Outside the Box – August 19th

This week’s Outside the Box, features Otherworld Miniatures, 4Ground, Creature Caster, Warlord Games, Onslaught Miniatures and more!

Otherworld Miniatures released new Fantasy miniatures:
13939417_1996956027197505_5790816959012043533_n 14021458_1996955883864186_227536727872411941_n–> More Otherworld Miniatures News

Ujimushi of the Shadow Wind Clan is the first miniature of GCT Studios‘ 31st wave of Bushido releases:
ujimushi_promo–> More GCT Studios News

New terrain is available from 4Ground:
13903437_1159715910766218_7362835525571840765_n 13895229_1159715900766219_2362455515437253772_n–> More 4Ground News

Creature Caster presents new production samples:
59e6b7b15ae5c08e33a64f3a5245c49c_original dbcd9b7ff43b73874349ef1d09599008_original–> More Creature Caster News

The Regiments range from Anvil Industry gets heavy weapons:
13962693_1058169977597654_4741459350470620852_n 14055178_1058728334208485_4084779655102035513_n–> More Anvil Industry News

Warlord Games offers new units for Konflikt ’47:

The Algoryn get a new compression cannon:

And we got a new preview of the 12th Doctor and Companions set:
602210012-Tenth-Doctor-and-Companions-new_grande –> More Warlord Games News

Hroka and Caho-Ta are finally available from Red Republic Games:
13920291_1417115758315261_6076158655986999159_o–> More Red Republic Games News

Mantic Games offers “taster” packs with miniatures from their Fantasy and Sci-Fi ranges:
5423.1.368.368.FFFFFF.0–> More Mantic Games News

New 6mm Previews from Vanguard Miniatures:
13962753_1409341129079849_450514485856998769_n14034778_1409339219080040_6997468110984991024_n–> More Vanguard Miniatures News

Puppetswar released their Tormentors:
613-2199-thickbox–> More Puppetswar News

The MTV Badger has been released by Zen Terrain:
12e5cf88b25c53f5a8fb1236c5916b84–> More Zen Terrain News

Sarissa Precision announced new railroad cars:
14063880_750369745101072_1316426582113766260_n 13925463_750369708434409_7276728560032980429_o–> More Sarissa Precision News

Victoria Miniatures relesaed new bits:
05c19d7d-c391-4841-b76f-8b5498168cbd–> More Victoria Miniatures News

And Onslaught Miniatures announced a new 6mm range, the Grudd:
grudtartarus01seismic_inducer_2B–> More Onslaught Miniatures News

And of course we have new crowdfunding campaigns:
Gydran Miniatures Studio – Science Fiction Space Dwarves
Norse Foundry – Wondrous Dice
Dab Wars – Star Wars Inspired Miniatures
PolyHero Dice – The Wizard Set
Petersen Games – The Gods War
Lost Kingdom Miniatures – Maghmôrin Realm on Indiegogo

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Oh yeah, 6mm Space Dwarves from Onslaught Miniatures!
  • Xodis

    OMG I am tired of waiting for the Creature Caster Kickstarter…..but I’ll continue to wait, because they look AWESOME!

    • Xodis

      Also, Dr. Who will be the first miniature game my wife encourages me to buy…so thats cool lol

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    that Puppetswar mini looks straight out of the Frostgrave Plastic Cultists box!

    • Jeff Daniels

      I thought the same thing. But aren’t the Frostgrave miniatures 28mm? In that case the Puppetswar versions would better match Warhammer.

  • euansmith

    Those Konflikt47 minis are nice and full of character.

    • zeno666

      Aye, I’m tempted.
      Wasn’t that impressed with some videos I saw of Bolt Action, but perhaps this game will have some more movement.

      • euansmith

        There should be plenty of folk with Bolt Action armies who can jump right in. According to the designers, the sci-fi stuff is supposed to fill gaps rather than replace existing technology; so the walkers are more mobile than thanks, but less heavily armoured.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Konflikt 47 – 40K style in a WWII setting (or vice versa).

    That is actually a game I could start with.

    You hear that gaming buddies?

  • Jeff Daniels

    Seeing Otherworld release miniatures for older Judges Guild miniatures is a real blast from the past. Otherworld really and truly has inherited the mantle of the old Citadel Advanced Dungeons and Dragons range.

  • LordRao

    So many blatant GW design rip-offs…

    • Donald Wendt

      I wonder why? Oh, that’s because the Anvil, Victoria and Onlaught Miniatures are for use in neglected ranges of 40k and Epic.

      • LordRao

        Glad we agree, Donald.

  • Phil Turner

    God that Mantic stuff is crap.

  • blackbloodshaman

    Konflickt 47 looks tasty, not sure why mantic stuff is up there as its not really new

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    That horse looks amazing! If only I could paint my horses half as well!