GW: New Releases August 6th “First Looks”


Games Workshop’s new boxed game is up for pre-order – Come see what else they have in store!

via Games Workshop

Warhammer 40,000: Death Masque

60010699007_DeathMasqueENG01 60010699007_DeathMasqueENG03 60010699007_DeathMasqueENG02 60010699007_DeathMasqueENG04 60010699007_DeathMasqueENG05 Death Masque

Codex: Deathwatch



Warhammer 40,000 Datacards: Deathwatch


Deathwatch Dice


I’m digging the Death Masque Game contents – If you have the Overkill Box you can pick this one up and have a really solid start to a Deathwatch army. Also, YES, that is a Combi-Heavy Bolter/Flamer. Count me IN!

Codex: Deathwatch is out now and if you’re both lucky and fast you can grab the special edition as well!


~Have at it folks!

  • Protomolecule

    Sometimes I hate being in NZ…

    • Damian Reid

      yup. why do we end up paying 45-50 pounds (80-90 kiwibux) middle earth tax? oh, thats right/ “postage” “shipping costs” … yeh, nah. GW just wanna milk us. Kinda hard though with a declining player base that are buying other fairly priced products now from different countries. up yours GW, give us a damne break.

      • Skathrex

        You know its not arbritarily rising the price to that point.
        Most likely its due to some shipping and tax problems that the price is so high

        • Gunsheeplol

          The markup is over 50%. Do you honestly think that can be explained by shipping?

          • Commissar Molotov

            Well, New Zealand IS literally on the other side of the world.

        • Morgrim

          Nah, because GW can ship crates of the stuff to their stores and get better rates than people ordering a box or two from the UK, and yet buying it from the UK at full price and shipping it over is still cheaper. And other companies have much more modest markups compared to GW.

          It’s not just physical items either. A digitally downloaded game still tends to be ~ 25-30% more expensive than overseas, and the tax rate for them is only 10%.

          • Skathrex

            Well, maybe its not shipping, but it has to be something, I really can’t imagine GW shooting themselfs in the foot this hard. I mean they are known to not make the best decisions hobby wise, but from a Buisness standpoint there decisions seem to be relativly “normal”.
            I am acutally suprised people in Australia and NZ play at all.

          • Morgrim

            They get away with it because they’re not the only ones doing it. A LOT of companies arbitrarily charge Australians more. In the past it worked out for them because aussies had no choice but to bend over and take it, but it’s changing now that there are so many internet businesses and brokers that specialise in buying stuff overseas and shipping it over. Some companies are getting the picture and dropping their prices to something reasonable. Sadly, GW is NEVER going to accept dropping prices, so they’re rapidly losing market share over here.

          • Skathrex

            Well thats mindboglingly dumb and very sad too, less players is always bad, but maybe there is hope with the new GW Management….hopefully

      • Protomolecule

        Yeah getting into X-wing and Antares. The price difference is insane. If it was purely postage and tax we would see it on more games, depending on country of origin. I love GW’s IPs and minis though so I guess I will have to starve for the next 2 weeks.

  • Baldrick

    Death Masque. This looks interesting. Nice minis. Is the rule book just for this game, that is, rules to play death masque only, or is it a mini 7th Ed rule book with all the rules. And then, what are the other ‘booklets’ in the box set? Sorry have not been following all the Death Masque posts and threads.

    • Douglas Lang
      • Horus84cmd

        people really should just read stuff….

    • Buell Richardson

      If you look closely at the book. It is the same small rules as in the starter box.

    • amaximus167

      “Also included is a 208-page softback copy of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules with an exclusive Watch Captain Artemis cover.”

  • Евгения Ремезова

    Really? A f*cking Eldrad Ulthran against a bunch of pitiful Spehh Mahrenes?! GW, are you f*cking kidding me?!
    Should I even mention, that lore-wise Ulthran should be able to just wipe those Spehh Mahrenes all across the battlefield with sheer power of his ego? C’mon, GW, don’t make us “fight” a psyker who stands on the level with Magnus the Red.

    • piglette

      Yeah he’s really tough…until that dreadnaught gives him a little pinch with his power fist.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. Somehow I think the clanky toaster that can’t bend at the waist would have some trouble catching him.

        • Commissar Molotov

          I am now imagining a Benny Hill-style chase scene complete with “Yakety Sax.”

          • ZeeLobby

            Can’t unthink!

      • Richie Nga

        what kind of pinch ? like a nipple pinch ?

        • Commissar Molotov

          “Say you love the Emprah! Say it!”

          “Ow, come on, quit it!”

      • Евгения Ремезова

        Just for the record. Psykers of Eldrad’s level are capable of leveling f*cking Titans with power of their thought. Do you really believe a dread would do anything?…

    • Weidekuh

      And you know that the Marines will win, because… Marines!

      • I actually doubt they will. GW needs Slaanesh to die, so the Eldar need this moon. Actually, that’s the first “starter” box ever I think, which has more points of xenos than Space Marines. I might be wrong, but I guess the Harlies in this box have a good chance to table the Marines. That’s never been the case before as far as I can remember.

        • Best not to compare points yet. Deathwatch were said to be able to sink a LOT of points into their squads for specialized weapons, and they get bonuses for their Chapters too. It really comes down to those.

    • Horus84cmd
  • Commissar Molotov

    It’s 95 pounds – exchange rate would be about $125 USD. Wonder what it’ll sell for over here?

