Mantic: Warpath – Enforcer Pathfinders


These stealthy scouts are ready to take to the battlefield with a brand new set.

Warpath is the mass-combat strategy game that allows you to play massive sci-fi battles on the tabletop, quickly and affordably. Using Warpath’s innovative Orders system, you’ll command an army of infantry, elite specialists and hi-tech vehicles, in a dynamic game of strategy and tactics. As powerful races clash over the fate of whole worlds, devastating weapons, swift aircraft and formidable tanks are brought to bear. Mighty armies take to the battlezones of the far future to fight for their leaders, as the galaxy is plunged into war!

via Mantic:

Pathfinders act as the forward scouts of Enforcer operations. Their role is to identify, analyse and report on enemies present, without being spotted or engaging. As such, they are normally the first forces to be deployed into active Deadzones; their training and stripped back equipment favouring stealth over force.


It would be a mistake to assume that this makes them less of a threat than their more heavily armoured comrades. The Pathfinders are selected from the most intuitive and tactical of line Enforcers to receive advanced training. Even with their iron wills and enhanced physiology, less than half of the candidates who undergo this training will be successful.

Those that do succeed will become the true elites of the Enforcers. It is not unusual for Pathfinders to be tasked with critical, yet near impossible missions – the elimination of key enemy commanders, securing of vital assets, or the sabotage of supplies and resources.


In the midst of a full-scale incursion, it will be the Pathfinders who identify and tag primary vectors such as Plague 1st Generation Mutants or Veer-Myn Brood Mothers. Tracking these creatures is no easy task, as the leaders are defended by the most powerful warriors they can summon and guarded around the clock. It is a testament to the Pathfinders‘ abilities that they return, again and again, having completed their mission and ready to deploy into hostile territory once more.


Available on their own for the first time, the Enforcer Pathfinders are being released in to the Warpath Universe. Each set include two sprues that allow you to build ten hard plastic Enforcer Pathfinders and two D.O.G. Drones. You can use these models in games of Deadzone, Warpath or Warpath: Firefight and even swap then form one game to another!


Each sprue builds five Pathfinders armed with tag rifles. You can swap these weapons out for the sniper rifle, pistol or combat blade. There’s a variety of male and female models on the sprue, as well as accessories to customise your squad, whether they’re a Deadzone Strike Team , or part of a larger army.

The Enforcer Pathfinders are now available to pre-order. You can also pick them up in the Deadzone Enforcer Faction Starter.


Who out there is playing Warpath and Deadzone?

  • Gunsheeplol

    Hooray more horrid gak from Mantic

    • GingerPowered


  • Beefcake the mighty

    The dogs are terrible. The rest is quite nice.

  • Thokt

    Who holds a gun like the guy in that second pic? Shoulder arm is your trigger arm.

  • blackbloodshaman

    Mantic is gonna eat GWs lunch in Sci Fi, just like in WFB.

    • Gunsheeplol

      Yeah their awful minis and rip-off ideas are going to take the world by storm, just you wait

      • Beefcake the mighty

        Do you know how derivative GW is or are you in denial?

      • blackbloodshaman

        It worked for GW and they had awful rules as well.

  • jcdent

    I like the Enforcer line, though the khaki really doesn’t work for me.

  • petrow84

    The figures are great and easy to assemble, but that’s just a really weird way to hold a sniper rifle on the second artwork…