BtGoA: New Ghar and Freeborn Minis

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Add some firepower to your Ghar and mind melding capabilities to your NuHu forces.

Today we have the latest Ghar and NuHu forces to add to your forces. Let’s hit it:


via Warlord:

Ghar Outcast Rebel Creeper$35.00


  • 1 resin Outcast Rebel Creeper, metal components for crew & weapon


Ghar Outcast Rebel Creeper

One of the accomplishments of Fartok’s Outcast engineers is to find ways of repurposing the simple shells of captured enemy equipment. Such shells are made of materials of a kind that is strange and alien, quite unlike the familiar onion-like layers of metals and composites used to make the bodies of Ghar equipment.

These weird materials do have the benefit of being exceptionally lightweight and strong even without the benefit of powerful magnetic shields. This has enabled the Outcasts to develop hybrid vehicles that are faster than the usual Ghar machines, burdened as they are with massive metallic body shells and the inertia generated by magnetic shielding.

The most successful of these machines to date is the type generally referred to as the Creeper. This uses the shell of a destroyed Algoryn Scout Skimmer, to which is attached a low-output plasma reactor and mechanical crawler legs. In Ghar hands the machine is large enough for two crew, a driver at the front of the vehicle and a separate gunner installed behind him. The reduced weight allows the machine to operate at higher speeds and enables the gun position to quickly come to bear on targets.

Full rules can be found on page 76 in the Antares supplement Battle For Xilos



Freeborn NuHu Renegade Meld$19.25

This Web Offer set contains:

  • 1 Freeborn Male NuHu
  • 1 Freeborn Female NuHu
  • 2 Nano-Drones
  • 2 Shield-Drones
  • 2 Spotter-Drones

NuHu –a contraction of New Human – are extremely tall, long‐limbed morphs with bodies that are slight or even frail. However, it is their considerable mental abilities that make them distinct from other humans. NuHu are hyper‐intelligent and possess machine‐like powers of recall. This alone makes them formidable individuals, but what really sets them apart is theircapacity to interact with nano‐based technology.

Whilst other humans must rely upon interfaces or implanted devices to interact with the many machine intelligences of advanced Antarean societies, the NuHu can do so with their minds alone. This power is seated deep within a part of the brain that is sensitive to electro‐magnetic radiation and which forms a bond with the tiny nanites that saturate the worlds of human space.


In this way NuHu are born and grow up immersed in an environment that is part of the nanosphere. To them it is entirely normal to live co‐joined lives with the IMTel (Integrated Machine Intelligence) that controls all aspects of advanced human societies. They are at the same time the masters of this technology and expressions of it, living creatures that are also part of a greater machine mind. Scarce wonder that to many ordinary humans they often appear to be living machines, cold and inhuman.

The Powerful Renegade Meld

NuHu have the uncanny ability to meld their minds into a single entity – but this a dangerous practice only undertaken in cases of the utmost necessity and under conditions designed to minimise risk. Minds once co‐joined in this way can never be entirely separated and entire personality collapse is always a possibility. Only the Renegade NuHu are likely to employ a meld in a combat situation, for they are driven by their own collective madness, possessed of minds that are no longer really human at all.

~More Gates of Antares soon

  • erion

    The Creeper is already on its way to my doorstep. I’ve really been enjoying the character of the Rebel Ghar models, and wanted this as soon as I saw it.

    • ZeeLobby

      How are you liking the gameplay? What would you liken it to?

      • Parthis

        It’s Bolt Action in space if you have any experience with that game. It’s main mechanic is how you activate units; every unit has a die. You and your opponent have different coloured dice. All dice go into a bag and you take it in turns drawing a dice. As a die is drawn, the owning player gets to activate a unit. Warlord did a decent demo game video – it’s up on their youtube channel.

        On the whole it’s very good, but far from perfect. No pre-measuring can be frustrating. Pinning can be a problem.

        But, if you like the miniatures, enjoy a good Sci-fi setting and what a pretty good combined arms game it’s worth a look.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. I’m definitely interested. People seem to really like bolt action. My hesitations are the random dice pulling (one could imagine that if one side gets all their dice first it might be lights out for the other in a turn) and I’ve heard that the pinning can be very brutal and game ending. I’ll have to give it a shot at some point because the models are pretty spot on. Thanks!

