40K: Awesome 3D Imperium Map


Leave Holy Terra, explore the galaxy – in 3D. You need to try out this awesome galactic map of the 40K universe!


When you load the tool for the first time it’ll take you to a random planet on the map. You look around using directional keys and your mouse. What you can’r see here are the names of the planets, ships, etc that are near by – the names don’t show up in screen shots for some reason.


Each thing on the map has basic information about it (class, size, etc) and written description that pops up when you click on the scroll icon next to its name.


If you’re looking for something specific there’s a search function in a menu on the right side of the screen – it’ll show up when you mouse over it.


Check it Out for Yourself

  • jexinator

    … Simply … Just … Awesome …

  • Anti-Gravity

    Wow, really cool. Bookmarked for sure, gonna spend a lot of time looking through this. Get me hyped to work on my BFG fleet.

    • Muninwing

      … and the actual number of potential places to use is far too large for this to be a reasonable project.

      space is mind-breakingly large.

      but i love this… it’s neat. it might remain very incomplete for a long long time though.

      • Anti-Gravity

        Well no duh, but even basic areas aren’t included. No Armageddon? No Ultramar system? Not even Macragge?

        It’s not just incomplete, it hasn’t even got the basics.

  • Gustav

    That’s pretty impressive!

  • Crevab

    They have Carlos McConnell in there?

    • euansmith

      The Furry World?

      • Crevab

        Catgirl regiment takes to the field for the Nyamperor!