Deathwatch Week 3: Prices & Products CONFIRMED


Prepare your wallet. Deathwatch boxes are raining next week. Here’s the prices hot off the presses:


Industry insiders tell BoLS the following:

Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar : $65

Deathwatch Chaplain : $25

Deathwatch Watchmaster : $25

Deathwatch Terminator Librarian : $30

Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought : $50

Deathwatch Kill Team : $35

Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans : $45

Deathwatch Terminators : $50


Praetorian of Dorn (Horus Heresy Novel) $30

Legends: Deathwatch (Novel) $24

Deathwatch: Last Guardian (Audiobook) $20


Look for these to go up for preorder this Saturday (August 20th) and hit the shelves the following weekend (August 27th).


Deathwatch has shaped to be quite a large release wave – with many more SKUs than usual. then again we haven’t seen a new army added to the game since  Imperial Knights.

~ Are you in with a Deathwatch Army?

  • georgelabour

    haven’t seen a new army since Imperial knights?

    Harlequins, Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus…

    • Mike Salamandrin

      My thought exactly. And if your going by size of the release, most of it is reboxed Space Marine kits with Deathwatch upgrade sprews.

      • Rufus Der Eisenhans

        Thing is, for the most part these reboxings are quite “cheap” IN the UK, the Landraider is £45, and the Deatwatch one £48. For the extra £3 you get in addition to the Lascannon Sponsons:
        The Crusader Sponsons / Redeemer Sponsons
        The Deathwatch Upgrade Sprue
        Thats not bad

        • Mike Salamandrin

          It’s a deal over in the US too! The DW transports are 5$ to 7$ more for all upgrade sprues, plus the smaller DW frame, which would be 25$-40$ extra when sold separately. The SM characters are the same price or lower with an upgrade sprue! Compared to the ‘buy a chapter specific veteran kit, use the spare bits for everything else’ system GW has been using for years, I could see them selling more this way, while lowering prices.
          I kind of hope they sell well and maybe see similar price dropped re-boxings when Chaos is updated; a new troop box, plus an new upgrade sprue placed in a full variant predator/vindicator and landraider kit set to a specific Chaos God or Legion release, would be amazing.
          Still new model wise upgrade frames, an HQ, and a flyer are not a classic GW big new army release :p

          • NikosanPrime

            Actually considering the Blood Angels and Space Wolves updates and the Kinghts it seems perfectly in line. The Harlequins and Skittari are completely new lines and have nothing to play off of so they had to release all new kits. But Deathwatch is piggy backing off of the whole Space Marine line-up.

            The thing I am sad about is that the upgrade frame doesn’t have more torsos and Termy pads. I believe the new Termy kit that’s going to come out will be Deathwatch specific but if it isn’t I am not sure how you are supposed to get enough pads.

            That being said I think this is an awesome release and if I had the money right now I would be buying a couple of Death Masque boxes (I already have 120 Harlies so the the more the merrier) and a few Blackstars.

          • Mike Salamandrin

            They were describing Knights as The last new army release, when the last Knights book was the second with, from my understanding, two new walkers from an upgrade kit. Not a big, new army release; the closest to a big, three-to-four weeker would have been the split AdMek and the Harleys, and while updated codexes were up to six new kits for a while.

          • Mike Salamandrin

            That being said I’m excited to see these DW termies, too. Maybe we’ll luck out and it’s a complete kit like the Wolf termies.

        • LordRao

          Hadn’t even noticed that. Ty m8.

  • Bryan Ruhe

    I think I missed the Deathwatch Chaplain clam pack. Anyone kind enough to share a link?

  • JP

    The Blackstar is only $65? What the sh1t? Did I stumble into the Twilight Zone?

    • Valourousheart

      Yeah, that surprised me too.

    • OolonColluphid

      Cheap enough to count as a Stormraven.

      • JP

        It also looks like the perfect flyer for use with a Sisters army. Imagine Seraphim coming out of that.

        • OolonColluphid

          Too bad the flyers the transport flyers the Sororitas are allowed to use are crap.

  • kobalt60

    I am an admitted GW fanboy, have been since RT. I’ve moaned about prices, then bought more. Complained about changes in new editions, bought them anyway. I love the current ‘retro’ feel GW seems to be operating under lately, bringing back old models, old ideas, etc. Not loving the retro feel of having rules scattered hither and yon. Deathwatch has been a viable, stand alone army for about 5 minutes, and already you have 3 different sources for rules? If GW thinks i’m buying a $60 codex, Deathwatch Overkill and Death masque just to compile one complete set of rules, well…i will.
    Maybe if i stay a little longer, they’ll change next time

    • The Sigillite

      Damn you M. night Shamalaniyan, and your plot twist. You got me. Reluctantly i buy too… like an abusive relationship… maybe i can change her, i think to my self.

