Angel’s Blade: Formations & Detachment

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One gamer is talking all about the latest Blood Angels Formation rules. Take a look.


via Dakka’s Draner 9-12-2016 (comments are from OP)

Hi guys, I do not actually have the codex but some guy was nice enough to send me pictures. It is in French so posting pictures is quite useless. I do not have it all, but here it is :

New QG : death company chaplain (actual cost +35). Same statline, has inferno pistol, jump pack and the Astorath reroll to wound rule.
Grav-cannon and eviscerator as anticipated.
New stuff: a thunder hammer master crafted for 6 meltabombs.


Formations are the following

(I do not have them all): 
Angel’s blade strike force (meta detachment)
Bonus: reroll warlord trait, red thirst (same as now) and zealot for every unit below half initial size (rounded below).
Core: battle demi company or archangels demi company
Command: Golden host, Leader of the angelic host, chapter ancients
Auxiliary: Archangel orbital intervention, 10th company ambush, death company strike force, Lucifer armoured task force, stormraven squadron, rapid assault force, fire support force

Lost brotherhood (meta detachement)
Bonus: Reroll warlord trait, red thirst, and 6” free move just after you deploy an unit. Does not work with reserves.
Core: death company strike force
Command: Death company command (1-3 astorath, lemarted, DC chaplain)
Aux: orbital intervention, 10th company support, Lucifer armoured task force, stormraven squadron, rapid assault force

Battle demi company (core)
1 captain or chaplain
1 command squad (if the captain is chosen)
3 tactical
1 assault, bike, attack bike or land speeder
dev squad
1 dreadnought
1 furioso dreadnought (if the chaplain is chosen)
Bonus: reroll warlord trait if main detachment and red thirst (same as now). YES it is the SAME bonus as in the angel’s blade strike force…WTF GW. No obsec. 

Archangels orbital intervention force (auxiliary)
3 units of the assault or regular terminators
Bonus: all units must be put in reserve and roll together. No reroll.
When the deep strike, regular terminator can fire twice and assault terminator can charge (but count has a disoriented charge).
 NICE ! 

Archangels demi company (core)
1 termi captain
2 furioso dreadnoughts
5 units of terminators, vanguards or sternguards
Bonus: stubborn, reserve roll turn 1, reroll reserve roll, scatter D6 less and reroll warlord trait if main detachment.
 Quite nice but that is a huge point sink.. 

10th company ambush force (auxiliary)
3-5 units or either scouts or biker scouts
Scout bikers must buy mines
Bonus: stealth long as you don’t move if you infiltrate.
Precision shots during the first turn.
 Ok I guess 

Stormraven squadron (auxiliary)
2-4 stormravens
At the beginning of your turn, once per battle, you can fire all your stormstrike missiles at a target and still fire in the following shooting phase

Lucifer armoured task force (auxiliary)
1 techmarine
3-5 units of baal predator or regular predators
1-3 units of land raiderd, or crusader, redeemer
Bonus: SCOUT, and boosted engines (FAST) free for every vehicle as well as for the land raiders !
 YAY ! 12” scouting land raiders ! woooot 

Death company strike force (Aux or core)
DC chaplain
DC squads
1-3 DC dread
Bonus: unknown

Rapid assault force (aux)
1-3 assault, bike, attack bike, speeders
Bonus: unknown

Fire support force (aux)
1-3 devastator, vindicator, whirlwind

Golden host (Command)
Sanguinor OR Dante
2-5 sanguinary guard
Bonus: unknown
 Looks really nice with dante and only 2 units of sang guard. My guess is they get deep strike at least. 

Leaders of the angelic host (command)
1 captain, termi captain, librarian, meph, sang priest, brother corbulo;
0-1 command squad;
0-1 stormraven

Chapter ancients (command)
3-5 dreadnoughts (librarian, regular or furioso)
Bonus: Once during the battle, at the beginning of your turn, you can fire as if you were in the shooting phase or pile in and fight in close combat, instead of moving during your movement phase.
Each dreadnought can perform a different action (fire, fight or move).

