FW: Legion Tactical Sets Inbound


Forge World gets Tactical with new Horus Heresy Era Legion Tactical Squad Sets!

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Horus Heresy games can be big, much bigger than normal games of Warhammer 40,000. The units can be pretty big too. In the Space Marine Legions, Tactical Squads can include up to 20 bolter wielding Space Marines!

Units of 20 Space Marines can make a real mess of your opponent, and they form the heart of your army, so today we’re releasing 20 man Legion Tactical Squads for each of the 18 Legions.

Forge World Tactical Legion Marine

Each Legion Tactical Squad includes 20 plastic Space Marines in Mk IV Armour, 20 resin Mk IV shoulder pads for your Legion, 10 resin Legion heads and 5 resin Legion torsos. Everything you need to personalise your unit and make a full 20 man Legion Tactical Squad for £90. As they love to be different, the Space Wolves Legion Tactical Squad does not include heads, and is £80.

If you’re not sure how to get started and pick your Legion, we’re here to help. Take a look at our new Getting Started with The Horus Heresy page, it’s full of useful information on the Legions.

Forge world Horus Heresy Legion


These sets are pretty great if you’re wanting to add some meat-and-potatoes to your Horus Heresy Legion. Each of the 18 sets is perfect for filling out your army with hose all important Tactical Marines. Legion Specific Torsos, Heads and Shoulder Pads can go a long way if you decide to space them out among your models.

On top of that Forge World has a new “Getting Started” micro site for the Horus Heresy. I recommend that you go check it out – it’s got some fun factoids for each Legion so even if you’re not wanting to buy new marines you can hopefully learn something cool about each Legion.

World Eaters Legion infoWorld Eaters Legion Info Page

If you are looking to get started with a new Heresy army they have some of the Forge World specific units at the bottom that they recommend you pickup. It’s really not a bad way to get into Heresy Era Warhammer!

World Eaters Legion recommendationsWorld Eater Legion Recommendations

Forge World – They were there when Horus killed the Emperor…

  • pokemastercube .

    so i’m working priceing out at £80 for just the 2 kits and the shoulder pads, leaving space wolves saving £11.50, and for everyone else it is £24.50 to £25.50 depending on which legion as sons of horus torso’s cost more (and yes i have taken the £90 into count)

  • Koszka

    I just want FW to come out with leg packs for MKIV armor. Those calth models could use some nice running legs!

  • nurglitch

    You can take Chaos Space Marines in squads of 20 as well. Not that anyone does.

    • I do.

      • nurglitch

        I stand corrected.

  • Roger Cole

    So pricing it out in USD: Ultramarine set is $117 at the current exchange rate.
    That’s still cheaper than ordering the parts at $55.90 and x2 of the plastic Mk4 kits at %30 off (most ebay sellers) for $70.
    I might grab one of these.

  • Laughing_Man

    For New Zealanders like me, that works out $40 NZD cheaper than buying only the two plastic MKIV tactical boxes from GW. That’s excluding shipping, of course, but even with that added you’d still basically be getting all the Forgeworld stuff for free. I suppose whether that makes this a great deal from FW or a terrible deal from GW depends on your outlook…

    • DaveTycho

      It’s the same thing here in Oz. According to XE.com, the bundle costs around $155 Aus, while just getting two legion mk4 boxes from a GW store costs $170 Aus.

  • OolonColluphid

    It says Mk IV Armour but Raven Guard are wearing Mark IV. Like they should be.

    • SYSTem050

      Ehm auto correct error there?

      • OolonColluphid

        Yeah it was.

  • Admiral Raptor

    $150 Canadian for twenty tactical marines. What an amazing offer! How could anyone refuse?

    Oh, what’s that you say China? The same deal for $40! Let’s you and me talk somewhere more private. 😛

  • Jay

    I realize these are different form the Calth FW sets – how so though?