FFG’s Runewars Moves Into Tabletop Wargaming


The industry is changed! FFG is rolling out a rank and file fantasy tabletop wargame with the Runewars Miniatures Game.

First, take a look at this video.  Really – watch it.

Now, let’s talk about this simply from a 10,000 foot level.


Fantasy Flight Games is making a rank and file plastic fantasy miniatures wargame set in their Runewars world.

You heard that right.  FFG is rolling into the “grand mini wargame” market.

Take a look at these miniatures:

  • These miniatures are about the same scale as 40k / Age of Sigmar
  • Note the modular square unit trays that interlock to make larger rank and file units of various shapes.
  • Smaller models have round bases and fit 2×2 into a square unit tray (see below).
  • Cavalry fit two side by side into a square unit tray.
  • Heroes and large models fit on a single square unit tray.



rwm01_figure_in_tray_diagramHere’s the contents of the starter box set:


Here is the basics of the Runewars Miniatures Game Starter Set:

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game $99.95

2 players

90 minutes playtime

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game is a two-player miniatures game of battles between the great powers of Terrinoth. In each game, you and your opponent will gather armies of miniatures and lead them into battle—blocks of infantry will maneuver for position, cavalry wings will wheel and slam into a weakened flank, and monstrous rune golems or carrion lancers will smash through formations of lesser warriors. Innovative command tools, two distinct factions, and countless ways to customize your experience combine to offer an unparalleled miniatures gaming experience in RuneWars. Finally, with forty-eight beautifully sculpted, unpainted figures, you’ll be able to paint and customize your armies to bring an entirely unique touch to your games and enter the hobby of miniatures painting! “


So note, that the miniatures are unpainted and FFG is encouraging players to “enter the world of miniatures painting!”  and says “We’ll offer more information on painting your figures, along with in-depth tutorials, as the game comes closer to release.” That sounds to me like there are are hobby products just out of sight in the future.

Next note the movement templates in the contents picture.  Yes, this game is played without tape measures and uses a large set of movement templates based on what X-wing uses.  You notch the movement template up against the forward side of the unit tray and move the unit to the other side of it, similar to moving Huge ships in X-wing. Whereas X-wing uses a single movement dial per ship, in Runewars each unit uses this dual dial play-aid:


Each dial has a set of movement options on the left dial, and a set of actions on the right dial granting things like extra movement, attacks, or defensive bonuses, and special abilities.  Note that the contents of the dials are different between units allowing for a great variety of movement-action combinations.

This still very early days for Runewars The Miniatures Game, set in FFG’s own world of Terrinoth.  While the initial boxed game contains only two factions, the world of Terrinoth contains many others, so time will tell just how big this game gets.

But you can say one thing for sure, the industry just got another rank and file fantasy game from one of it’s biggest manufacturers.  Get ready folks, FFG is muscling into a whole new market for them.  This one will make BIG BIG WAVES.

Read More about Runewars the Miniautures Game

~What do you think of it? Can FFG bottle lighting again with a Fantasy rank and file game using many X-wing elements?




  • Neal Laxman

    Hmmmm interesting….. Looks quite Warcraft ish

    • Burnt Angel

      Darn. Just got me imagining an official Warcraft large scale miniatures game… that I would LOVE to see. I dare to dream…

      • Krizzab

        yeah thrall special rules :
        Chris Metzen Avatar : this guy cant die, always win and saves the world…

  • Giant skeleton-mounted maggots…or worms…Okay, I wanna see more of this undead faction…Already they are not like the usual Undead in WFB and Kings of War

  • twincast

    Well, this certainly came out of left field. 😮 My issue with the Terrinoth world lies solely with often too over the top armors for heroes and generals, but they aren’t quite Warcraft (or Age of Sigmar) level ridiculous, either, the common soldiers have always looked rather fine, if maybe a bit colorful (saturated), and the games set therein have all had great gameplay so far, so I’m tentatively looking forward to this one. 😊

    Anyway, the sweet irony of this after GW has obviously pulled their licences from FFG is palpable. You can palp it! 😂

    • twincast

      That said, the price/value rate …could be better, but it isn’t horrendous. Let’s just hope that a) we get two more 1v1 starter sets balanced to this one to cover all factions, and b) they don’t go Geederp on the MSRPs of the “expansions”.

