40K: More Genestealer Cult Tools Teased


Games Workshop is teasing another power tool the Genestealer Cult has – who knew they were so “handy!”

I think the Genestealer Cult may have raided a hardware store based on this new teaser from Games Workshop. I always wanted an extra “hand” around to help with home projects…

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40000 Facebook)

genestealer cult teaser 2 angle grinder

“The day of reckoning draws near.
Find out more this weekend.”

That is some sort of enlarged Circular Saw to be sure only a lot less safety conscious.


It fits the mining theme and will probably make Ork players a tad jealous…but to be fair the Orks probably got their buzzsaw tech from raiding Imperial Settlements. It’s basically going full circle again.

Also, using some basic digital trickery we can kind of make out what’s going on in the background:


That is definitely a piece of art featuring another Hybrid Cultist packing some heat!

At this point I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Genestealer Cult is getting some new models. Based how this teaser looks and based on how the Deathwatch Overkill sprues were cut, Games Workshop would have to re-design the spures anyway to get the correct models in the units.

DW-BoLS-SprueBK3Deathwatch Overkill Sprue

As you can see this sprue contains 4 different Genestealer Cult units and if the pricing rumors are true (and they pretty much are confirmed at this point) then there is no way GW can simply rebox this sprue into 4 different boxes.

Personally, I can’t wait! Bring on the cult because I haven’t been this excited about my Tyranids in a LONG time!


Why does the “Brighter Dawn” look like a gaping maw with lots of angry teeth? NOM NOM NOM!

  • SilentPony

    Genestealer carpenters! Of course! First they took our genes, now they’re taking our jobs!

    • Jabberwokk

      Make the Hive fleet great again!
      Brood Lord 2016!

      • orionburn

        We’re going to build a wall and we’re going to make the Imperium pay for it!

        • nurglitch

          Mr Lupercal, how do you plan to make the Xenos pay for this wall?

        • Jabberwokk

          Well actually as a cultist supporter I’m very much for open borders. Those orbital defense platforms are xenophobic after all. We need to be more inclusive and tolerant to our xenos brethern. As it is written: In the end all are one…..

          *in the digestive pools*

          • Ben

            I lol’ed at this chain…everyone have an upvote….

    • Darkjedi
    • Countdiscount

      We’ll build a wall and make the Hive Mind pay for it!

  • Michael McGuiggan

    My Son is super exited for this. He is a huge Nid player and really doesn’t want to do the 5 Flyrant list. We play competitive and he is really hoping this will allow the nids a better chance.

    • Matthew LeBlanc

      It also means more looting for the Boyz.

  • Moonsaves

    As an ork player, I’m not jealous. I know I can just krump the gribbly git and take his killy saw.

  • orionburn

    As much as I have ridiculed the rumor of “expect to see a new Tyranid monstrous creature and codex in Q1” (of 2016 mind you) is this what the real base of that rumor was all about? I’ve already been gearing up to start Nids as a second army regardless, but am intrigued by this. If sounds like it would be a fun combo to have.

    • Kritarion

      GS, calling Nids via Deepstrike. Could be fluffy and nifty.

    • Randy Randalman

      That rumor could still be true, it’s just that all 40k proper armies won’t get a full codex update until 8th edition.

  • Mike Salamandrin

    Looks like Killa Kans are rebuilt from terran space mining suits

  • Me

    “…to re-design the spures…”

    Does spure == regurgitated sprue?

    • lorieth

      They meant “spores”. ­čśë

  • J Mad

    Oh this is so fluffy >:)

    They are miners after all.

  • Diagoras

    Minor* qualm- How does a circular saw fit the mining theme? Re-purposed power tools theme, sure, but why would a miner ever need a circular saw?

    * Yes, I know. I could have done a “miner” instead of “minor” pun. It was too easy. I enjoy puns. I just have standards.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      It could be a rock saw, which is a crazy water-cooled circular saw looking thing that’s used to cut stone into nicely shaped blocks.

      • Diagoras

        Interesting. Just looked those up. The teeth are definitely wrong, though. The saw in this image is definitely a wood saw.

        Anyway, while looking those up, I saw that most images of rock saws I could find were absolutely massive circular saws attached to construction vehicles.

        And now I want genestealer cult vehicles to have those.

        • Drew_Da_Destroya

          Yeah, the teeth are wrong, but I’m pretty willing to give GW a pass on that, since wood buzzsaw teeth are so vicious looking.

          And yeah, I second putting some big ol’ rock saws on vehicles…. wish the Deffrolla didn’t get nerfed into oblivion, a Battlewagon would look pretty sweet with 3-4 of those suckers mounted on the front.