GW: September White Dwarf Unveiled

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White Dwarf has returned in it’s full sized format and copies are already getting into peoples hands. Come see what’s in store this month!

Massive Spoiler warnings ahead! Some lucky gamer got their hands on a copy early. If you don’t want to have the contents spoiled for you stop reading and don’t follow the links below!

Seriously – Massive Spoiler Warning!


Last Chance…




Okay, here we go:

via BeardyHammer (Facebook)

img-6125_orig img-6149_orig img-6131_orig img-6158_orig

I’m sure you’re thinking “that’s it?” Well, if you’d like to see the rest of the pages, you’ll have to visit them directly. BeardyHammer has a TON of pics for you to look through…

That said, the new White Dwarf does seem to have a bunch of really cool articles this month. The new “Contact” and “Temporal Distort” features are both interesting concepts and I hope to see more of those. There are also lots of carry-overs from past White Dwarf ideas and Warhammer Visions. I’m glad to see “Blanchitsu” return as well.

The new White Dwarf is packed with tons of pics ranging from full army spreads, to Golden Demon Features, to “Model Hall of Fame” spreads and even a basic “Sprues And Glue” section. It does feature a Battle Report as well as the “Four Warlords” collecting/campaign feature. For $9 this seems like a pretty amazing deal – especially once you factor in price of a Slaughter Priest.

White Dwarf September 2016 $9



You may want to pre-order it to ensure you get your hands on that Slaughter Priest…

  • pokemastercube .

    wonder what the inquisition redacted? the genestealer cults, sisters, the inquisition itself?

    • georgelabour


      Eldar answer: Yes

      • silashand

        Eldar answer. Yes. Maybe. No. All are correct.

    • generic eric

      I would enjoy a volume that addressed all of those. I would like to know more about infiltrating, especially via an inquisitor that was not a very good inquisitor.

  • ZeeLobby

    Still running my finger over the trigger. I just don’t know if i can do it. Thought weeklies would be great, and they stunk. My old subscription got rolled into Warhammer Visions, which was just downright awful. New WD mini is garbage, and fear that all free included minis will just be AoS anyway. URGGHHHHhjasdhklfakler

    • Me

      I did it just because I was tired of not getting the issues I really want (because for some odd reason, everyone else wants them too).

      I might ‘uv sort ‘uv forgotten to mention it to my wife though… Won’t she be pleasantly surprised at how much money I saved with the subscription?

    • Emperor’s Champion

      Nout wrong with AoS

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean if you play it. Personally I don’t want any blood blooders or ye-old space marines. If they put an ogor on i might be interested, but what is the chance of that happening?

        • Zack Seiders

          Only reason I would get the slaughter priest with said magazine is for collection purposes. Other wise sick of the bloodbound guys as well as the ground marines.

          • ZeeLobby

            It would have been awesome to include some preview minis of things to come, or SOMETHING interesting. Just not pushing stock of stuff that’s not longer moving off shelves.

          • Zack Seiders

            even if it is a plastic version of a pre existing unit “like a maneater” I would settle for that

        • Emperor’s Champion

          oh yeah that’d annoy the hell out of me, as much as like it I’m tired of the Khorne v sigmarines image, though some of the khorne models are pretty sweet for one off projects.

  • Horus84cmd

    Crossed fingers my copy drops through the post box tomorrow!

  • Xodis

    Ill be getting this and if its as great as its suppose to be, ill probably buy the subscription afterwards.

  • It’s great. Got mine today. Lots of fun stuff. Best thing was the character cards and sheets for Grombrindal for use in Silver Tower and AoS. Nice touch. Still feels like a GW advertising mag for most of it but Blanchitsu etc is always a pleasure.

    • ZeeLobby

      Hmm, confirming my fears. I’ll pick this one up in store. Haha. If only the whole magazine was Blanchitsu.

      • It’s not vastly different from the pre-weekly WD. It smells better though. Anyone expecting a return to very old school WD will be disappointed

        • ZeeLobby

          Awesome, thanks for the input. I’ll probably give the first issue a shot, but if it’s as you said, I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on a subscription. I mean the pre-weekly WD was what saw them try the weekly format in the first place, so I just don’t see it going that far.

    • Horus84cmd

      When has the WD ever in it’s entire history not been a piece of advertisement for GW (and back in the day other manufacturers)? I always hear this banned around about WD BUT I’d really love for anyone to point me to a single issue that was not in someway a advertisement for something.

      Literally and figuratively the entire point of WD since it’s inception was to promote the wargaming hobby (GW’s and historically others) and encourage consumers to purchase new products

      NOTE: I’m attacking this inance notion not you.