          • erion

            The pinning mechanics are my favorite part of the game. Managing the morale of your own troops while knowing that getting a few more hits on an enemy will drastically reduce their effectiveness even if nobody actually dies is a wonderful change from all or nearly all models being fearless or ATSKNF. And if Pinning becomes a problem for one of your units, the Rally order is there to improve the count by removing as many as eight pins for one order. It’s true that it can be brutal. You can pin a unit to oblivion without killing a single model in the unit. But in practice that’s going to require a LOT of firing (it’s one pin per shooting action, barring special weapon rules), and you’ll generally get a chance to rally or remove pins by passing regular order tests long before a unit is removed via pinning.

            While it’s certainly possible that one side gets a disproportionate number of orders at the start of any turn, in practice it’s one side does everything first in every turn.

          • Pedrocantor

            After 20+ years of 40k it took only a few games and I was hooked. The pins and order dice makes the combat full of uncertainties wich demands adaptation to the situation, with is very fun. In 40k it’s more like what armylist you build in my opinnion, and then play it out like chess. And the setting is supported by the game rules which is nice.

          • DeathBy SnuSnu

            If only 40k had introduced the dice draw mechanic and pinning 15 years ago, I’d probably still be playing it. I go-you go is an archaic and horribly flawed system that GW need to abandon.

          • Parthis

            It’s not that pinning is bad as such, more that it’s actually too good; pinning is more effective than actually dealing wounds. This is something they’ve improved massively in Bolt Action 2.0, so i’m hopeful it’ll improve in BtGoA.

          • DeathBy SnuSnu

            Yes. Pinning has definitely been tweaked in BA v2. The really big change is that it has become considerably easier to remove pin markers by Rally/Down orders. That means we will have to focus more on reducing unit effectiveness than simply pinning them to heck. Interestingly, close combat no longer automatically REMOVES pin markers…

          • DeathBy SnuSnu

            The random dice pulling is what makes every game of Bolt Action interesting. It is extremely unlikely that one side will get all their dice pulled in a sequence, particularly when an average 1000pt force can roll with 10-12 per side. Plus this isn’t 40k, there is no way you’ll get tabled in a single turn.

            Pinning in entirely manageable, and actually got more manageable in Bolt Action V2 which has just been released. You’re not playing with fearless super soldiers so you do have to be wary pinning, but it’s not a game ender, and actually encourages sensible play and combined unit actions (because for example, vehicles won’t get pinned by small arms fire from infantry).

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I mean I’d love to give it a shot. We’ll see. I imagine the more competitive in the group will dislike it as they feel like they’re being robbed on a turn of bad draws. Lol.

          • DeathBy SnuSnu

            The funny thing is, depending on how the game is going, you can get into situations where you don’t want your dice drawn right at that moment :). Also of course, if your opponent has had a run of their dice drawn, they’re giving away information by moving units, and have committed some units to actions already in that turn… again, giving you a potential advantage. It really is such a simple, and effective system that I wish it was in GW games.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            I totally agree. I was thinking of actually doing a house rule to try forty k with the random activation system.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            I dunno, I consistently do it all the time! However in tourneys it is the respected rule if you draw three in a row, your opponent gets next one automatically.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Tourney is max of three in a row, and then your opponent gets one automatically.

          • ZeeLobby

            There we go. Haha. OK. That works. I was worried that there might be massive randomized swings, but that fixes it.

    • Emdee

      The walker thing looks cool. Are the models plastic or resin?

      • Parthis

        It depends entirely on the model. Some are metal, some are plastic (but not many) and some have resin pieces. Typically it’s metal or Resin+metal. The core Ghar and Concord units are in plastic though.

        • erion

          Warlord just sneak peeked the Algoryn plastic sprue on the FB group yesterday, They are planned for release before the end of this year. I’m also hoping for/expecting a couple of plastic Algoryn vehicle kits similar to the plastic C3 Drone Vehicles released earlier this year.

          • Parthis

            Yeah, saw those, and it’s great. The Algoryn are my force of choice, so plastic algoryn makes me a happy gamer.

    • jcdent

      Yeah, Rebel Ghar are some of the best doods in the line