, and you already had tens of thousands of recruits just finishing up their 5 years at the start of the Heresy.

        • nurglitch

          Adults were recruited during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.

        • Ian Bush

          World eaters got their recruitment time down to a year on the muster world of Bodt. The downside was subpar astartes, that were insane from the get go and inherited their gene-seed’s donor’s memories of killing.

          • SilentPony

            And that was using literal demon magic supplied by the Word Bearers to hotbox Space Marines. And Bodt was destroyed by the Red Talons before the half-way point of the Heresy.

  • grim_dork

    I think this article essentially already aired on this site. . . last February -?

  • MPSwift

    Havocs are +1 BS not WS… And they’ve always had the option for autocannons