Death Company Relics

– 2+ armor with adamantium will and crusader – 6 meltabombs
– 2-handed power axe, Str of user, master crafted, armorbane – 6 meltabombs
– Counter attack stuff – 6 meltabombs
– Template pistol 4+ poisoned AP6 – 4 meltabombs
– Inferno pistol 12” master crafted – can’t see price
DC chaplain only crozius: AP3 and reroll FNP rolls of 1 for every model that has the rule in his unit – 5 meltabombs => quite ok


~We will see how accurate this is on Saturday.  What do you think?

  • Matthew

    Traitor’s Hate: Traitors are going to hate this supplement.
    Traitor’s Hate: GW hates traitor armies.

    Yep, as predicted, this is already hands down better than what TH gave chaos.

    And what are those weird things at the end… relics? What are those?


    • Malisteen

      Well, the csm warband core formation is better than that demi battle company, at least. And obsec termies plus a cabal is actually pretty nice, espevially with access to the marine lores for movement and save manipulation.

      Overall, there seems to be more to work with here, but that comes down more to the codeces involved than the formations themselves.

      • Julio Lenin Roman Martinez

        Are these new BA relics or they just repackaged those from the last supplement?

        • Djbz

          That list of relics is entirley new, nothing even similar in the codex or shield of Baal

      • Karru

        I do agree with the Warband comment. Not only do they gain Ob Sec, the BA Battle Company has an insane amount of units you have to take if that list is true.

        But overall, comparing these formations to CSM ones in the Traitor’s Hate… Let’s just say that if I say CSM formations are garbage, I’d be insulting the garbage. Even the Detachment benefit just laughs at the CSM one, especially the Death Company one. I would’ve liked to see those two Furioso Dreadnought being an option to take rather than a mandatory choice, of course I’m not completely confident these numbers are accurate. But both of those Archangel Formations will do nicely when I want to run my Ultramarines First Company as a full fledged Battle Forged army.

      • Nubu

        In what way is the warband better? 😀

        • Karru

          All Ob Sec and bit more flexibility compared to the BA one if that list is accurate. It’s only slightly better as far as core formations go, but I’d still say it is better.

          • Nubu

            Zero damage dealing potential with obsec vs. cheaper units with curb stomping potential without obsec. I’ll take the later, thanks.

          • Karru

            Well, I prefer the Ob. Sec. since taking down 2-4 Rhinos, 20 CSM, 5 Terminators and 5 Nurgle Bikes can get quite tricky in my meta. Especially since most of my friends play CAD’s so they only get their Troops and possibly their Transports Ob. Sec. Each to their own, I guess.

          • Nubu

            Well, in your situation that is perfectly understandable.

        • Malisteen

          it grands objective secured and double boon rolls instead of _Literally Nothing_.

          It isn’t a good enough formation to fix the underlying codex flaws, but that’s like asking a dog to pull your truck uphill.

          • Nubu

            So, it’s a glorified CAD with no real added bonus making it worth it.

            They could have dropped the downsides from the formations since, you know, no other faction has a formation that makes most of the time worth less than taking the same units in a cad.

          • Malisteen

            Objective Secured on bikes and terminators (now that we have viable delivery options for the latter) is a lot different from objective secured on basic marines and cultists. The formation doesn’t make CSM units worth fielding, no. But if you were fielding them anyway, because those are the units you picked this faction for and you’ll be damned before you drop them for dogstars and cultists, then at least they’re better off being fielded in this warband, within this decurion, than they are in a CAD, which is more than can be said for many CSM formations.

          • Nubu

            What is this viable delivery for the terminators and how does it make them immune to grav?

            In a cad you can skip the chaff and focus on what is good. In this warband joke you are forced to pay for all kinds of useless units before you get to the good stuff which is really good only when compared to rest of the CSM and very, very bad when compared to everything else.

      • DeCold

        So overpriced units that do nothing for boon reroll and obsec counts as good?

