Death’s Shepherd: The Flesh Tearers Avenge



There are some chapters you should never cross – the Flesh Tearers are not known for their forgiving nature.

A brief, but memorable, tale that shows the dark, uncompromising side of the Flesh Tearers.


Death’s Shepherd

 eBook: $4.99

Years ago, the now long dead Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, Amit, did cleanse the Zurcon system in the name of Cretacia and the Emperor. It has taken centuries, but Zurcon has again turned to heresy. A Chaplain leads the rebellion against the traitors, a force comprised of Zurconians still loyal to the Throne, turning his rage on the betrayers and every soul who has erred in his duty.

Written by Andy Smillie

Free extract: ePub

Free extract: Mobi

~Like they say – payback’s a bitch – doubly so in the Grimdark.

  • benn grimm

    ‘Deaths shepherd’; very cool name 🙂

    • Richard Mitchell

      Disclaimer: Must read while listening to Avenge Sevenfold.

  • OldHat

    Zurconians? Are they made of imitation diamond?

    • euansmith

      “The spittle of the greatest dragon forged the Zircon Throne…the Dolce & Gabbana iPod Cases of the vanquished, a thousand of them, glued together like so many hideously bejewelled accessories…”

  • “Free Extract” is funny for a short story of this limited length which was entirely free a couple of years ago to celebrate an arbitrary Facebook or other milestone. I copied the text into a document back then and still have that, so yeah.

  • AmasNagol

    It’s a 6 page story for £2.49

    Don’t support this crap