40K: GW Talks Angel’s Blade Formations


Games Workshop is showcasing some of the new things in Angel’s Blade – Take a look at the latest!

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40000 Facebook)

angels-blade-strike-force angels-blade-new-formations angels-blade-new-characters angels-blade-assault-devastator-squad angels-blade-vehicle-squads angels-blade-doomed-sons-of-sanguinius

It’s nice to see these new splash screens direct from Games Workshop. They definitely shed some light on some of the rumors we’ve been seeing about the new Angel’s Blade book.

These previews aren’t as informative as the Traitor’s Hate ones they did last week but they are still packed full of good info. It’s confirmed that Blood Angel’s Devastators are getting access to Grav and the Death Company are getting the option to be fielded as an entire army.

Eviscerators are also heading to Assault Marines as an option and notice how the ones pictured don’t have Jump Packs…again, not super spoilery but it does help to confirm a lot of what we have seen already.

Whatever the case, Blood Angels are getting a bunch of new formations along with some other new toys to play with – and let’s not discount their part in the narrative of this new Black Crusade. My Blood Angels have been waiting to strike from their spot on my shelf for awhile now so I’m glad to get a book that gets the “blood” pumping again.


The Sons of Sanguinius are coming to do battle with the Champions of Khorne – The Black Crusade has begun!

  • pokemastercube .

    sadly no cataphractii armour or dreadnought squads mentioned

    • OldHat

      Right? Original Legion can’t muster Cataphractii armor? Come on, GW.

      • pokemastercube .

        especially when in a couple of BL shorts they mention the BA useing cataphractii in space hulks and other events, includeing post SoB campaign timepoint

      • nurglitch

        Considering it makes them Slow and Purposeful, I’d imagine it’s not something the BA wear voluntarily.

        • OldHat

          I doubt they worry about the rules as much as we do, being imaginary characters and all. ­čśë

  • Crablezworth

    Formations…. great….

  • Joe

    Doomed Sons of Sanguinius looks cool. I need an ally for my Salamanders. It’s my understanding in the fluff that Salamanders and Blood Angels are super friends and I like my armies fluffy. I hope the rules are good. I already have the chaplain painted which was very easy to paint and came out looking great.

    • jazeroth

      its a fantastic model

  • EnTyme

    Anyone else notice the Heavy Thunderhammer in the Death Company pic?

    • Liam Lofty Loftus

      That Thunder Hammer is the old BA one that comes with the Death Company set