Warpath: The Industrious Steel Warriors

These dwarves live for combat – and they’re a must for all Forge Father armies.

The Forge Father Star Realm stands apart from the monolithic GCPS. Ancient beyond measure and possessing significantly more advanced technology than humanity… they build some of the Council’s most advance technology and sell it to them – at a substantial profit – while keeping the best technology for themselves.

via Mantic:

Steel Warriors are the line infantry for Forge Father armies. For these Dwarfs, combat is not only a vocation, but a way of life. Whilst the military of the GCPS eventually experience a disconnect with civilian life, to a Forge Father, these two are one and the same. They approach war with the same skill and pragmatism as they do all other facets of life. Even when they leave their lord’s armies, they still remember how to fight, forming up into Militia when the need arises.


The Forge Fathers have lengthy lifespans, measuring in the centuries. Age is rarely a hindrance to them, warriors becoming more skilled over time, honing their skills to extraordinary levels. The veterans of the Steel Warriors wield heavy weapons; the products of the Forge Father’s technological mastery. From Hailstorm Autocannons to Mjolnir Missile Launchers, these venerable fighters bring the rage of the storm to the enemy, firing thunder and lightning into their foes.  This results in their well known moniker – Stormrage Veterans.


For some warriors, the stern and taciturn ways of their brethren are too restrictive. These reckless individuals favour flame weapons – most commonly the Dragon’s Breath flame thrower – and attack their foes at close range. They are dangerous to both sides, immolating whole structures to lay waste to enemy troops. Huscarls overlook these incidents knowing that it is better to unleash these Rekkhyrrs on the field of combat than try to restrain them.


These armoured Dwarfs are available separately for the first time this month as a ten model kit. Each sprue is crammed with components – the full box allowing you to build either Steel Warriors, Stormrage Veterans (with a choice of weapons) or Rekkhyrrs, with extra components that allow you to build Huscarl or Thane unit leader.

Each model can be built in a wide variety of poses and the sprue include loads of extra accessories, even open helmeted faces (complete with beards!). You can customise your warriors using different helmet, shoulder pad, backpack and torso variations. These models can be used for Deadzone, Warpath, Warpath: Firefight or any other sci-fi miniatures game!


If you’re interested in learning more about the Forge Fathers, then check out the Forge Father Dossier over on Warpath Universe. We’ve also created a set of assembly instructions to help you build your new Steel Warriors, which you can find here.


How are you using Forge Fathers in your Warpath, Deadzone, and Firefight games?

  • Wayne Molina

    I normally hate space dwarfs/Squats but these guys look freaking cool. Just too bad Warpath is unheard of right now.

    • vlad78

      The game has not been launched yet, even the kick starter minis have not been sent. Only the playtesting of the V2 has happened.

      • euansmith

        Yuo can get these as part of Deadzone V2. They are rather nice minis too.

        • Andrew

          Are they made from that awful “restic” like the Plague models were? That had to be the worst mold line cleaning experience I’ve ever had.

          • Johaad

            they are hard plastic on sprues now

          • Andrew

            Ah that’s cool. I’ve had an idea to make some Chaos Squat engineers in exo-armor to stand in as obliterators for awhile now.

          • petrow84

            Well, Warpath models are more or less proportional to each other, so these squats are about the same height as a kneeling scout sniper. May I suggest the Iron ancestors for that purpose? Though restic, they fit more for an Obliterator, size-wise

          • euansmith

            Fortunately, no. Restic is becoming a thing of terrible memory. These are in “hard plastic” on sprues. Though, some bits are packed separately for some weird Mantic reason.

          • petrow84

            I just wish they would do the same redo for the Brokkr range. They’re awesome, but a real pain to remove mold lines 🙁

          • euansmith

            Indeed. Fingers crossed there will be another kickstarter to change them over. They are some nice, characterful minis; but, I agree, shaving moldlines off them is a right pain.

          • palaeomerus

            The guys in the orange jump suits are restic but the armored troops are good old fashioned styrene.

      • Parthis

        This is one of the things I dislike about Mantic; I never know what the hell is going on. Warpath hasn’t launched, yet a version 2 exists. I could buy miniatures a couple of months ago, now the store is empty. etc etc.

    • blackbloodshaman

      This time one year ago, KoW was unheard of. Now its the main fantasy tournament game in the U.S. Warpath is an even better rule set (compared to 40k and compared to KoW)

      • GingerPowered


      • Gunsheeplol

        This time one year ago, blackbloodshaman was unheard of. Now he is the main Mantic shill on BOLS.

        • blackbloodshaman

          Haha, pointless personal attacks and baseless accusations are all GW fanbois have left. Mantic is not the cause of your problems playa. It is the solution to them.

          • Beefcake the mighty

            I give you points for trying but at some point people have to help themselves.

          • blackbloodshaman

            Im not “trying” anything, if anything I write more about black powder than KoW. I am just dropping truth bombs, on these, in denial, fools, and they dont like it. GW never could write rules.

            The funny thing is this sight is crawling with GW shills, and they have the gall to accuse me.

          • Beefcake the mighty

            you’re one of the good ones sir. There aren’t many of us left.

        • Anti-Gravity

          Yeah he constantly shills for KoW on this site, it’s so sad lmao. The acronym or word Mantic is like the bat signal to him.

          • palaeomerus

            What’s sad is one set of fans crapping on another and expecting them to what…cringe or something? Play with your plastic, enjoy it, and settle down with all the weak 6th grade lunch table social garbage.

        • Beefcake the mighty

          You should thank him he is just trying to help you.

          • euansmith

            I’ve backed loads of Mantic projects, because I like their approach to rules and their mini concepts. I also like the way that they realise there is plenty of space for low key humour in games of mass slaughter and destruction.

            I think that their actual minis have left a fair amount to be desired over the years, but they are improving. The steady move to plastic is a great thing.

            I’m assuming they will be sticking with resin for the characters; I can’t see them having the resources and a large enough customer base to be able to bring out plastic clam packs characters.

            I think that Deadzone is great fun, and the way that the faction starter sets each contain more minis than a player would probably ever need is great.

            And now they are adding vehicles too. Not as detailed as GWs, but certainly good enough for tabletop. I feel that their fliers are actually better looking than GWs bling wagons.

  • dinodoc

    Mantic reset the clock at GW. 🙁

    • blackbloodshaman

      they definately showed them what time it is.

      • dinodoc

        Fair point

  • petrow84

    Why don’t you bring back the Urban pattern Iron Ancestor Mantic, why?

    • euansmith

      For me, the power fist looks better than the hammer.

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    While I like the look, the dwarf beards are just not the look I would want. Scibor and Avatars of War definitely have dwarf beards done right.