40K: Kharn The Betrayer Kit Spotted Early


The Mighty Champion of Khorne is hitting stores this week – but it looks like someone got their Kharn early…

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Kharn Box Kharn Sprue

I’m really liking the packaging for this model. The box is a lot nicer than a clam pack in a lot of ways. It’s also interesting that Games Workshop has been putting the rules inside the boxes for most of the releases lately – points and all. Kharn looks like a breeze to assemble and from the assembly guide it looks like a lot of the cuts have been hidden again. Well done GW.

Kharn the Betrayer is scheduled to hit stores officially this weekend. You can still pre-order yours today – maybe you’ll get lucky and get it a few days early as well! (I wouldn’t bank in that however.)

Kharn the Betrayer $35



This is Khârn the Betrayer’s mantra, and it has become infamous across the Imperium as a harbinger of carnage to follow. Khârn embodies the eightfold path of Khorne; friend and foe alike are left broken, twitching and torn apart in his wake. As he sprints into battle, his bellowed war cries boom from the vox-grill of his helm, striking terror into the hearts of even the bravest. His plasma pistol spits bolts of destruction almost indiscriminately into his enemies as he closes in, as his screaming chainaxe Gorechild rips apart any survivors with utterly inhuman speed. Even before his last victim has hit the bloodied ground, Khârn has charged off in search of more blood for the Blood God.


I’ll take this kit over the old sculpt any day of the week!

  • vlad78

    Tripping Kharn or “too many skulls for the skull throne”

    • Randy Randalman

      Nah. There’s no way a few hollow skulls would trip up a 1000 pound raging armored maniac.

      • ZeeLobby

        Obviously they can!

      • amaximus167

        Really? A little tow cable can trip an AT-AT but some heavy duty chains with skulls can’t trip a Space Marine?

        • Horus84cmd

          Kharn has thighs of thunder. Did you not know? Kharn can crack a walnut with those buns hun! lol

  • Horus84cmd

    This is also known as “GW or Trade staffer takes home newly delivered stock before release day and post picture to feel cool about themselves” syndrome. 😀

    • BaronSnakPak

      Not always, some distributors break street dates. I got Death Masque 3 days early.

      • Horus84cmd

        Ah…I my see low grade snark and witticism went under radar…yes, traders also sell items early. Equally customerS who purchase said items early and THEN go onto paste the interwebs with image also suffer from the above syndrome.

  • Wayne Hood

    But seriously £22/$35??

    • Talos2

      Less than I feared. How much was the old one before it got discontinued? Must have been close

      • Wayne Hood

        Old one is still on GW UK site for £11, thought they’d turned a corner with recent DW character releases

        • Randy Randalman

          They’ve come down a bit on recent generic bosses. Kharn is a unique. People don’t need more than one.

          • euansmith

            “Kharnage Skull Blood Formation: 6-10 Kharn the Betrayers.”

          • Matt Mo

            Right so gouge hard on this lone purchase

          • ZeeLobby


    • Horus84cmd

      Meh. Kharn’s a special character, it not like anyone needs 10’s of him. Personally, I don’t see an issue.

      • vlad78

        I don’t see how the number of a given miniature you need should affect the price. 22 pounds is just too much for a plastic mini which will cost quite less to produce than former metal minis. As usual with GW you could say.

        • Horus84cmd

          Economics 101 since the dawn of time. Supply and Demand. Special character have low demand. Simple really.

          Plastic as a material, yes, is cheap. Much cheaper than casting metal material. The moulds and design not so much, when compared to metals – which is essentially the other way around.

          Single character moulds like this usually clock in at a around £50-60K and that’s just the from design to the steel (although now certain aluminiums are becoming more common) mould is engineered. Whilst a rubber silicone mould you’re look at are £30-50.

          Plastic miniature production is not simple “cheaper”. There’s vastly more expensive outlay and long term maintenance in using them.

          • vlad78

            Horus, this is not true anymore. I have a friend who produces such molds.

            Jumping prices from 10 pounds to 22 pounds is just ludicrous. Well as long as people are ready to pay such price, there’s no reason not to make them pay it.

          • Horus84cmd

            Ah the “I have a friend” equivocation….where do I start….

            Injection Moulding manufacturing is a broad and wide ranging industry, in which, there are huge variety of different kind of mould tools and moulding machines. All servicing a mind boggling array of products from rubber ring washer to parts on the Int. Space Station.

            Evidently, like many such industries this gives rise to a broad spectrum of cost in manufacturing. From: the cheaper low quality tools and machines, utilising tried and tested tech; to the expensive top end tools and machinery that utilise the most recent of innovations.

            Cost of mould tool engineering of course does not just depend kind of injection moulding machine being use: there is the size of the frame to consider; the number of cavities – fewer cavities require far less tooling work; the complexity of the part’s design. Complexity can be incorporated into many factors such as surface finishing, tolerance requirements, internal or external threads, fine detailing or the number of undercuts that may be incorporated; further details, such as undercuts or any feature causing additional tooling, will increase the mould cost and surface finish of the core and cavity of mould’s will further influence the cost.

            There are many more facet I could go on about, but I wouldn’t want to labour a point.

