“No Eldar” ATC Tourney Recap: Signals #453

Signals 453

Today the guys go over the lists their team brought to the ATC. Surprise! Not a single Eldar model in sight, check it out.

Follow along with the show notes here.

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  • JimOnMars

    If 8th edition does away with multiple-character units, what will they do with formations and dataslates that specifically require them? Will 8th just delete these formations?

    • Shiwan8

      Can you name a formation that forces ICs to join together in a unit? I can’t.

      • georgelabour

        Council of WAAAGH! from wAAAGH! Ghazghkull

        Heralds of the great Wolf from Curse of The Wulfen

        There’s a few others sprinkled throughout the various books.

        • Shiwan8

          Well, if those exceptions are as mediocre as the ones you provided I see no problem in having those as exceptions. As long as deathstars get stomped I’m happy.

  • Summary? Only Space Marine Battle Companies and Grav Bike spam? (Sorry, I didn’t watch the 1h video, that’s like a podcast, since there’s nothing to see)

    • A.P.

      i know right, its like they are surprised that people readjusted to what is broken and took that instead. it no surprise given the super nerfs the format has on Eldar anyway.