        • Malisteen

          I never said the units were “good”, I just said the formation benefits were better than the BA demi company benefits, which are literally nothing when taken as part of their decurion.

          Though, honestly, you should try a warband with a max unit of tzeentch termies, min everything else, and abaddon in the termies, plus the obligatory auxiliary spawn, plus a Black Legion cabal all attached to the termies, trying to grab soulswitch from ectomancy, then aiming for invisibility from telepathy against heavy shooty, or just grabbing whatever they can from sinestrum otherwise, leftover rolls on daemonology if you’re lucky enough to get everything you want before you run out of powers.

          It’s no dogstar, but it is a rather respectable psychic deathstar in its own right.

          I’m not claiming Traitor’s hate fixes any of the problems with the core book. That it looks like we still won’t be getting a new codex any time soon (instead GW looks to be releasing cult themed mini factions and leaving the main CSM book in its rut) is criminal. Failing to take the opportunity to correct the lord of skulls was insulting, as is the terminator formation. And the psychic powers being a reprint of the loyalist ones shows how little thought went into this book, though at least ‘exactly the same’ is better than ‘the same but worse’.

          Even so, as inadequate as Traitor’s Hate is, there are some things worth tooling around with at least a little.

    • Zingbaby

      I was wondering how long it would take for this to turn into a CSM whine thread haha… not long apparently.

      • Stealthbadger


        No wait, ANTI- HERESY!

  • SIA

    That last pic of the chaplain looks like there is a mustache on the skull and I can’t unsee it

    • Dave Bacon

      Oh, thanks for that. Now I can’t either.

  • Bradley Macduff

    and now blood angels are doing terminators better then the deathwing, wtf boyscouts?

    • Karru

      Just wait for the DA Campaign book that will most likely be released when we return to Fenris.

    • Steve L Duelist

      probably cheaper too

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Tbf, we get Fearless and Twin-Linked shooting after Deep Striking for the extra 20pts over Vanilla Termies. And more customisation options.

        • Steve L Duelist

          TSKNF is as good as fearless only situational difference. And the customising is a trade off at the expense of shooting and with it most the special rules you gain

          As be the Twinlink DS turn, most the shots a storm bolters , and to make sure you don’t misplace you ll need to bring a few ravenwing bikers and which point you just bring the raven wing

    • Raven Jax

      And now you know how White Scars players feel about the Ravenwing stuff.

  • Djbz

    No obsec on (Blooded) Demi company- honestly don’t care massivly overrated rule,
    Orbital intervention force sounds fun (shame I only have one terminator unit)
    Stormraven squadron sounds great, especially with firing before they move (so won’t have to risk hover mode as much)
    Lucifer task force sounds like the one from apocolypse that reduces the HP of Land raiders to 3 in exchange for those benefits
    Rapid Assault/Fire support force both sound like they are just going to be those units with no other benefits (similar to spawn/cult marines from the chaos one)

    • Thomas Gardiner

      Yeah, Blood Angels seem much more about damage dealing than objective-camping so ObSec is no real loss. Every time I play my mate’s BA his objective seems to be to utterly table me (and a lot of the time, he succeeds!).

      • nurglitch

        It’s pretty characterful.

      • Ronin

        The value of obsec depends a lot on the missions you’re playing. Vanilla maelstrom doesn’t matter as much as vanilla eternal war, but a lot of tournament formats with static objectives, like ITC and Nova, do make them worth something. There’s been numerous times when obsec got me ahead in points just because my opponent couldn’t do anything about a squad of tactical marines sitting on a marker.

