Tabletop Spotlight: Death Masque


The Tabletop Spotlight is on Death Masque – the boxed set from Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop!
Hey BoLS Readers! Our buddies from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over the new Boxed Set from Games Workshop: Death Masque. It was everything I was expecting and more:

I have been a huge fan of the Deathwatch ever since I first learned about them in a White Dwarf Magazine / Chapter Approved way back in 2003. These guys were the Black Ops of the Space Marines and the ultimate xenos killers of the Imperium. They have all sorts of fancy wargear and could take on any foe. Most of the time you could only take a squad as an ally contingent and they never really had a full fledged codex release. Until now.

This new Death Masque box is another great addition to the Deathwatch Line of miniatures. The Overkill set was great – and Kill Team Cassius is perfect because it’s unique. But now we have the ability to create “Generic” Deathwatch Kill teams and I’m all for that!

It’s a little surprising how much other stuff is in the box also. You get a full Venerable Dreadnought kit as well as a full Vangard Veteran kit for the Marines. The Eldar players get a pair of Skyreaver Jetbikes, a Voidweaver, a dozen Harlequins, and a Death Jester! Oh and lets not forget the two characters, Captain Artemis and Eldrad Ulthran.

Another pair of items that I am really glad they included was the mini rulebook and the campaign supplement with missions and background. I won’t spoil all the details in the book but it’s worth a read if you’re a fan of the Warhammer 40,000 Lore.

Overall, it’s a great product and something you could split with a friend OR just keep both factions and use them as allies for your primary faction. My Deathwatch forces are definitely getting large enough to start to field solo but I still like sprinkling them in as an additional unit or two for a primary detachment. I’m also one of those random gamers who also happens to play both Space Marines and Eldar – although I never picked up any Harlequins – so I might end up keeping everything for myself. Now I just need to convince my wallet that I totally need to spend them money on another hobby project…

Warhammer 40,000: Death Masque $150


Eldrad Ulthran, the most skilled of the Eldar’s prophets and one of the most powerful psykers in the galaxy, whose existence has spanned ten millennia, has put into motion a series of incredible events. Descending upon the planet of Port Demesnus, his intention is to seize its crystal moon, Coheria, for a forbidden ritual capable of awakening a slumbering god…

Watch Captain Artemis – born into violence, recruited into the Mortifactors, his talents in the art of detecting and slaying the merest hint of xenos taint saw him plucked from his Chapter and sworn to lead Kill Teams of the Deathwatch. The first to respond to the distress signals from Port Demesnus, and the first to realise Eldrad Ulthran’s motives, he has diverted his strike force to Coheria.

The battle for this moon, and the events that transpire, will send shocking reverberations throughout the galaxy.

In the Death Masque boxed game, you’ll find two forces of Citadel miniatures with which to re-create the tense battles set upon Port Demesnus. The included booklet contains 3 Echoes of War missions which allow you to play through the story, with full background explaining each battle. Full rules for all the miniatures are included, with an exclusive formation for both forces. Also included is a 208-page softback copy of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules with an exclusive Watch Captain Artemis cover.


Eldrad is not to be trusted, but he may be the Galaxies only hope…

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I love the set. I went in with 2 people to get the Harlie stuff. I am going in again with 2 more to get even more. For a bit more than the price of one Voidreaver I can get 12 troopers, the Deathreaper, 2 bikes, Eldrad and a Voidreaver! Amazing deal.

    • Alienerd the unbannable

      One bits site in the UK was selling the 12 Harley infantry for £10. 6 of them is usually £24, so that was a hell of a saving! I can imagine this is all a good investment for Harley players considering everyone seems to be focusing on the Deathwatch.

      • Darth Bumbles

        What site and do they ship worldwide?

        • Alienerd the unbannable

          It was bits and kits. I believe they do ship worldwide, but the Harlequin stuff went very quickly once they put it up before. They’ve now upped the price to £20 for 12, although that is still a good deal!

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        I didn’t even want to play Harlequins, to be honest. I always liked them but they were never a “must buy” for me. Then everyone wanted to play Deathwatch. They were desperate for ANYONE to buy the other half of the box. I added up the price of the models individually and laughed. Such a good deal. Hard to say no too.

    • Hedwerx

      I’ve got all 34 of the original Harlequins, less of a need to buy this…

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        My shop offers 20% off. That means the set is 120 bucks. That means half the set is worth 60 bucks. Compared to normal retail, that’s 10 dollars more than the retail price of a Voidreaver. Even at 20% off, that’s still the price of the Voidreaver and half the bikes. For that price, you are getting so much extra stuff. Sell it to people locally or on ebay. Even if you sold the sprues for 5 bucks a pop, you would still be making a profit.

  • Benderisgreat

    Too bad they didn’t capitalize on putting a multi-pose Contemptor Dread in there. The stumpy dreads just aren’t as cool any more.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I am like 90% sure the inclusion of these models was to move large numbers of previously low selling kits.

      Harlequins, Venerable Dreads and Vanguard Vets are all nice looking but unpopular kits.

      • Benderisgreat

        I’m willing to believe you. That said, has that derpy plastic Chuck been screaming off the shelves, especially given its (over)price point?