Convergence: Is the Prime Conflux Worth It

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The new Convergence colossal is here, bringing an electric power not seen before in CoC. Take a look.

What Is It?

This is the brand new Convergence colossal kit that makes both the Axiom and Conflux. The Conflux cost 37 points with a field allowance of 2.
It brings along a new kind of electic buff servitor.

What’s It Do?

The Conflux is very similar to the Prime Axiom. It still sports a ARM20 with the same 58 boxes. Instead of the 2 harpoons of death that drag heavies to their doom the Donflux sports 2 homing beacon guns similar to the Diffuser load out.
The main difference in its armament is the main gun. Where the Axiom has a infantry killing shorter ranged gun the Conflux has a hefty ranged 15″ POW13 electric gun similar to the Modulator with a electric beam drawn between the model hit and the Conflux.
Trading in sustained attack the Conflux does additional d3 pow 10 electric rolls to what it hits in melee.

The Conflux has a servitor creation somewhat similar to Prime Axiom. It can put out a new servitor type the ionization servitor if there are less then 3 in play. The ionization servitor is immune to electricity with DEF12 ARM13 and similar to the Cygnar Firefly gives a 5″ electric damage buff. So all those POW10’s that the Conflux is throwing out will most likely be POW12.



Example List:

The Conflux is a very different model on the field then the Axiom. Heavies don’t fear for their lives by being dragged in but, infantry definitely don’t want to group up around it for lines of electric death. You might consider not taking a Diffuser since it has homing beacon. However, this means the Conflux will never benefit from homing beacon 🙁

This 75 point list with Iron Mother is trying to take advantage of powerful electrical discharge the Modulator and Conflux can produce.
Combined with Mothers ability to increase range, RAT, and damage output infantry will have a hard time making it across the board. This also means any model debuffed by the Exponent Servitors will be taking a adequate POW14 hit every time the Conflux connects on top of the POW21

Iron Mother +27
-Prime Conflux 37
-Modulator 10
-Modulator 10
-Modulator 10
-Corollary 6
Elimination Servitor 3
Elimination Servitor 3
Elimination Servitor 3
Steelsoul protector 4
Steelsoul protector 4
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex 2
Optifex Directive 4
Clockwork Angels 5



Revenant’s Final Thought:

The new plastic kit is a huge improvement model wise and I will be definitely picking one up for my Axiom. I however do not see the point of the Conflux. The Axiom outclasses it in damage output , board control, and even it’s servitor mechanic is way more valuable asset. Maybe if CoC gets some more electric based attacks in the future or an electric based warcaster the Conflux might have more value.

Until that happens though I will continue to field the Axiom 100% of the time.

What do you think of the new collosal for CoC BoLS? Will you be fielding this new collosal or sticking with proven technology? Please share in the comments below.

  • Ross Allan

    improved sculpt? *shudders*

    • Drew

      It’s definitely a personal taste kind of model. All the Convergence stuff is very art deco, all gears and overlapping rims/plates/etc. If that’s your thing, it’s great- but if not, it’s a swing and a miss. Personally, I like it, but it’s a pretty bold move by PP- either you love it or you hate it, with very little in between.

      • Ross Allan

        I love Art Deco, me. The last style hurrah of the British Empire before ennui and war put us back in our box. But this isn’t Art Deco.

      • zeno666

        Indeed its very art deco. I like most of the CoC-stuff.
        Just not their walking heavies 😉

  • Richard Mitchell

    improved sculpt? “shudders” (why am I shuddering? are we trolling right now? Cool? Hey mom look at me, we’re trolling! Isn’t it rad!)

    • Ross Allan

      No pet. It’s called an opinion. Most people have them, and they often differ. If you appreciate the model I don’t, neither of us are actually wrong!

  • Hawt Dawg

    What does it do? It takes up a release slot that should have been a Dracodile.


  • dave long island

    Wow, what the heck is that. Good lord, what a mess.

  • petrow84

    I don’t think, it will be as widespread as its brother. Dragging is a huge threat, that none can ignore apart of huge based models, and those which cannot be pushed/dragged.