Prodos: Last days of Summer AVP sale

sale red

Less than 48 hours left in this massive sale – up to 40% off!

All AVP products are 30% off and mega bundles are a whopping 40% off!

But you have to hurry because the sale ends August 31st at 00:00 CET (that’s August 30th 5:00 PM CST)

There are 5 Bundles available – each one includes the base board game, various sets of add-ons, and special AVP poster. Take a look…

via Prodos:

all in bundle 2

Click here to buy All-In Bundle


core bundle 2

Click here to buy Core Bundle


Predator Bundle2

Click here to buy Predator Bundle


alien bundle 2

Click here to buy Alien Bundle


Click here to buy Marines Bundle


Snag a bundle for yourself before they’re all gone!

  • V10_Rob

    Please allow 4-6 years for delivery

    • Shinnentai

      Hmm – from the Dakka thread I think they’re actually pretty good at orders through their webstore. It’s the KS backers that remain at the back of the queue. The advantages of full consumer protection I suppose (not that I want to get into that argument – pretty sure case law will develop to better protect backers where a campaign to all intents and purposes is a pre-order system, no matter what KS themselves write).

      • nurglitch

        That’s the interesting thing, in that KS is not a pre-order system. You’re supporting a company getting a product out the door for retail. If you’re using it for a pre-order, as a consumer, you’re going to get burned.

        • Shinnentai

          “Not that I want to get into that argument”

      • E65

        I still don’t have my sentry guns and face-huggers.