40K: Black Crusade: Angel’s Blade Spotted


The Blood Angel’s new book has been unveiled. The here comes the Angel’s Blade!

It appears that Blood Angel’s Champion has arrived to duke it out with the forces of Chaos. Here’s the cover of Angel’s Blade:

via Games Workshop


But that’s not all. We now have some visual confirmation of the Blood Angel releases as well:


More pics can be seen Here but they confirm the rest of these items.

Products & US Pricing:

Angel’s Blade Limited Edition $185

Black Crusade: Angels Blade (Blood Angel Supplement) $50

Blood Angels: Death Company Strike Force $135

Blood Angels: Archangels Orbital Intervention Force $135
Blood Angels: Chapter Ancients $105
Blood Angel Assault Squad $45
Blood Angel Vanguard Veteran Squad $45
Blood Angel Sternguard Veteran Squad $55
Blood Angel Company Command $45
Beast Arises 10 $17.50
The Red Path $24
It looks like the Chaplain on the cover is also based off of the Blood Angels Chaplain with Jump Pack model:
Fingers Crossed for some Frag Cannon Action!
  • Zingbaby

    Skinny jeans Chaplain away!!!

  • Nubu

    Waiting for the formations to leak. At this point I think it’s all about how well these will be balanced with Traitor’s Hate. If the presently stronger faction, ie. BA, gets even stronger compared to CSM the hope is lost. Preferrably they will reach faction equality with each other.

    • Randy Randalman

      Well, tournament results would disagree that BA are currently stronger. Chaos consistently posts top 8 results with Black Legion, KDK, and formations from Fenris. Blood Angels players keep finding their names on the 3rd page after each round.

      • Nubu

        That’s just because of the cabal. Drop that and BA are winning CSM left and right.

        • Zingbaby

          Why is the cabal going away?

          • Karru

            It’s not, it just doesn’t benefit from the Black Crusade Detachment.

          • Nubu

            It’s not. Imagine a situation in which it did not exist. How well would CSM do then? My WB have no access to that formation so I’m pretty much in that situation.

          • Runefyre

            Um, what’s stopping you from taking that formation as an allied formation, and modelling the as word bearers? That’s what my bro does with his.

          • Nubu

            Some time ago the “yo dawg” peeps told us to just drop the CSM codex and play SW using CSM models. It’s the same thing. I play the legion I chose. SW is not that legion which is why I can not use their codex to build a list for my legion. Likewise I can not use a BL formation as a part of my army unless I build and paint them as BL which I will not do because I do not play BL.

            If that formation was not specific to a faction then it would be fair game.
            Edit: Actually I would likely skip it anyway. That’s one of the formations that is built on all the things wrong with this game, spamming and mandatory psychic domination.

          • Runefyre

            Your points are valid, and to each his own 🙂

            But there isn’t any appreciable difference atm between BL and WB rules, except in name only.

          • Nubu

            And the fact that the cabal is BL only formation. That is the defining element here.

          • __

            And also from reading the Word Bearers omnibus, they seem to hate sorcerers, so Cabal wouldn’t be very fluffy for my Word Bearers army

      • Karru

        As far as I am aware, these lists only CSM units are the Sorcerers for the Cabal and whatever else it needs. Everything else is pure Daemons.

      • Thomas Gardiner


        • Runefyre

          And now CSM are technically “Heretic Astartes” or some bs :/

          • euansmith

            Astartes Hereticus?

    • Karru

      Oh, they will get better formations, that is a guarantee. BA are still Space Marines and we all know that Space Marines are always supposed to be better in every aspect compared CSM. By how much will remain to be seen, but I will expect that they will get a formation that allows deep strike units to assault on the turn they arrive and not suffer a disordered charge.

      • Nubu

        Likely it’s accurate DS too.

        • Karru

          If not, BA has answers for that. Scouts with Locator/Teleporter homer and Drop Pods with Homing Beacon for example.

          • Nubu

            Well. God damn friggin pampered wimperials.

  • OldHat

    “Blood Angels: Archangels Orbital Intervention Force $135”

    Please be a BA version of Raptor Talon. PLEASE BE A BA VERSION OF RAPTOR TALON!!!

    • Nubu

      mark my words, if they are that they do not get disorg handicap. 😂

      • OldHat

        I am guessing it will be the exact same thing, but Vanguard Vets and Assault Marines instead. Wonder if they will get that handicap though. It IS Spehss Mahreens.. soooo…

        • Nubu

          Ods are against it.

    • Bryan Ruhe

      Rumor right now says that the O.I.F. is a bundle that includes:

      – 2 BA Assault Terminator kits
      – 1 standard Terminator kit

      I hope that’s not true.

      • Bryan Ruhe

        Dang… It is true.

      • OldHat


  • Richard Mitchell

    Pretty cool, I have always had a soft spot Blood Angels.

  • BloodAngel

    So, no actual new models. Just repackaged models in formations.

  • DJ860

    Nothing at all, nothing at all.

    • euansmith

      Stupid, sexy Chaplain.

  • euansmith

    That is a fun Chaplain model. He still reminds me of the excellent Ron Mael.

    • zeronyne

      He also reminds me of Charlie Chaplin, so he’s the Chaplain/Chaplin solution.

      • Bryan Ruhe

        Yeah, the mustache holes in his skull confuse me to no end.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Is that genuinely the cover art?? I thought some of the AoS art was terrible but that’s a new low…

  • ChubToad

    Let the formations leaks begin! And the tears too!

  • JP

    That is one snazzy looking Chaplain. With some tiny modifications he’d look good in ANY marine army.

  • AmasNagol

    I’m sure the formations will be as lacklustre as the Traitor’s Hate ones. My expectations are low at this point.

  • Benderisgreat

    Nice Chaplain mode—-ooooooh he’s $33 screw that.

  • Genesis