Konflikt ’47: New German Units

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Check out these great options for your German force: Heavy Infantry KF’47 and Spinne Light Panzermech Walker

German Heavy Infantry KF’47$38.00

These heavy hitting infantry are a must for any German force. They charge their way through the battlefield – straight into the heart of the action.

via Warlord:

Rift-tech was rapidly used in the development of heavy armour for the Wehrmacht to ensure casualties in intense operations were kept to a minimum. One of the first nations to introduce heavy personal armour, it is effective and provided a much needed boost to the German war effort when first deployed. Other nations have copied the principles, often to better effect, but the heavy infantry remain a potent force on the battlefield.

Full rules can be found in the Konflikt’47 rule book on page 129.




Spinne Light Panzermech – $36.00

This Weird War take on a heavily armored car is as agile as an infantryman on the ground. Don’t worry, that agility doesn’t take remove any of the firepower and defenses provided by its wheeled counterpart.

via Warlord:

The Spinne (Spider) speed and agility makes it almost the perfect recce vehicle for close terrain and urban environments. The open-turret allows the gunner/commander to maintain anti-air overwatch and maximises his situational awareness.


Full rules can be found in the Konflikt’47 rule book on page 140.



If you think these units look awesome, check out the rest of what the Germon Konflikt ’47 force has to offer…

German Konflikt ’47 Starter Set – $112.00

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Who’s ready to enter Weird War II?

  • Hawt Dawg

    That German crab is hilarious.

    • Paulo Picolomini

      More of a spider really but still hilarious. In the game its more equivalent to an armored half track but without a transport capacity.

  • jcdent

    Stretching the definition of new here, eh?

    • alex luthor

      Nope. They are new models.

  • Satyan Patel

    Can’t wait for Bolt Action 2nd edition rulebook. With Empress models to proxy modern combat with current Marines and an Abrams tank…. I’m golden.