FFG: New X-Wing & Armada Waves Unveiled!


FFG Pulls the covers off Wave 10 for X-Wing and Waves 5 for Armada!

Say hello to Star Wars X-Wing Wave 10!

swx59-61_titleimage swx59_layout

First off we have Sabine’s TIE Fighter. And yes, that’s a Rebel dial you’re seeing! Taken from the Rebels TV show we see the return of Sabine Wren to the tabletop in a brand new TIE fighter repaint that comes with some VERY nice tricks.


Not only is this the first ship the rebels have access to, but now the Rebels also have access to an illicit upgrade slot! That opens up some interesting options…



Kylo Ren is showing up in the new Upsilon-class shuttle. Not only is it a new beefy shuttle, it introduces new “conditions” to the game as well.

swx60-kylo-ren-crew swx60-ill-show-you-the-dark-side swx-condition-reference

Kylo Ren basically gets to search the deck for the critical effect he would like you to have. Ouch!



We didn’t get to see the Quadjumper do much besides … well spoiler so I’ll skip that … Anyways, it’s coming to a Tabletop near you and it’s bringing Simon Pegg Unkar Plutt with it:



That’s actually a neat ability. You’ll be able to perform a free action even if you overlap an enemy ship. He’s no Dash Rendar – but that can get you out of a tight spot or help you correct a mistake. Plus it helps work those pesky TIE Swarms a little bit.

If you’d like to read-up on the new X-Wing Wave, check out the full run down from Fantasy Flight Games. But now lets switch gears and check out the Armada ships!


First up for Armada Wave 5 is Phoenix Home Expansion Pack:


This is a new Pelta-Class ship for the Rebels. This ship boasts Command Sato who has a really great ability of allowing you to swap out dice. Talk about concentrated firepower!



The Imperial Light Cruiser (also from Rebels) makes it’s debut as well. The Arquitens-class light cruiser was primaily used as a blockade ship. It’s speed and fire power helped it to effectively patrol the outer rim. They can be very deadly, especially in numbers…


The Rebel Fighter Squadron Pack II sees a host of new fighters making the jump. The Z95’s, E-Wings, VCX-100 (the Ghost) and the Lancer-Class (the Shadow Caster) are adding their firepower to the Rebel Forces. And naturally that adds a few other star pilots to the mix like Hera Syndulla:


Adding the option to give Rogue to other fighters its REALLY good! I’m sure we’ll see her pop-up in fighter-heavy lists in the future!


But don’t think the Imperial Fleets are getting short changed either, they have the intimidating VT-49 Decimator, the Lambda-Class shuttle, TIE Defenders and TIE Phantoms to help them out! Those Phantoms have Cloak and are sure to throw you opponents for a loop trying to pin them down. Plus the Defenders look like fast, beefy fighters to content with also.

For more about Wave 5 for Armada check out the full post from Fantasy Flight Games. That’s all for now, but keep you eyes peeled – we’re at GenCon and we’ve already seen these in person. See everyone on the flip-side…


Kylo Ren – he’s got a condition.

  • V10_Rob

    First Poe, now, Sabine. Everytime I roll up my sleeves to put a slow and laborious custom paint job on my X-Wing minis, FFG announces it’s going to one-up me.

    • dinodoc

      They are watching you. 😉

  • Spacefrisian

    So the new version of the Lambda shuttle has the same deal as the old one….visible guns in the back but not able to shoot from the back arc.

    • It’s a visible deterrent. Like a fake house alarm or one of those stickers with “protected by guard dogs”.

      • LEGION3000

        Yeah but the Lambda could CLEARLY shoot from the tail. This is a pretty big omission. Like putting a B17 in a game and leaving out the ball gunner.

  • Darth Bumbles

    Well, that’ll be ANOTHER Tie-Fighter I’ll own then.

  • ellobouk

    For these ships, I’ll give you… one half portion

  • ChahDresh

    What do I see amongst those X-Wing piccies?

    This is actually the third Rebel ship to have access to Illicits, after the YT-1300 and -2400 get the Smuggler’s Compartments. It’s not any more durable than your standard TIE, so we’d be wise to resist the urge to dump points on them. Also, this is the second Rebel ship in a row with no generics; note that all the pilots are unique. Interesting note: historically TIEs have been heavy on pilot cards and light on upgrades, since the spare TIE upgrade bar forces most build diversity into pilot abilities and PS rather than upgrade cards. The rebel version, perhaps predictably, bucks this trend.

    Kylo’s shuttle is beefy as heck. 12 total HP and a 4-red primary, while the dial is set to a green 2-bank, meaning it’s probably fairly generous. It is in every way stronger than a Lambda, with a correspondingly higher price point– 34 for Ren, and I’d be surprised if the generic’s below 28. Note, also, the loaded upgrade bar. Two crew (Palp ahoy?!), tech, systems, and something else I can’t make out. Also, it has an unusual-looking action on its bar. Related to conditions, maybe? Hard to say at this point.

    The Jumpmaster looks to fill a price slot similar to the TIE F/O, between the Z-95 and the Y-Wing. Looking at the upgrade bar, it’s the first Scum ship with access to the Tech slot, to go with bomb, crew, and illicit. (Note the Thermal Detonator.) It has light attacks and sub-X-Wing durability, so we’re likely looking at a ship that exists to be disruptive/supporting rather than straight killy. Unkar’s pilot ability seems to set the tone: “At the end of the Activation phase, you MUST assign a tractor beam token to each ship you are touching.” So if your opponent blocks Unkar and causes a pile-up in your zone, you’re in deep trouble, but if he’s able to land a good block he might give your foe a serious headache, accomplishing a similar role as a Bumpmaster for much fewer points. Among its upgrade cards, “A Score to Settle” looks like a fun zero-point EPT. There will always be a market for zero-point EPTs, especially ones that abuse small squadrons.

  • Bill

    This would be much more exciting if FFG wasn’t already two releases behind on things.

    • Bradley Dunn

      To be fair, there’s only so much you can do about port congestion. The only real viable alternative to get stuff here from China is air, and I’m happy enough not paying as much for a single X-Wing as a box of Space Marines.