Unboxing: Berserker Combo Kit


The Classic Khadorian ‘jack is back and this time it’s bringing some friends along!

Khador is no stranger to Heavy Warjacks and the Berserker is a literal classic for their army. Well it’s returning to Mk III with a new Plastic Combo Kit – check out what’s inside:

This new kit is really nice! It’s a fantastic example of what a company can do with plastic these days. It comes in 5 sets of sprues and each one has sharp details, very few mould lines (really none) and everything is PLASTIC so it’s super easy to work with. It’s not soft plastic either, it’s the good stuff. Hobbyist rejoice because it’s prime time for building and painting new warjacks!

Berserker Combo Kit Sprues

Now, this is a combo kit meaning you can make one model and you’ll have quite a few left over bits. What you choose to do with those bits is up to you. They could make awesome looking basing material or you could use them for terrain bits and add-ons, really the sky is the limit with your creativity. Or if you’re a whiz with magnets, I’m sure you could make the kit interchangeable… I think. But you’ll have to figure that one out – Magnets and I don’t work well together because I’m too impatient.

Overall, I think Privateer Press did a smash-up job on this new combo kit. The finished product goes together really well and these new plastic kits are just fantastic to work with. Also, the new sculpts update that classic Berseker look with some deadly new tools as well. I do want to mention you get all the new cards in the box, too – but you probably knew that already. The Berseker Combo kit is out now – go check it out!

Berserker/Mad Dog/Rager Combo Kit


33106_MadDog_WEB 33106_Rager_WEB

Soon after the first Berserkers proved their worth in battle, hacking into infantry with their twin axes, the Khadoran High Kommand borrowed its chassis to develop other equally brutal machines. With the Mad Dog trampling forward to crush enemies with bloodthirsty glee and the shield-bearing Rager standing firm as an imposing eight-ton bodyguard, these warjacks are far from obsolete on the modern battlefield.


I know the “h” is silent but sometimes I forget. I still subscribe to the Axe-to-face method however.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Khador’s cold climate make things small so they have to compensate…

    • Yes, we compensate for many small things in Khador. Small game, so we must hunt with skill or starve. Small summer, so we must endure the cold or freeze. Small mines, so we must make best use of what metal we have. Small enemies, so we must use artillery to hit many at once.

      • petrow84

        Nooo! Filthy Heretic! Khador is grandiose and glorious! Her fields and forests are enormous! Her sons’ might is boundless! Her armies are vast! The mighty war engines are immense, and the beauty of her Queen is Brobdingnagian!
        OK, I just ended up with the synonym finder, but really, small mines, when you can have a Victor and a Behemoth, walking side-by-side?

    • petrow84

      Even the Sword of the Rager will shrink on that temperature…

  • Coltcabunny