NEW 40K CODEX! AoS Beastriders & Star Wars!


It’s been BUSY out there this weekend gamers.  So much new stuff – including a new official 40K codex!


GW: New Releases July 30 “Pricing & Links”

The Beastclaw Raiders have brought the cold with them – are you ready for Winter?



AoS: Beastclaw Raiders Warscrolls Spotted!

BOOM BOOM BOOM Take a look at the Beastclaw Raiders new Generals and warscrolls!



AoS: Beastclaw Raiders Allegiance & Artefacts

The Beastclaw Raiders are coming with a new set of special faction rules, magic items and Battalions. Take a look:


forceawakens-beginner-boxUnboxing: The Force Awakens Beginner Game

  Curious about The Force Awakens Beginner Game? So were we! Come see exactly what you’re getting in the box!

ironjawz-horzStormcast, Ironjawz, Flesh-eaters NEW Battalions

  5 Start Collecting boxes are out for Age of Sigmar and NEW Battalion Warscrolls are doing the rounds.


sylvaneth-horzStormcast, Sylvaneth & Bloodbound NEW Battalions

  5 Start Collecting boxes are out for Age of Sigmar and last two unseen NEW Battalion Warscrolls are here!


SWD01_cardfan_horzStar Wars: Destiny takes FFG into Collectible Games

Fantasy Flight Games announces Star WarsTM: Destiny, a dice-driven collectible game that spans the entire Star Wars saga.



40K BREAKING: Codex Deathwatch Announced!

It’s Official, the next Warhammer 40,000 codex has been announced! GO GO GO!!!


~OK, you are all caught up.  Time to head into the week.


  • Heinz Fiction

    After Codex: Blue Space Marines, Codex: Red Space Marines and Codex: Green Space Marines now Codex: Black Space Marines?

    • Azhrarn

      no, that’s Black with various colour shoulder pads Space Marines. 😉

      • BonesoftheDesert

        Oh man, I hate to post this, but Azhram your post leaves me no option:

        So you’re saying they’re the rainbow marines? 😀

        (insert *ewwwww* here)

        • Azhrarn

          It’s quite a limited rainbow in GWs usual canon to be honest… 😀