40K: More Angel’s Blade Goodies Spotted


The Angel’s Blade Strike Force Detachment has been spotted along with more news on a formation and vehicles!

When it rains…More information on the new Angel’s Blade Strike Force is out along with more information on the Golden Host Formation. And just for kicks we even have more info on the vehicles of the Blood Angels. Here we go:

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Angel’s Blade Strike Force Detachment

unnamed-15-copy unnamed-14-copy



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Blood Angel’s Vehicles

blood-angels-vehicles-1 blood-angels-vehicles-2

Blood Angel’s Golden Host Formation


That’s a whole lot of info to digest but the one thing I did want to call out was that the Golden Host is getting the option to Charge after Deepstriking! Those guys can do some serious damage on the charge – couple that with the Airborne Assault rules and you’ve got a way to launch some coordinated assault from Deepstrike starting on and after the second turn.

I’m also just a little bit excited about the Anti-Grav rule for the Land Speeders. I just happen to have a squadron that will be happy to take advantage of the speed boost…

A lot of these line up with the rumors we saw earlier. And then we also had another set of rumors lining-up as well. There is a lot to sort through here so I’ll let you have at it!


So what do you think? Are the Boys in Red back with a vengeance or are they falling short of the mark?

  • Jukka Vuorisalo

    So much copy paste nowdays…

    You seen original formations?

    • Walter Vining

      they aren’t that deviated from the codex astartes, why would it be super unique?

      • CMAngelos

        Cus blood Angels must be soopar spechul snowflakes!

  • Admiral Raptor

    I don’t think they’re competitive for tournaments, but they look to be at least okay for normal games, which is all I’m looking for.

  • GrimTeef

    Wait, does the original Battle Demi Company in the other Marine books require a Dreadnought? I thought that was an optional thing. In this one it looks mandatory, with a mandatory Command Squad or Furiso Dread as well.

    • Badruk

      They are optional, but they went with the Demi-Company back in the Shield of Baal book.

      • GrimTeef

        Wow, that’s quite a bit more points you have to spend for their Demi-Company, then.

        • highwind

          thats true but on the other hand they have much more flexibility on the command and aux formations

          a single librarian or a single landspeeder is impossible for vanilla marines

        • Jordan Cafolla

          And, in every way compared to the Marine demi company, it’s worse

          • KassIas

            That’s one thing that I noticed, I think they might be the same. The demi company in the shield of Baal books was called the Blooded Demi-Company, whilst the one listed here just says demi company. With some hope, the demi company listed here is the same as the one in the marine ‘dex.

  • Looks like there is actually no gladius and no conclave. Thanks again gw, thanks againđź‘Ź

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Pretty sure the anti-grav bit for the 3x Landspeeders is not new.

  • zeno666

    omg are the codecies STILL black and white?!

  • Djbz

    Looks Ok.
    The Only problem I have with this is their is no provision for Gabriel Seth (And no separate Flesh Tearer detachment)
    Similar to how Pero Kantor wasn’t in the Imperial Fist one…

  • LordKrungharr

    That Golden Host is fun. Gives old Dante something fun to do besides running with Thunderwolves to give them hit n run.