      • GoodOleBoy01

        You both need some therapy and a switch to Mantic! They’re not as sexy as GW, but aren’t abusive to you or your wallet. Yes, GW is prettier, but will she ever stop abusing you? Unless.. You’re into that… Then, by all means…

        • Beefcake the mighty

          That is a perfect analogy. GW is better looking but has no substance and just wants your money. Mantic is the plain girl but actually cares about you 😅

          • Joshua Boyle

            It is a perfect analogy and just like in real life, if there is no way you will ever be physically attracted to a girl, then no amount of great personality can make up for it. But I’m glad other people like Mantic.

    • Victor Hartmann

      Really, you just need the Codex. So far, I haven’t seen anything in Overkill or Death Masque which makes them required (or even interesting) for acquiring the rules/formations. But if you’re buying the models, the rules/formations are a nice little bonus which you probably won’t use anyway.

      • Someone

        especially since the rules for the models in overkill aren’t in overkill, but are a free PDF download…..

    • Beefcake the mighty

      Breaks my heart to see someone stay in an abusive relationship.

      • EnTyme

        Can we not make light of one of the most serious issue the county (and world) is facing? If you don’t like GW games or products, fine, but please don’t compare business practices you disagree with to spousal abuse. As someone who had to watch it happen in his family (not immediate family, mind you), it’s not funny or cute.

        • Beefcake the mighty

          I didn’t mention spousal abuse at all. An abusive relationship can be any in which unfair liberties are taken. A boss that bullies an employee, a friend that borrows money and does not repay it etc. it’s a very broad statement .

    • Horus84cmd

      Not sure why you need DW: Overkill game? There are no rules in that for 40K. There are free to download of the GW site and the models are coming this weekend

    • Mike Salamandrin

      The rules for the Overkill team is supposed to be in the codex, which is why I assume they’re re-released as a stand alone box. The only reason a completist would need Death Masque is for rules for the watch captain special character and his model…Which I’m sure will be released as a free data sheet, and the model will be sold on Ebay.

  • OolonColluphid

    If these prices are accurate. The Corvus Black Star costs less than a Stormraven.

  • Victor Hartmann

    I’m liking the price of the Blackstar in dollars and points.

    If only assault flyers (or vehicles in general) were actually good . . .

    Might try it anyway

  • Guillermo Cordido

    Terminator librarian only u$30???
    And Corvus Blackstar only 65, and i say only 65?????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Spacefrisian

      Yes, it boggles the mind right?

  • petrow84

    1.) Hike prices up to the sky for years like crazy
    2.) Suddenly, sell stuff a bit cheaper than usual, but still way overpriced
    3.) ???
    4.) Profit!

  • Master Avoghai

    Deathwatch Kill Team : $35 ?

    What is it?

    • Bryan Ruhe

      5 multi-part Deathwatch Space Marines, a la the Death Masque box.

  • pokemastercube .

    can they please release the upgrade sprue seperatly

    • Trentat

      They are. It’s called the Deathwatch Kill Team and it retails for $35.

      • Horus84cmd

        I think pokematercube is meaning the small sprue, with just 10 DW pads, 1 Termi Pads, 2 head, 2 vehicle icons and the power sword. Not the DW 5 man sprue, available in the Death Masque set – which is what the DW: Kill Team box is.

        I was to hazard I would say the little sprue won’t be release separately in the foreseeable.

      • pokemastercube .

        $ means nothing to me, i work in £. and i was talking about the sprue with the pads for both power and terminators (mostly for terminators) so i can do mass upgrades on the DA and SW terminator kits

    • Benoit Tremblay

      the Captains have an upgrade sprue each along with them. for 25$ (15£) you get a character and an upgrade sprue.

  • Deacon Ix

    Bought the Overwatch box as I wanted the Nids, going to buy the DM box as I want the Quins – will end up with a DW force by default…

  • This Dave

    Damn but GW figured out how to draw me back in. I thought I was pretty much set for a Deathwatch army as I’ve been playing with a Marine army converted into a Deathwatch Kill-Crusade for years so I figured I could just get the codex and maybe the new flyer. But then they put out a sweet boxed set and a collector’s edition codex that comes with some nice looking swag. And themed dice which look great even though the symbols are stupidly on the one side. Okay, they got me there but I’m done. Then the Land Raider kit and Watch Captain shows up. Couldn’t hurt to add them in. Then they release these Deathwatch figures that look great and are reasonably priced for GW. My old figures do look a bit out of place next to them. Guess I’ll be upgrading the force.

    Well played GW. Well played.

    • euansmith

      Carter J Burke, GW Exec, “This customer has a substantial dollar value attached to him. .”

      • JP

        Until he gets what he deserves for dirty business tactics.

  • Boba Vette

    I am sorry my machine cannot pull up the price. what are they?

  • Guillermo Cordido

    can they make a deathwatch with tau????