  • Wampasaurus

    So I have a question for the community. The Lucifer Armoured Task Force is 1 Techmarine, 3-5 Units of Baal/Regular Predators, and 1-3 Units of Land Raider/Crusader/Redeemers. It gives all the units Overcharged Engine upgrade for free and Scout.
    So my question is can the unit inside of the Land Raiders Assault Turn 1? According to the Formation rules (again take with a grain of salt as we haven’t seen the ACTUAL rules yet folks) the various vehicles get Scout. The BRB states that “A Unit that makes a Scout redployment cannot charge in the first game turn.” The vehicle makes the Scout move not the Unit inside. It is an Assault Vehicle “Passengers disembarking from Access Points on a vehicle with this special rule can charge on the turn they do so, (even in a turn that the vehicle was destroyed, or in the following turn) unless the vehicle arrived from Reserve that turn.”
    Given this what do you all think?

    • Karru

      If I read the rules right, both Scout and Disembarking, they should be able to charge. Nothing seems to state otherwise. You can Scout move 12″, then move another 6″ and finally Disembark. Almost guaranteed Turn 1 Charge. Unless there is an FAQ for this, it should work.

      • Nubu

        The unit inside counts and being scouting….

        • Karru

          Where does it say that? I only found mentions about the unit conferring it to the vehicle.


          Clarification was given. You are correct.

          • Loki Nahat

            (Karru I know I answered you already, so I’ll not hammer it down your throat)

            but for the 2 who liked your comment:

            The 40k FAQ from GW

            INFILTRATE & SCOUT
            Q: Does a unit that is embarked in a Scout vehicle count as having made a Scout move?
            A: Yes.

      • Loki Nahat

        I would hate to see you try that a gaming club.

        You would be not so politely told to pack your toys up, and leave via the nearest exit.

        You have read the FAQ, right?

        Q: Does a unit that is embarked in a Scout vehicle count as having made a Scout move?
        A: Yes.

        • Karru

          Ah, thank you for clarification, I stopped reading FAQ’s when they stopped making them and never got around to going trough them when they resumed.

          • Loki Nahat

            fundamentally you should tone down trying to make game breaking combinations using supposition

            40k isn’t about dominating with a rule exploit, or “if this, then that” argument, it’s about both people having fun

            for example if you tried that kinda, iffy wording, at some local clubs, you’d have no one to play with

            the US tournament scene seems to be about the game-breaking combos, which I’ve always found bizarrely odd, it seems a lot forget what this hobby is about, collecting toys and being sporting

            (but that’s just my personal observation)

          • Nubu

            It’s sadly exactly about rule abusing to the max. It’s not designed to be that but it is that nevertheless.

          • Loki Nahat

            Guess it depends on your meta, most people I’ve ever played with, have been upstanding, have been literate and were not looking to abuse language to prove their tenuous point.

            We should all learn more about how to pack up and walk away. Rather than argue with people willing to abuse rules 🙂

          • Karru

            I mean, we never ever have “abused” rules. Usually these things go like this, “there is this new rule abuse debate going around, how do you think it goes?” Usually it ends up with the sensible solution, so for example in this case it would’ve ended like the FAQ stated. But usually in the internet I go with what is written in the rulebook, since usually it “goes like that”.

            My entire gaming group hates try-hards and rule abusers which is why we usually agree on things that would break the game and most of the time give rules to armies that need them. Usually it’s only Eternal Warrior to all Synapse Creatures for Tyranids.

          • Nubu

            That’s one way to do it. It would be better if the rules were written clearly and without bias. Best to do both.

    • Nubu

      You can’t. The unit inside is also scouting.

    • Wampasaurus

      Sorry i re-read everything and realized the question was invalid. The Scouting part of the question takes place before even the first turn. Of course the Unit can Assault DURING A REGULAR GAME TURN. Afterall I could be seized upon or go second AFTER I used my Scout move DURING THE DEPLOYMENT PHASE… *eye roll*…..My lack of rules knowledge sometimes makes me sad. I should have thought of that well beforehand.

      • Loki Nahat

        FAQ excerpt:

        Q: Does a unit that is embarked in a Scout vehicle count as having made a Scout move?
        A: Yes.

        • Wampasaurus

          Again my question was an irrelevant one. Your’re ignoring the fact that the question was regarding Assault and my fundamental lack of remembering that would take place well after The Deployment Phase which is when Scout moves (and Infiltration moves for that matter) take place.