      • Same can be said of most magazines I guess. Others can hide it better though. WD often reads like a pushy salesman. The additional board game content feels like a step in the right direction though.
        At the end of the day it’s a coffee table mag for lovely minis

        • Horus84cmd

          Yep and no doubt the WD has gone through times when the advertisement was very in your face. At least the WD is all wargaming.

          I often pick up movie and other magazines and get infuriated at the amount of adverts in them, many of when not related to movies! They’re usually around a £5-6 to purchase, if they took out the ads,I’d be pretty sure they would be less half (if not more) the page count!

      • ZeeLobby

        There used to be a ton of fiction pieces, and conversions. Neither of which necessarily directly sell a model, and both of which are pretty lacking in the current offering. I mean sure the purpose is to generate sales, to a degree, but it’s also meant to entertain, and not everything entertaining has to involve the latest box set that was released.

        • Horus84cmd

          Yes there were, but I would argue they could/would inspire a hobbyist to go “that’s cool. I want to make that. Right I’ll need to buy x, y and z.”

          • ZeeLobby

            Right, and even if i wasn’t going to buy them, it was still a more interesting read. It’s just better all around. I think that’s the big takeaway. They weren’t obsessed with pushing their latest products, so you got to see a lot of cool stuff from their whole range, including older legacy minis and stuff.

          • Horus84cmd

            AND yet both those pieces are advertisment, direct or indirect – which was the point I was making. Whether a reader prefers one way of advertising over another is a different issue – everyone’s different in the way they enjoy interacting with the medium of a magazine.

          • ZeeLobby

            Except that it was pretty universal that people prefer the old way. It was the whole reason for the switch to weekly and the attempt to save WD originally.

          • Horus84cmd

            I feel we talking cross purposes here. Again, preference for one way of presenting the WD to another is very much separate issue to the idea I was saying is inane – that is; the notion that the WD had, at some point, never had advertisement in it.

          • ZeeLobby

            Ah. I got you.

        • SupPupPup

          The conversions were often a way to promote the selling of bits from the back of the mag. (at least from the 90s editions)

          • ZeeLobby

            That’s true. Man I miss bits! That said a lot of staff simply had converted armies they’d build and play with. I’m honestly tired of every battle report using the stock photo models. I mean I know they did that in the past occasionally, but many times they’d use their own personal armies and conversions. Just something I miss. I feel like conversions in general are almost tabu in WD photos now.

          • SupPupPup

            That’s where visions comes into its own. Lots of great conversions in those mags.

            I wonder if they will keep visions going alongside the new WD?

          • ZeeLobby

            Really? They must have changed it. I got the first several issues of visions and it was literally a thousand photos of the studio models

        • SophetDrahas

          I disagree. I picked up a lot of bitz back in the day to make those conversions. And when they offered things like the zombie pirate bags I snapped those up!

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean a lot of people didn’t make the conversions as well. It definitely worked for some. I never made any of them, but they gave me ideas for other stuff. Regardless they did more for the hobby and the reader then their current stuff.

  • Talos2

    Most interesting thing to me here is that skinks are still called skinks not skinkogs or something similarly bizarre

  • jazeroth

    i’m thinking of getting a sub this year

  • rtheom

    Okay, what’s weird here is that you get a free Slaughterpriest with this. Okay, so they’re pushing warehouse overburden out. But… they are doing the same thing with the “White Dwarf” and selling him separately. Why not just include the “new” White Dwarf with the magazine instead?

  • SophetDrahas

    Hoping my money won’t be wasted on the subscription. My hope was for expanded modeling articles both for miniature conversions and scenery as well as new rules for game variations and things like war bands and kill teams. Anyone recall the days of yore when they had the rules for Lustrian expeditions and what was eventually rolled into the General’s Compendium? Hoping for content more like that!

  • Ben_S

    I don’t see the point in wasting a double page spread on Oct 1996. If I want to read that White Dwarf, I have it on my shelf anyway. It’s probably a better read than this one.

  • Horus84cmd

    Got my copy through this morning. I’ve not had a chance to read it, but have glance and flick through.

    My initial thoughts, so far, is that there is a healthy spread of different articles. Most articles seem to go into a decent amount of depth, but I get the vibe that because there is a wide breath of article, that they are not a deep a they could be. I get the impression this is this may be intentional to show off the flavour of all the different types of pieces they are wishing to present going forward and so to fit in as much as possible they are shortened versions of what we will get in future issues.

    All in, it appears to be a strong opening salvo for the relaunch issue

  • Tim Brown

    Could it be…..a return to the days of glory? Should we expect to see the Citadel Journal or Black Gobbo? Or minis actually made of metal that can be recycled over and over? All this recent activity – back to a monthly WD, tournament support, facebook page gives one hope. So much so that I posted again for the first time in 10 years. Amazingly some of you I knew are even still here.