D&D: Take Your Adventure to the Upside Down


Snag these stats to add a Stranger Things style Demogorgon to your next game.

NewbieDM is a Stranger Things fan and a long time D&D fanatic. He recently created 5e stats for the terrifying monster that Eleven and the town of Hawkins that you can use in your games. It’s at a CR 6, so you can use it in lower level D&D campaigns.


Check out NewbieDM for the full Monster Manual style sheet.


Want the original model to go with it? Get one here.

And don’t forget your mood music.

You ready to go into the Upside Down?

  • Brad Jarvis Willis

    Yes somehow they were able to kill it in their basement game with a single fireball…

    • EmperorOfMankind

      Did it die though. lol

      • Brad Jarvis Willis

        I mean yeah, true. The one in real life died. But in their actual D&D game it died from a single fireball that Will cast at the end.

    • Jonathan B.

      Maybe it will be back when Stranger Things returns in 2017 for season 2.

  • dave long island

    Great, now I know they fight a Demogorgon in the show. Next your gonna tell me Winona steals his stash of moderately priced underwear. She does, doesn’t she? I knew it!

  • Jeff

    Do we really need stats for this thing? The stats are way overpowered since 3 0-levels beat it down with a bear trap and a club before lighting it on fire….

    • Me

      You might consider throwing a spoiler warning on this…

    • Brad Jarvis Willis

      LOL! Perfect!

  • Benderisgreat

    It’s only got an 11 Charisma. If you build a character right, you can seduce it without the need for magical charming and make if your special friend.

    • Brad Jarvis Willis

      Truth! So funny!

      • Benderisgreat

        Like on the Venture Brothers when Rusty was playing D&D in college, and seduced a Tracy golem with his Charisma score of 20.

        And they were playing old school Gygax-era D&D, so you KNOW that was an achievement.