Dark Age: New Kukulkani Releases Unboxed

Gencon Kukulkani

I’m back from Gencon with new Kukulkani to unbox!

I have four new blisters to pry open today.


First up are the lovely Kaachika. They are devotees of the new Cult of the Moon Goddess; a somewhat new power base among the Kukulkani. They do not represent a new subfaction however. The race isn’t that divided yet. If you want to learn more, you can read about them and the entire faction in the first Dark Age Lore Document.

003 Kaachika Unboxing

Here are all the pieces. There are a few tiny pieces here and there, but Dark Age players like me are more than happy to deal with a bit of fiddly gluing to get our models on the table.

004 Kaachika Unboxing

A close up reveals some excellent detail, with the many peculiar contoured grooves that give the Kukulkani faction its distinct look.

005 Kaachika Unboxing

Here’s a look at the other side. You can see the tab for the “backpack” is actually attached to her hips.

006 Kaachika Unboxing

This other lady looks just as cool.

007 Kaachika Unboxing

From the other side.

008 Kaachika Unboxing

Right now my guess is these go on the Kaachika’s backs. I’m sure I’ll figure it out when I start putting them together.

Chosen of Coatlai

The Chosen of Coatlai are caretakers of young, you guessed it, Coatlai. These wriggly little things feed off their host’s life energy and are more than happy to bite and/pr spray venom at anything that threatens them.

010 Chosen of Coatlai Unboxing

Only three pieces per model here.

011 Chosen of Coatlai Unboxing

With the stylized skulls on their chests, the Chosen are some of the most ornate Kukulkani sculpts yet.

012 Chosen of Coatlai Unboxing

And of course there’s enough detail on the back to make it just as engaging.

013 Chosen of Coatlai Unboxing

Here is the other sculpt.

014 Chosen of Coatlai Unboxing

And of course the reverse again.

Doom Seer

Doom Seers are too cool to walk to battle like everyone else.

021 Doom Seer

Here are all the parts you’ll need to assemble your very own Doomseer.

022 Doom Seer

Lets get these wheels out of the way. They’re not too ornate obviously since you won’t actually see most of them.

023 Doom Seer

The top of the disk on the other hand has this cool skull on it.

024 Doom Seer

Here’s our rider.

025 Doom Seer

And a look at him from the other side.

026 Doom Seer

It’s not the most detailed, but my favorite bit here might be this dust cloud with its stylized swirls.


This group shot was the best picture I could find for a painted Coatlanak, who will be the last model we’ll look at today. I thought all the new Kukulkani releases made it home with me from Gencon, but now I can’t seem to find Ixchel (the lady in the photo) anywhere. Did I forget to buy her? Did I loose her? Was she not actually among the new releases? Oh well, she comes out in September so I won’t have to wait long. Let’s get back to the Coatlanak.

016 Coatlanak Unboxing

Two of these adorable beasties come in this blister. The sculpts are the same, but hopefully their serpentine bodies will make it less obvious. I plan to try to open the jaws a bit more on one of mine, and arch it back on the base a bit to see if I can get some more variation between the two.

017 Coatlanak Unboxing

Here are those jaws I was just mentioning.

018 Coatlanak Unboxing

And its coiled tail.

019 Coatlanak Unboxing

The body has these creepy little leg struts that really complete the picture. While the Coatlanak is not quite as ornate as the other models in this set, I find his character more than make up for it.

~Hope you enjoyed the article! I’ll have more Dark Age unboxings soon. Which is your favorite?



  • SupPupPup

    Stunning paintjobs, but it makes it hard to see whats actually modelled, and whats just painted detail.

    Anyone have any experience with the minis?

    • Richard Mitchell

      I have, the minis are that good. Serious, and the game is fun as heck, it plays fast and lethal.

      • SupPupPup

        I played a demo and was a bit unimpressed. Models are very nice though, certainly something special.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Another game unfit for this horrific life with a mere 24 hrs a day. 🙁

  • Phil Turner

    I think the paint jobs add far more detail than there is actually on these bland, poorly sculpted monstrosities.