      • Cergorach

        I don’t know the situation in the US, but in Europe GW 2 player starter boxes are available at about a 15%-25% lower price point compared to an equivalent FFG product like Armada. Around the same amount of minis. But probably higher quality plastic from GW. The FFG minis also look a lot smaller 22mm-25mm.

        I think FFG won’t be fighting GW over price in Europe, but FFG X-Wing and Armada are excellent systems, if that can translate in a cool mini game… Folks will flok to it.

        If they use the same quality plastic material as for their Descent/Talisman board games, folks might leave again in floks. While FFG makes excellent boardgame models for their RuneX games, they aren’t wargame quality…

        • twincast

          MSRP seems to me to be on a comparable level as GW’s starter sets, so cheaper than Geedubs’s overinflated standard prices but dearer than Mantic’s.

          I find it hard to judge scale – let alone plastic quality – without anything to compare it to. Really depends on how they regard competition with the established fantasy wargaming market, the core target audience obviously being FFG’s established board game customer base.

          • Cergorach

            Many of those FFG board game customers already have a foot in mini wargaming…

          • twincast

            Well, several of their Star Wars games qualify, but as for “traditional” wargames by other companies: Many, sure, but surely not most.

    • Cergorach

      What are you talking about? GW hasn’t pulled the FFG license as far as I know. The properties are stil advertised on the ffg product pages.

      • twincast

        Pulled as in “not renewed” to be precise. It’s quite clearly running out, given the sudden lack of new announcements.

        • Zethnar

          Especially given the popularity of Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game. You’d expect a larger expansion from them than some POD classes after a year in the market.

  • twincast

    By the way – in case anyone’s wondering – Terrinoth has these six factions: humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, infernal, undead.

    Ought to be enough.

    • twincast

      Also, I find it … disheartening that they’re reusing the (albeit expanded by a clarifying subtitle and very much fitting) name of their old popular fantasy 4X game, meaning unlike Runebound it most likely won’t get an update anywhen soon.

      Plus, there’s some internal competition with BattleLore 2nd Edition (which so far only got three of the six factions).

      • palaeomerus

        Battle Lore is a mixed scale Richard Borg type Hex board game(like Memoir 44 or Commands & Colors) driven by cards that tell you which of three flanks you can move units in and giving you actions to play like recover or artillery strikes. This looks more like “Baby’s first table top march-formation” game which would make one of the big competitors Kings of War by Mantic, or maybe WarGods if they are still around. The other element is it looks to be going after the D&D Attack Wing market.

        GW dumped this type of stuff for a skirmish w/ small units style game.

        Now seems like a good time to get into that branch of the tabletop, and having that 1 pc plastic ready to go over a box o’ sprues and a bottle of Loc-tite superglue might be a plus. Of course D&D Attack Wing has clicky-esque pre-paints in big transparent toy blisters so they FFG might have trouble beating that with their usual clamshell and big box formats as seen in Descent, Imperial Assault, etc. If these are coming painted then they will likely have an easier time selling this game alongside X-Wing and Armada which are also prepainted.

        Using dials and templates like X-wing might also make it nice and familiar and help FFG to poach some players from D&D Attack Wing.

        • twincast

          Of course BL and this new RW are totally different executions, but they still share the same basic idea within the exact same world.

          I guess the former sold enough for a little bit of expansion support but not nearly as much as their perennial bessellers, so when WFB suddenly went poof and/or GW ended their cooperation, FFG decided to try their luck at a rank and file sort of abstraction of battles between fantasy armies of Terrinoth instead.

          Sure, BL still might get new stuff, but I doubt it.

  • jirka ståhl

    Hope this becomes successful. I don’t believe that my gaming group will try the rules but more options for miniatures in 9th for me. Win win for gamers anyway. Those undead are especially well needed addition for armies all across the game system. 🙂

    • generalian

      yah sticking to 9th

      • Cergorach

        These look to be far smaller and more expensive then GW. BattleLore 2E is ~22mm, Descent is ~25mm. Not really compatible with most ranges of wargames.

