Dark Age: Shadow Caste Unboxed

Dark Age Shadow Caste Deaths Device

I’m back with more Dark Age unboxings. Today it’s the Shadow Caste pre-releases that surprised all the Dragyri fans at Gencon.

Special bonus: Dragyri pics from the CMON booth!

Early visitors to the CMON booth over Gencon noticed something unusual on the rack of Dark Age minis. There were several blisters with black backing and small opaque black ziploc bags inside. There was a QR code and url on the packaging which took you to this site. Of course I was already hoping there would be something Shadow Caste related inside. I wasn’t expecting anything quite this cool though since they were only 9.95 each.

001 Dragyri Shadow Deaths Device

First up is this Death’s Device. He’s a pretty big guy at just over 2 inches tall.

002 Dragyri Shadow Deaths Device

The musculature is incredibly well done.

003 Dragyri Shadow Deaths Device

There are also lots of cool details like the “spinal cord” running down his back.

004 Dragyri Shadow Deaths Device

Here are some of the other bits.

005 Dragyri Shadow Deaths Device

Plus a close up of his wicked cleaver.

Dark Age Shadow Caste Naedrae

Next is this Naedrae.

006 Dragyri Shadow Naedrae

Here are the pieces.

007 Dragyri Shadow Naedrae

While the details like the armor and straps are cool, I once again find myself most impressed by how exquisitely subtle that musculature is.

008 Dragyri Shadow Naedrae

The other side.

009 Dragyri Shadow Naedrae

She is armed with these cestus (cesti?).

010 Dragyri Shadow Naedrae

Her face is pretty terrifying, which I guess is totally appropriate.

Dark Age Shadow Caste Keeper

For our final unboxing we have this keeper.

011 Dragyri Shadow Keeper

Keeper bits.

012 Dragyri Shadow Keeper

Don’t really know what to say here that I haven’t already.

013 Dragyri Shadow Keeper

And of course the other side.

014 Dragyri Shadow Keeper

Here’s a close-up look at her arms.

016 Dragyri Shadow Keeper

Her helmet and leg. I don’t know if anyone’s ever put forth an explanation for why the Dragyri have the leg gills, but they wouldn’t be the same without them.

017 Dragyri Shadow Keeper

Last up we have the chain, which is one of the most intricately cast pieces I think I’ve ever seen.

Dark Age Shadow Caste Gatherer

Some of the blind blister packs also contained these Harvesters, but I didn’t get any in the ones I bought.

Dragyri Shadow Caste Gencon 001

Now for those pics of the CMON booth. The shadow Elemental was my personal favorite.

Dragyri Shadow Caste Gencon 002

This monstrous spider is apparently called the Huntress. As for what she is or how she came to be, we’ll have to wait and see.

Dragyri Shadow Caste Gencon 003

Here are some other warriors, although we don’t know who the are yet. I’m particularly interested in the brute on the right.

Dragyri Shadow Caste Gencon 004

If you read my article on the Outcasts book and the Forsaken book or have read the books yourselves, you will probably be intrigued to know that is none other than Amabilia herself in the center of the shot there fawning over her favorite pet spider. And speaking of spiders, I’ve been told they will replace slaves for the Shadow Caste. These Dragyri don’t trust any Alteghrans – even the debased ones that make up the slave caste.

Dragyri Shadow Caste Gencon 005

Here’s another one of those spiders.

Dragyri Air Caste Gencon 001

There were new Air Caste as well. It’s great to see a new sculpt for Yovanka.

Dragyri Ice Caste Gencon 001

Last up are Ice Caste Resculpts.  I think these may be the ones that will be fighting St. Isaac in the 2-player starter. If you want to learn more about the Dragyri, go ahead and check out my recent article on the faction.

~Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Which is your favorite Dragyri Caste?

  • Hawt Dawg

    Ha ha ha… I am laughing hysterical here. How can anyone keep up with all the new stuff that are being released. I pity the collectors who want it all.

    Great looking models though.

  • An_Enemy

    These are all superb.

  • Countdiscount

    Finally new Slaanesh models. Thanks GW

    • marxlives

      I must be old because I was thinking FG, Sci-Fi drow.

  • marxlives

    Dark Age is fast and hella fun, and the new models, floor me everytime.

    • euansmith

      The quality of the casting and the level of sculpting both look outstanding.