    • WellSpokenMan

      At least $150

      • Commissar Molotov

        You were right – went on the website today for $150 USD.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Love those non-UK markup costs. Stranger yet when they kept talking about some of the manufacturing to be moved to TN? Too bad that will never happen now.

    • BaronSnakPak

      25 Schmeckles.

      • Commissar Molotov

        That many? I figured the exchange rate would have been better after the Schmexit.

  • lantern G

    seriously do not understand the hype for yet more space marines lol

    • Phil Turner

      Because you are not very bright? They are a license to print money..

    • zeno666

      The children buy them

      • georgelabour

        and other children will whine about how they don’t buy them because the other kids are dumb stupid faces.

      • Cergorach

        Yes, the 40 year old children buy them… Like MEEEeee! 😉

        Space Marines sell. That’s what made 40k and GW big, they would be crazy to nix that.

        I’m happy we’re seeing some Eldar in a box. These plastic plastic space elves will fit nicely beside my RT era Harlies.

        • lantern G

          no doubt about that, I’m too busy with 30k for more marines is all.
          I just want the Harlequin steal tbh.

    • BaronSnakPak

      Well,a LOT of people like marines, so naturally a new line of products for them will generate excitement for their fans.

      It’s not that confusing, you’re just not into them.

      • lantern G

        Didn’t say I wasn’t into them, I’m a passionate imperial fists player in 30k and crimson fists in 40k when I’m not busy on the craft world or the black library.
        The codex I’m glad about, but the models seem a bit lacklustre for deathwatch is what I meant. Maybe there’s only so much you can do to a make a marine look different but they are a bit under whelming personally.

        • BaronSnakPak

          Sorry, usually when someone says they don’t understand the hype for something that means they’re not into it. I’ve seen both side of the argument, that they’re too blinged out or there’s not enough bling.

          I play smurfs and wolves, and I’m loving the look of these. True, they still look like marines (which is a good thing if you like the look of marines), but the backpacks, torsos, left arms, and special weapons differentiate them from the other chapters.

          • lantern G

            yeah I like uniform to go beyond the colour scheme and the stern guard kit for example, there’s so much detail on them that theirs almost no unity even when painted really well.

            Fortunately for me, I just need to paint the other fist red and theirs a veteran but with enough detail to unify him with the regular marines.

    • Because they are Deathwatch. They are the kind of “movie marine” material people wanted for a long time – highly customizable and inviting conversions and mixing of Chapters, all while having access to stuff that regular Codex Marines don’t.

      • lantern G

        I suppose. I’m not annoyed by it I’m glad there’s a codex now, I was over the moon with the harlequin release early last year, model wise they aren’t exactly hard to convert.

  • ZeeLobby

    Ugh. Can we just get some normal dice with symbols on the 6s? Also looks like a normal dread kit, which is a little disappointing.

  • Allerka

    Looks like these DW are slightly more generic than Overkill, which is good if they’re going to be more general troops. I definitely do NOT want an army entirely made up of First Founding Chapters. In fact, I don’t think I want ANY in my force…

    • Phil Turner

      The “chapter pads” that come with the set have a huge selection of second founding pads.

      • Allerka

        Nice! Yay options!

        And of course just slap a blank on there if you want to do something else. I’m assuming these guys go together like regular SM models, anyway…

    • silashand

      It’s only one set of actual Deathwatch marines. The assault unit is just a unit of Vanguard Vets with a DW upgrade pack (couldn’t find pics of it, but I suspect it’s just like the Space Wolf one).

  • Badgerboy1977

    Seriously gorgeous minis in that box and a great price, especially if you can get a discount and get it for £70 odd.

    • Phil Turner

      It looks like you actually get all the harlequins for free!

  • luke snell

    looks like tons of options on the sprue for the marines; jump packs with lightning claws or storm shields…they really look phenomenal. definitely a no-brainer if you already have Overkill in your repertoire.

    • silashand

      As I posted earlier it’s only one set of actual Deathwatch marines. The assault unit is just a unit of Vanguard Vets with a DW upgrade pack (couldn’t find pics of it, but I suspect it’s just like the Space Wolf one).

  • georgelabour

    Combi heavy bolter/flamer?

    Why..yes please!

    • Dan Wilson

      Combi Heavy Bolter/Heavy Flamer! MMMMMM YESSSSSS. Four of those in a devestator unit and they don’t need baby sitting in case someone charges them… mmmmmm heavy flamer overwatch…

  • While that Eldrad model is really cool, it still makes me wonder why Eldar Farseers all tend to take the same pose. I mean… really… Basically the last 3 metal and the last new plastic Farseer all have this same pose as Eldrad. There must be more than that.
    Making their cloaks float even more is not considered a different pose!

    • Spacefrisian

      They also have the same clothes manufacturer, and cape is fine as long as its this cape?

      • I don’t mind them having the same cloths. Priests also all wear the same robes, so do doctors, fire fighters, police, Aspect Warriors…

    • lantern G

      I want a levitating Seer casting eldritch storm.
      Tbh though if you look carefully the eldrad despite the changes actually is quite faithful to the original pose.

      • Yea, he is close to his original pose. Imo that’s bad already. But worse is that the last 4 released Farseers had the very same pose, too.

        I like the levitating-eldritch-storm idea.

  • Spacefrisian

    Well at least you can treat it as a starter set for elite armies. I think thats a plus.

  • Orblivion

    Any idea why it’s not showing up on the US site yet?

    • silashand

      It is now.

    • Rahl

      The US GW site updates at 1 pm Eastern time. So if before then, it won’t show up yet.