40K: Angel’s Blade Relics Spotted


Relics of the new Angel’s Blade book have been seen – come see the new weapons of the Blood Angels!

*Update: New Image via Games Workshop*



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We also get a look at some of the wargear and a quick note as to what some of the new stuff is:

angels-blade-wargear-of-baal ba-angels-blade

The Relics have some good options in there – I am particularly interested in the Gilded Crozius. That thing could do some real damage to Power Armor and bikers…Also, the Blood Shard giving counter-attack to a unit seems decent enough but I’m not thrilled about the price tag.

But don’t overlook the wargear either. Blood Angels basically just got an ammo runt! I guess all that Ork fighting they did back in the day finally paid off. I’m also curious as to who’s getting access to that Grav-Amp. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Devastator squads but we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, I like the fact that this book spells out that these rules are to REPLACE their counterparts in Codex: Blood Angels. There is no confusion in that wording. Assault Squads and Devastators Squads have been updated with Angel’s Blade.

If you’re looking for more info on Blood Angels be sure to check the Formations & Detachment Rumors as well as the “New” unit rumors as well.


If you didn’t have a healthy respect for the Death Company Chaplains before you might want to re-evaluate that.

  • Nubu

    Well, here we see how GW has no sense of value. The point costs of those relics are seriously off compared to eachother.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. When it comes to pricing wargear they roll a 10-sided die that increases by increments of 5. Who knows if the new shield will be 5 or 50 pts.

    • OldHat

      Like 30pt for Counter-Attack. What the hell!?

      • Charon

        Especially for one model. If it was the unit we could possibly talk…

        My bad rule does confer. Still expensive but I can see some use

        • Djbz

          Counter attack spreads to the model’s unit.
          (I looked it up to check)

  • Koszka

    I don’t know, A master crafted meltagun that’s a pistol is pretty rad. I think it would be awesome if the price dropped by 5 points though.

    Reliquary armor is a good deal too. You’re paying 10 points more for artificer armor that grants your unit crusader and adimantium will. Pretty good if there’s a librarian in that unit (or mephiston!)

    The Gilded Crozi is amazing! An AP3 melee weapon that lets your unit re-roll FnP rolls of 1? Imagine this stacked with Endurance. This piece of wargear feels the right cost when the added unit buff gets added.

    • Deacon Ix

      But… with a pistol now not conferring a second attack you are basically getting a master crafted meltagun. The ‘pistol’ type is now basically useless, I now wish my DC and AssMarines had bolters rather than BP and Chainsword.

      • Quincy

        Why wouldnt a pistol confer a second attack? Did I miss something?

        • J Mad

          You missed nothing, he is the one that missed it.

        • Deacon Ix

          I apologise, it looks like I got it completely wrong, I could have sworn that they FAQ’d the above but I obviously was misinformed, back to being happy now 😀

          • J Mad

            If I remember correctly there was a qustion about Multi Pistols and giving an Addition +1 attack, so 2 pistols+1ccw = 3 attack, and the answer was “No” it still only gives +1 attack.

      • Koszka

        When did that become a thing?

    • J Mad

      This was one of the better ones I was thinking, I would take this, on a Jump Pack guy that can DS and charge with 2+/3++ and FnP I think its a good investment, I would think I could get 2-3 good shots off with it and do some damage.

    • Wampasaurus

      Mephiston already has Adamantium Will as a Warlord Trait. I guess if he ISN’T your Warlord it can be useful…still seems mildly redundent

  • Yout Elling

    Why would you ever take that sword? Valours edge is 10p less and infinitely better.

    • Djbz

      If your facing off against an Imperial Knight which weapon would you want?

      • Charon

        A unit with ranged weapons. Armorbane and S4 is hardly scratching a knight anyways.

        • Djbz

          It’s still better than nothing (Plus you don’t have to deal with the Ion shield in close combat)

          • Charon

            The issue here is the assumption. This is a niche situation.
            Thats like living in a city and sying “I always take 200m Rope with me in case I suddenly fall into a chasm that appears beneath me”
            It might be useful in that situation but more often than not it will just be a burden with little or no use.

      • Andrew Thomas

        Fyrestorm, so I can camp out on a tank trap, then blam whoever tries to cross.

    • Pascalnz

      10 points more for another ap2 at initiative weapon that also has armour bane….sign me up. you could have a unit with dante, a priest with valours edge and a dc chaplain with the sword…yikes!

  • J Mad

    30pts for Counter-Attack? Am I reading this correctly? seriously wtf? Did they mean 3pts?

    • pompeyladBFP

      its just the model, Gw forgot that even though it affects whole unit, its only models with the rule that get +1 attack. Doh

      • J Mad

        Even worst.

  • OolonColluphid

    The Grav-Amp should be going on a Dreadnought or a Predator. No need for baby carriers because BA Tech Marines are better at that technology thing than most chapters.

    • Andrew Thomas

      Despite being worse shots and fainting at the sight of their own…blood…er…hydraulic fluid. Not to mention that they aren’t even trusted with the heirlooms of their own Chapter.

  • Crevab

    Have you never seen a Grav-Amp before? It’s paired with every SM Grav Cannon

  • MechBattler

    On the list of weapons that are auto-include: The Gilded Crozius. Imagine that in a tricked out unit of Death Company. It turns your priest into an ungodly fusion of Chaplain-Apothecary, giving your crazy good melee unit offensive and defensive buffs. Like Death Company weren’t scary enough before…

    • Karru

      I can see BA getting their own “Death Star” (I’m using that word very lightly here” with the Chaplain with the Gilded Grozius, Sanguinary Priest and a large unit of Death Company using the Death Company Detachment to their advantage. Throw in Mephiston or a Librarian in there and hilarity ensues.

      • nurglitch

        Don’t Death Company come with FNP? No Sanguinary Priest needed.

        • Karru

          I am not that familiar with Death Company, thanks for the correction.

  • Pascalnz

    and these are only available to death company chaplains in the DC gladius style detachment.
    that meltagun/pistol is totally too expensive. all DC chaplains come with a melta pistol already:(

    • MPSwift

      The Crosius is the only one that states that. All the others can be given freely, or at least within the DC Gladius so not just the Chaplains.

      • Pascalnz

        the rules for the relics of the dammed state they can only be given to characters that can take relics of baal in the dc gladius formation. guess who are the only characters that fulfil that requirement. there are no other characters available in the whole thing. so.. DC chap’s it is 🙁

  • Andrew Thomas

    Darn, looks like we’re stuck with 1 wound, BS 4 Techmarines and no Conversion Beamers or Centurions. At least my draft list is legal.

    • Karru

      That 1 wound is a bummer, considering how many Techmarines I see tanking wounds for a Command Squad who drop next to the enemy with 4 Grav or Meltas.

      • Andrew Thomas

        Good thing they’ll have to crack the Land Raider in intend to hide him and his boys in.

  • Yoong John Yen

    The crozius has a fatal flaw however… it says nothing of the bearer having a 4++ Save for the bearer… unless it’s intended not to have a 4++?

    • Djbz

      Chaplains get their invunrable save from their Rosarius, the crozius is just a weapon