          • Loki Nahat

            Ok, I see, I just thought that you’re not reading the rules,

            the unit inside the transport cannot assault turn 1, this is very very clearly pointed out for you by GW in the FAQ

          • Nubu

            And in the rules.

          • Wampasaurus

            It was NOT made clear in the rules. Nowhere in the BRB does it say that a Unit that was in a vehicle that used the Scout Special Rule also counted as having Scouted. That was in the FAQ. That said I understand now that because of the FAQ the rules in the BRB that state a Unit that makes a Scout redeployment cannot charge during the first game turn means that rule applies.

          • Nubu

            It’s clear to me that if a transport scouts/infiltrates/outflanks/deep strikes the unit in it does the same. It’s clear to me because the ruling in these cases is consistent.

  • Nubu

    Aaaaand this is why I will not play the game for the time being. All of this here is broken compared to what CSM got.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    That Terminator formation is *brutal.*

  • Eh, battle demi company is the exact same as the blooded demi company from shield of baal.

  • Rufus Der Eisenhans

    Have the BA Assault Marines lost access to the Meltagun?

    • Wampasaurus

      No up to 2 may replace their Boltpistol with a Meltagun at 10pts/model

      • Rufus Der Eisenhans

        Thank goodness. I was worried that I had 3 Assault squads that would have to be converted

  • Painjunky

    “Why?!, Because F_CK chaos!! That’s why!” – GW rules development team.

  • Skathrex

    I like these Formations, they don’t seem op, and if they are better than only because they are for SM (which are better than CSM).
    The Formations seem to go a similar route.
    The only one I am really envious about is the Lucifer armoured task force, I would have really liked this formation, mainly because I like preds, but hate that they are so stationary, oh well gonna stick to my sicaran then.

    • Nubu

      Similar route? SM has as melee capable devastators as we have raptors. SM gets free transports, we get free nothing of consequence. Just for an example. 😀

      • Skathrex

        Maybe I should have clarified, I meant the Angel’s Blade Formation look similar to the Traitors Hate ones. In design and Powerlvl.

        • Nubu

          Closer but I’m going to disagree with that too. Terminators assaulting from accurate DS alone trumps everything CSM got.

          • Skathrex

            This infuriates me a bit. Either you didn’t read or you purposfully misunderstood my post 2 times now.
            YES they have other tools, which has NOTHING to do with the Formations. No where in the Formations is ritten something about accurate DS.
            Both Formations have basically the same rules, its the base CODEX that makes the diffrence.
            My oppening statment was that the only thing, that may make these Formations better than the CSM ones is, that they have a better foundation to build upon.

          • Nubu

            They have means to accurately DS in the parent codex already.

            Technically you are correct. If VotLW was not hatred but actually something useful, if hatred from the detachement and formation bonuses was swapped to preferred enemy, if everything was 30% off the current price and if there was some way to mitigate losses due to failed morale checks then sure, CSM, with the travesty of what the Traitor’s Hate is, could be roughly equal to BA. So, essentially a total overhaul for both the codex and detachment could make it work.

          • Skathrex

            I give up. You are not even discussing the same topic I am.

            I was talking about the Formations, without their respectiv Codices in mind.

            Yes in the End the BA turns out to be a better one because of precise Deep strike and havin Sm and not CSM, also because having access to Grav now etc. I never disputed that.

            You should work on your reading comprehension. If you don’t like it, thats find, and you can post that wherever you like, but if you answer to my comment please try to stay on my topic and not just use my post as another platform to hate on Traitors hate.

          • Nubu

            There is no “formations without their respective codices” discussion when the codices significantly alter how the formations work.

            I’m not doing cherry picking even if you do. It’s not that I missed your context. It’s your context not being able to withstand any sort of scrutiny.

          • Skathrex

            Dude, than post that wherever you like.