            Injection moulding tools CAN and DO range from less than £1000 to the hundreds of pounds for the most advance technological ones – taking into consideration the entire end to end process in making one.

            Industry innovations can drive down costs whilst other dramatically increase them – this is why we are now entering a phase where GW can afford to do everything in plastic. As the outlay cost can be justified for the projected sales volumes. However, for this size of model, for the quality of mould GW needs and pushes the boundaries with; the cost can easily be in the £50-60K region. At a push it may be closer to £35-45K.

          • MPSwift

            ^This. So much this haha.

          • vlad78

            see my answer to horus

          • MPSwift

            Also need to factor in design time, mold recuts and rework, prototyping, LRIP batches to test the system etc. It’s not as cut and dry as the cost of the mould tool alone; I’m a design engineer, my degree and job is all the bits leading up to actual production runs. Yes it’s becoming cheaper but it’s still not cheap. That £22 has to cover all of the up front work to get it to a manufacturers and because unlike, say, a tactical squad players/collectors are only likely to ever buy 1 or 2 of him and even then you’re primary target market for the mini is CSM players not the entire GW fan base. Therefore you have to recoup all of those costs based on far more limited sales than other kits that contain far more for around the same price.

          • vlad78

            I agree with all of that, but now comes the everlasting question about how big is the 40k customers base.

            If, the cost for the kharn minis is around 30000 (everything included) pounds, by selling it at a price of 22 pounds, you only need to sell 1364 minis to start making it profitable which is really low.
            Even is a niche market, we can estimate really roughly that GW has between 400000 to 600000 customers. (totally out of my head by dividing the revenue by a certain amount I can assume active customers will pay each year)
            Chaos space marines being one of the most popular army despite the miseries GW inflicted to them over the years, Kharn beign also an iconic figure, you can bet such a highly hypothetical number like 1364 sales will be reached within days of the release if not hours.

            Given that the same mold probably allows to produce quite a lot of different miniatures, I can also safely bet GW profitability over kharn is just mind boggling.

            Now the problem lies with what they do with their money and the impact of raising prices.

          • vlad78

            For your interest, he’s an engineer working for Airbus. Polymerization of plastic materials was his basic formation.

            We know cold injected plastic is really an improvement because the reliability of the mold is far superior to any hot casting and requires a lot less upkeep, furthermore the process from 3D conception on a computer to the cast of actual miniatures is much faster and last but not least once the mold are designed, the size of the production of miniatures is quite limitless and its costs are really low. (Really really low)

            At the beginnng of the 2000s, I think i remember the mold for the then new land raider cost around 12000-15000 pounds for the whole kit.

            I also aknowledge there could be some mold used for very intricate parts which could reach as much as 50000 pounds or more.

            But you will NOT convince me the kharn mini required a mold costing 30000 pounds.

            GW may have ridiculous policies and be shameless bastards, they are not stupid. For that cost, it’s almost a whole range of miniatures you put into that mold, the whole dark vengeance kit, the whole deathwatch kit.

            And in the end, there’s nothing which justifies a price tag of 22 pounds for 1 miniatures. GW is not charging according to its costs but rather according to the value they think people will give to the miniatures. People will buy only one kharn and will want him badly. Therefore GW will oblige at the stupidest cost possible.

          • Countdiscount

            You are incorrect. I have a friend that works in the injection molding industry, plays 40k and has repeatedly confirmed the prices Horus just laid out are pretty accurate. It’s expensive as heck to produce plastic minis. Especially if people will only buy one, so you can’t make up the cost in bulk sales, as is the case with characters like Kharn.

          • vlad78

            No, that’s not true, such cost are not for molds allowing only 1 miniatures, GW are not that stupid. See my answer to Horus.

      • Ben_S

        I wish they would have made a generic Khorne champion kit (like the Space Marine captain) with optional parts for Kharn. I guess it would have cost more, but could have been better value overall and had some cool spare bits.

        • Horus84cmd

          Yeah. I’m in too minds about that kind of move. Its great for flexibility of choice. but I can’t help feeling like the special character then loses a bit of the “special-ness”.

          • Ben_S

            True, that is a consideration – though they’ve done it before. All considered, I think I’d prefer it, but then I don’t generally use special characters anyway.

      • Brian Griffith

        I want a few of that backpack.

        Bits sellers, don’t fail me now…

    • grim_dork

      Yeah, but his assembly instructions are in color!

  • aka_mythos

    I bet it’s in a box and not a blister so you don’t see you’re paying the price of 3 sprues for a half sized one.

    • georgelabour

      There’s a few practical reasons for that as well. Preventing damage in shipping, easier storage, and theft prevention are three of them

      And of course they may also be trying to rebrand their product as something more professional than ‘toy soldiers’.

      Personally I’m going with prevents damage and easier to store.

      • aka_mythos

        There maybe a pragmatic reason but the fact that they still sell other single sprue character models in blisters and that some were even released in blisters just last week, makes it challenging to justify as just a change for the sake of shipping loss attrition. More so when you consider a blister being plastic survives wear and tear better than a card box.

  • JP

    Awww. His rules are the same. C’mon GW, Chaos needs you to throw it a bone.