Death Masque: 2 New GW Movies


Come see GW’s two new movies showing off their newest galaxy shattering boxed game – pitting Eldar versus the Deathwatch.

via GW’s 40K Facebook 8-6-2016


I’m all over this one, just for the 200 page book and story.  I’ll take the minis for that price as well!

Snag your copy today!

~Who’s already ordered it?

  • Harrower

    That Deathwatch models pose and look is a great homage to the classic (and amazing) Inquisitor scaled Deathwatch Marine:

    • Horus84cmd

      It is no coincidence. That’s because, the character in the box set IS the same character – Death Watch Captain Artemis 🙂

      • BaronSnakPak

        Yep, they just added a cape, iron halo, and gave him a combi-flamer instead of a vanilla bolter.

        • Horus84cmd

          The combi-flamer and iron halo work for me, but, personally, I’m still not sold on the cape – although it does help make him stand out a more at a glance.

          • BaronSnakPak

            I think that’s what it’s all about, making him easy to identify on the table. Every DW marine is basically a unique character (from a visual pov), especially when you look at the Overkill marines, so he needed something to make him pop.

          • Horus84cmd

            Well he’s now a Captain. So, I suppose promotion equals cape

          • BaronSnakPak

            Capetain, if you will.

      • Harrower

        Ah, didn’t realise that. Nice bit of nostalgia!

  • mrt181

    After watching the first video I almost expected to see the headline “Space Nazis – Genocide in the 41st Millenium”

    • Spit-Burn

      I couldn’t help wonder if Artemis, under the zeal and bluster, is just an accountant at heart. How else to explain his ‘one life or a trillion – there is no cost too high’ line? The Imperium is like a corporation; completely amoral or even immoral and beholden to its shareholders only, but instead of profit at any cost, its goal is domination at any cost. Artemis and chums, meanwhile, are the bookkeepers and spreadsheet jockeys, writing off costs and keeping everything in the black. If you view it in those terms, the Imperium starts looking much more petty and shallow.

      The Eldar, meanwhile, are like most people and institutions obsessed with scheming and plotting – they’re not actually very good at it, but they’re too stupid to realise this. And so they carry on.

      The only honest players in the 40k universe are the Orks and the Tyrannds, both open and direct about their goals – be it yet another punch-up, or just lunch.

  • Erber

    You mean videos. Movies implies something very different…

  • Firemind

    Voice actor is quite an odd choice for eldrad.

  • Emprah

    Eldrad got to be purple just to troll more.

  • Andrew Kerkstra

    When the rumors about this first started to leak, I kept wondering how they were going to spin this story so that the marine’s actions would be justified… answer, they didn’t. Its nice to have a box set where the marines are not the good/lesser of two evils. Now the Eldar are no spring rose with a lot of backhanded remarks comparing the human race to a bunch of ignorance children, but when but when one says “we must not falter or all are doomed” and the other is “every breath drawn by xenos lungs is a sin”, I think is fair to call the Eldar the heros in this case.