            Look at my posts. Nothing you said has anything to do with what I was saying. The formations are very similar. They got the same rules text. If you would interchange the Formations and give BA Traitors Hate and CSM Angels Blade it wouldn’t change much.
            THAT was my comparison, THAT was what I am talking about.
            I never disputed what you said, you just seemed not to care what I was saying at all, and just said what you wanted to say, regardless what the other party in the discussion (me) has to say.
            That is Trump lvl retorics.

            Come back if you want to discuss or dispute what I said before and not just say whatever you want.

          • Nubu

            Well, you claimed they were very similar in terms of power level. They are not. Not by a long shot. Just for an example, CSM got DS+assault for regular marines with jump packs. BA got that same thing for terminators and a semi deathstar that specializes in melee.
            BA got + to initiative, we got obsec. Both armies are melee centric. Neither has any good objective capturing going on with or without the detachments.
            We got +1 to LD, BA got zealot.

            So, if we are honest for a second here, Traitor’s Hate has nothing, nothing to compete against the new BA even if we diseregard their new toys. If you want to have a decent conversation about the differences of these 2 books then you have to be honest about them.

          • Skathrex

            Finally you post something relating to, what I was talking about.
            Yes the BA one may be a bit better, because of the Terminators (and in light of new Formations,the Sanguine Angels), but thats not by a lot. our Warband Formation is stronger than their Demi Company (ask every Tournament player. Obsec is a very good an relevant rule). While +1 Ini is nice, when getting in combat, Zealot when under half is not a good thing. so basically your troups get Zealot when they are either shoot so much they are not efficent anymore or get reduce under 50% while beeing in Melee at which point Zealot is irrelevant again.

            The things that make BA better with Angels Blade are the things mostly outside of the Formations (for example Grav, which is just a redicioulus rule and would make Chaos playable in an instant).

            And the Formations are similar from a design perspective (for example charging after DS but with drawback).
            If we had a distinction between Terminators and Storm Terminators we would have gotten the same rule.

            If anything the design for chaos is lazy, because everything looks kinda designt for SM without taking into consideration that CSM are diffrent.

          • Nubu

            Ok, now, you see the obsec is good only if the thing with the rule is viable. This is why it is a useless rule in the crusade detachment. Zealot would be awesome though.

          • Skathrex

            The thing with the rule? What are you talking about.
            SM are good, BECAUSE everything has Obsec. That and the transports are the main reason.

            Zealot is good, but not really when it starts at 50% strength. (According to some not even then, because melee is bad)

          • Nubu

            SM are good because everything is obsec and everything is hard to kill off. With CSM you need to kill 2 guys in a squad and it runs out of the board or get swept. With SM you kill those 2 guys and they will be back next turn sitting on the same objective or just keep sitting there without budging.

            Zealot is fearless. Not awesome for marines because atsknf is better, but for CSM zealot means that the opponent actually has to really kill the unit, not just couple of guys.

            Melee in this edition is sub par. The fact that only effective way to do it is a melee deathstar should be a pretty good indication to that.

  • Defenestratus

    Two thoughts:
    1) GW needs to sell more of those BA terminator kits clearly.
    2) Grey Knights will likely get the assault after deep strike rule probably. My combined BAGK force will be all up in yer grill!

    • Haighus

      Hehe, not to me they won’t, Space hulk has me mostly covered, Deathstorm the rest…
      My BA are almost entirely Termies 😀

  • SupPupPup

    Is this to coincide with the new DoW?

  • AmasNagol

    It’s so adorable seeing people say these formations are good in a competitive setting lol

    There’s nothing here that’s even on a par with the top 3 Traitor’s Hate formations and they were sub par!

  • Andrew Thomas

    I think some combo of Lucifer ATF and Hammer of Caliban is in my future, ’cause that’s just sick.

  • Sean

    What happened to the Archangel strikeforce?

  • jsmalik94

    All I want is some assault out of deep strike for the Blood Angels. I guess the Terminators can do it but why can’t the assault marines? Isn’t that supposed to be their whole thing?