Warmachine: Cygnar Battlebox 101


The Cygnar battlegroup is out and its ready to deliver deadly electrical energy to the foes of the crown.

Check out Major Beth Maddox the newest addition to the ranks of the Swans!

beth maddox cygnar horz

What’s In It?

4 Plastic Miniatures with Stat Cards
– Ironclad (Heavy Warjack)
– Firelfy (Light Warjack)
– Lancer (Light Warjack)
– Major Beth Maddox (Warcaster)
Basic Training Tutorial Guide
Battle Map
Introductory Guide
Warmachine: Prime Rules Digest
18″ Ruler
4 Six-sided Dice
10 Focus Tokens
3 Spell Tokens
Obstacle Card


What It Does Well?

Beth can get decent armor with her Dauntless Resolve spell cast on her. Assail is a great spell on the Ironclad. Not only does the Ironclad charge farther but, it also is free. Focus effiency is a big deal in smaller games. If you decided to include some terrain in your battlebox games, onslaught will let your army navigate the field better. Beth’s feat “Thundering Rage” makes even the lighter jacks included in Beth’s battlegroup hit quite hard. A Lancer goes up to a respectable POW16 during the feat which can scrape the paint of heavier targets like the Khador battlebox.
Don’t forget that Beth’s weapon does cortex damage. If she can afford to charge and buy a couple attacks she can remove the ability to boost from enemy jacks.

What Battleboxes It Struggles With?

The Khador battlebox can be extremely high armor and can kill any jacks that get to close to it. Beth is an upfront caster and if she isn’t careful she can get knocked down. Be careful of knockdown abilities from Retribution’s new caster Heleyna or a Trollblood Impaler has a ranged critical knockdown on his spear.

Bell of Lost Souls The Hot List Kara Sloan Hunter Cygnar Light Warjack

Just Starting Cygnar – What Should You Buy Next?

Cygnar is a very versatile faction. They have effective models for whatever you are into: melee, ranged, or elite models. A good buy for new Cygnar players would be either Stormblades or Sword Knights. Beth’s Dauntless Resolve is great on either unit and both can be tough a little longer with ways to mitigate being knocked down.

A staple of Cygnar’s jacks is the Hunter. This light jack has a nasty long ranged armor piercing gun which can cripple targets possibly before they make it across the field.

The Gun Mage Captain adept is a nasty solo and can make shooting a breeze with his magical shots.


What do you think of the new Cygnar battlegroup BoLS?  Please share in your comments below.

  • Hawt Dawg

    I am so tired of seeing these Ultramarines. Damn you GW!

    • MerleHighchurch

      Made me spit out my oatmeal. Well done!

    • ZeeLobby

      Good thing I stomp them regularly. Not something I can say in 40K though :(.

    • euansmith

      Aren’t these Ad Mech Electro-Priests? 😉

  • Richard Mitchell

    Skorne is an uphill battle. I can’t help but think that with the Firefly, Beth is actually an assassin caster.