Mynock Squadron: Fang Fighter Preview

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X-wing pilots, we preview the Mandalorian Concord Dawn Protectorate Fang Fighter! Podcast XXVIII is here.

Fantasy Flight Games continue to dole out Wave 9 information, and this week focuses on the first legitimate interceptor class fighter for the Scum faction. It encourages highly aggressive (suicidal?) play by excelling at point blank engagements.

We also deliver our regular goodness in the form of ship and card spotlights, and beginner and advanced tips!

[00:00:00] Intros
[00:04:20] Mandalorian Concord Dawn Protectorate Fang Fighter Preview
[00:37:22] A-Wing Ship Spotlight
[01:03:55] Upgrade Cards Spotlight: Wired/Zuckuss, Intimidation, Proton Bombs
[01:18:10] Beginner and Advanced Tips

Ryan Farmer
Dee Yun
Dallas Parker


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  • Agent OfBolas

    I really hate in X-wing that each new wave is making older ships crappy. Just compare those to A-wing for example …

    Rebelion is such weak right now, just a bit of Ace Imperial lists with Palp and Scums everywhere.