        • palaeomerus

          BattleLore has no fixed scale.

        • Zethnar

          They haven’t announced the scale, but the miniatures aren’t the same ones used in Battlelore.

          I don’t know where you’re getting your ‘much smaller’ from, unless you know something the rest of us don’t. In fact people who are at Gencon and see the miniatures in person have said they look to be around 28-32mm scale, so much the same as GW.

          • LEGION3000

            Age of Sigmar is taking 32mm to its maximum limit. Pretty much all the new stuff looks like 34-35mm.

  • twincast

    And I notice the only hobby aspect they mention is painting (while heavily alluding to a new paint range of their own – or maybe an official partnership with one of the established manufacturers), so knowing FFG, I’m guessing no sprues for the customers to cut and assemble, let alone customise?

    • twincast

      On a side note, I can’t decide whether I should be surprised by their unpaintedness or not, considering that on the one hand the only FFG miniatures that come prepainted are those of X-Wing and Armada, while on the other hand this is clearly derived (or “heavily inspired”) from those very same (and other Attack Wing games which all only do prepainted).

      • euansmith

        If they are available pre-painted I might be interested. I’m tired of painting massed minis 😉

        • Neal Laxman

          I still have a few battalions of bretonnian sti paint, but every time I look at them I’m just meh…. Hassle.

  • Astorius Blake

    Is it just me or are those skeletons magnificent?

    • dave long island

      Not just you.

    • euansmith

      They are rather nice. They’ve got a simple, chunky, cartoony sort of style. I approve.

  • Wonderdog

    I wonder what the plastic quality will be like. The Descent stuff is fine for a board game, but far too soft for me to bother painting armies in.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Yeah, there are a lot of Board Games that interests me but few have the models I want that can be painted.

    • Zethnar

      I remember reading somewhere that someone asked one of the guys on the floor at Gencon and he said it wasn’t the same as the boardgame plastic, but he couldn’t remember what type of plastic it was. Pretty non-committal answer, so take from it what you will.

  • zeno666

    Looks neat, I would have prefered a smaller scale though.

    • Hawt Dawg

      I think your 32 inch monitor is playing with you…

      These looks… Meh… Nothing spectacular or different. Reminds me of Battlelore and that’s it.

      • zeno666

        Well I happen to like the more classic design a lot better than anything released for Age of Magic the Gathering.
        And I know FFG can write good rules and take care of their systems, unlike the creators above mentioned “game”.

        • Hawt Dawg

          And they say GW hate is dead these day.

          • zeno666

            Oh no, its very much alive and kicking.
            Those people just aren’t playing GW games no more.

          • Hawt Dawg

            You seem quite alone methinks.

            Lots of GW postivity on BoLS these days.

          • zeno666

            Then you really need to get out more 😉

          • Hawt Dawg

            No it’s raining like hell here.

            Also, while solitude is a virtue, GW hate is not.

          • euansmith

            I think GW are showing signs of improvement, with things like their support for AoS, their starter sets and their board games. 40k still needs a big ol’ shot of gaming penicillin to take down that dangerous swelling, but maybe that will come with 8th edition.

          • zeno666

            To each his own.
            But until you can run to engage and disengage from close combat in 40k I will continue to laugh at the space marine models 😉
            But thats for another thread.

          • euansmith

            It needs a suppression mechanic, maybe smoke too.

          • zeno666

            Also flyers need to go, they’re just silly in that scale.

          • euansmith

            Yeah. 28mm has no place for on table artillery (except as an objective for the enemy), nor flyers that do more than pass over the table in any direction before exiting to turn around for their next attack run, nor Super Heavies that use their main armament to engage anything other than other Super Heavies. 😉

  • frankelee

    At the very least it’s good news that they may be getting their scale in order. I really liked Descent 2nd, but it’s sort of deflating to see how poorly the minis scale with my other larger collection of true 32mm figures.

  • LEGION3000

    So you said they are similar scale to 40k and AoS. But 40k and AoS are not even close to the same scale anymore. So which is it?