Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp #78 – Art Updates


The Dev Team at Behaviour has been hard at work updating and creating new art assets – check this out!

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In this update they showed off a TON of weapon assets that had been updated. Watch the video for the full list but here are some (rough) screenshots:

Eldar Weapons

ec-79-eldar-weapons-1 ec-79-eldar-weapons-2 eldar-weapons-3

Ork Weapons

ec-79-ork-weapons-1 ec-79-ork-weapons-2 ec-79-ork-weapons-3

Chaos Weapons

ec-79-chaos-weapons-1 ec-79-chaos-weapons-2 ec-79-chaos-weapons-3


The Eternal Crusade Devs also showed off Marine Weapons as well so watch the video for the FULL list of weapons. Having seen some of these in game, they do actually look even better than these screenshots.

And speaking of looking better Chaos got some/are getting new upgrades…


That purple blob? That one of the Chaos Sorcerer’s powers that got an art update! There is a new charge-up animation as well and it looks great when it’s actually moving.

Apologies again for the screen shot quality this week. There were taken from the Twitch Live Stream rebroadcast that you can watch on their Twitch Channel. As of writing this, the Youtube page didn’t have it uploaded.

It’s still all Early Access – Footage and everything else is still subject to change!

If you like what you see and want to jump in NOW you can join their early access program – just remember it’s not done yet but they are working on it and constantly improving.


The Official Launch Date is set for the end of the month – Are you ready for War!?

  • georgelabour

    Do I spy an eldar las rifle, and a reverse bladed chainsword among
    those pictures?