Deathwatch, 8th Ed Rumors & More: Signals #459


Today the guys talk about the new Deathwatch Codex, 8th edition rumors, and how to beat the scourge of 40k, Dreadnoughts.


How do you guys go about beating Dreadnoughts on the tabletop? For the show notes and that awesome American-Themed Ork army click here!

Link fixed! And for those of you who don’t understand humor, this is a “Metabusting Monday” episode. As in, dreadnoughts are strong in the meta *sarcasm*

  • generalchaos34

    your video is private

    • generalchaos34

      also they should do away with vehicle rules altogether, that would eliminate like 60% of the rules and rules confusion

    • Jason C

      They reuploaded a non private version. Nobody bothered to fix this link here. So here you go:

  • Why not run the show notes on this page the same as the linked one?

    That way I know if it is worth bothering with the video in the first place. I don’t want to have to wade through all the other stuff to get to the end of the video to see the section that is in the article title.

  • Marcus

    Not only is it another “Article” with no article, but the video in the link is listed as Private. Soooo, it doesn’t even play…

    BOLS at its best.

  • Brian Griffith

    So… the pendulum has swung from don’t take dreadnoughts to how do we beat dreadnoughts?

  • shiwan

    How do you support something like this?!? Or rather why? “Look, we made a video for you but you are not allowed to watch it.” Come on….

  • AstraWlad

    “Beating Dreadnoughts”, have I got it right? You have a PROBLEM with beating Dreadnoughts? May be you should… well… learn to play first? Before making videos and asking dumb questions.

    • shiwan

      People who ask learn. The problem in this world is that smart people are doubting their knowledge and stupid people are not.

      • AstraWlad

        Oh, please, if you ever played against Dreadnoughts in 7th you should know that there is nothing “dread” in them, at all. You can shoot it, you can stomp it or in many cases you can totally ignore it. Because it is a slow-moving metal box with short legs and not-so-great firepower in the edition in which metal boxes can die in droves every shooting phase.

        No decent player will ever ask such question. As well as other ones like: “How to kill a bunch of guardsmen?” or “How to destroy Taurox Prime?”.

        • shiwan

          I don’t disagree with you there. The notenoughts are not scary if they foot slog around the field. I just do not think that not agreeing with that is something that defines a player or a person in terms of quality. It’s depends on a huge load of variables which might just make the paper ball stumpies adequate or better. In tournament setting they are useless, that is true.

    • Walter Vining

      unless they are ITC noughts. you know with stupid rules changes (did that even go through?)

  • JP

    A dreadnought REALLY needs to be delivered right into your opponent’s face via drop pod (or storm raven, if you’re bringing one) to be effective. Otherwise it’s pretty much just a walking turret.