FW: The Lord of Fenris Is Coming!


Forge World Teases the only Primarch with a Tank named after him – Leman Russ is coming to town!

via Forge World (Chris)

“For years people have been asking when Forge World will be releasing Leman Russ. I can finally answer… soon!

Leman Russ

That’s right, Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves Legion is coming soon. He’s not quite ready to be unleashed yet, but the wait is nearly over.”


Well “Soon(TM)” is a very Blizzard way to answer the “time frame” question. But Russ certainly looks like he was worth the wait – although I don’t know if I picture Russ with or without a Space Wolf beard… Anyhow, the Primarch of the Space Wolves appears to be finalized and fully cast in resin from the Forge World Studio. I’m sure they are going to get the model into production soon so be on the lookout for Russ in their webstore!


I can hear the Space Wolf players starting to Howl – I hope you feel your patience has been rewarded!

  • m3g4tr0n


  • Horus84cmd

    Once again, looking sweet from Forge World.

    I want Alpharius and Omegon though. They won’t be coming anytime soon 🙁

    Although….anyone could be….one of the twins…. 😉

    • Okanehira

      Buy a tactical marine box and you get 5 Alpharius and 5 Omegon!

  • Konrax

    That sword looks eerily like Abaddons.

    • Azhrarn

      more Norse runes, Abaddons is probably more festooned with daemonic nonsense. 😀

  • Randy Randalman

    Ugh.. Does Adam Harry know anything? Leman Russ didn’t have a beard!!!

    Furthermore, Space Wolves aren’t Dwarfs. The beard thing isn’t nearly as important to them.

    • Aye, has Russ ever been depicted with facial hair in artworks? I don’t think so. And the guy’s got cover appearances in the HH series, too.

    • palaeomerus

      Originally Leman Russ had artificial lungs and he founded the Space Wolves as a normal man with no genetic engineering or predestiny involved.

  • JayBiga

    I’m just happy he seems to be coming sans top knot.

  • OOOOOOOOOHHHH! This! I have been looking forward to this for years!

  • Mike Tbone Green

    i hope its not sculpted by the same guy who made Corax.

  • ChubToad

    There goes my retirement money..

  • You’re still using the mirror-flipped artwork from Prospero Burns. For feth’s sake, how many more times do people have to point that out before you correct that?

  • Bryan Ruhe

    That is a beautiful model (or at least what we can see of it so far)!

  • Gunsheeplol

    Looks awesome. I always imagined this guy with a beard though.

  • Admiral Raptor

    Pssh, only the lamest primarch ever to set foot on prospero. Go Magnus or go home!

    • Jake

      khan and morty were there too!

    • Daniel Hall

      Hopefully with this release they kick the 1k sons into overdrive to finally “release” them. Sick and tired of waiting.

      Every legion except wolves/sons are getting stuff, and they are so eager to sell russ it sounds as if they are just going to release him without anything for the 1k sons at all.

      Way to be left…in the dust. Oh the irony.

  • Christie Bryden

    nice but from a design, magnus has me more interested, sorry its just hes weirder looking so that will be interesting to see.

  • Maus

    I loved the old-timey Russ model back in the day but it looks unconscionably derpy now. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/File:Leman_and_Wulluffs.jpg

    The FW one better have his wolf buddies though!

    • MPSwift

      Wolves will be sold separately as they’re going to be huge chunks of resin that would make the overall cost of the model too high. They will fit in the diorama base though I believe.

  • plasticvicar

    PLEASE make it compatible with Magnus’s model for a diorama like Fulgrim and Ferrus.

    • MPSwift

      I asked Simon this question at the open day, he’d like to do it, just depends on a few factors (time, space, cost etc.)

  • Richard Mitchell

    FW knocks them out of the park.