Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp #80 – Banshees Inbound


Eternal Crusade now has Banshees! Come see what else Behaviour has in store.

via Eternal Crusade

Nathan Richardsson, Brent Ellison, and Katie Fleming recently gave a Production Update (Armour tour, Banshees, Veterans, Guilds), played Eternal Crusade live with Crusaders, and answered Q&A!

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It’s still all Early Access – Footage and everything else is still subject to change!

This week was pretty informative as far as updates go. They have done a lot of work on veterans so now players have something to spend that XP on. Eventually you can unlock new armors and get upgraded looks as well as benefits to your stats (basically take less damage). The Skill Tree graphics are still a WIP as are the Ork’s Veteran Armor upgrades. This are really coming together for Eternal Crusade.

If you like what you see and want to jump in NOW you can join their early access program – just remember it’s not done yet but they are working on it and constantly improving.

I’ll see you on the battlefield when the game launches later this month!

  • zeno666

    Banshee needs bigger butt 🙂

    • It’s a male Banshee in the video.
      I don’t like the static hair and the cry-effect-visuals though. And from what I got, they won’t even do animated hair at all.

      • zeno666

        True, he/she/it looks a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog.
        Fits well with those plastic wolves that GW has though 🙂

  • Defenestratus

    Banshees made Eldar worth playing again.

    Although – they still suffer in h2h with a normal marine when they can be stunned so easily.

  • Wednêsdae

    I flogged my fanboy ‘pink tinted glasses’ on this one until they cracked, I hate this game, I tried so hard to like it. But it looks and plays like a cheap Russian knock off of Space Marine’s multiplayer.

    I’m going to leave it alone for a year or so and see if they’ve put some decent polish into it.

    I do understand that they’ve had some issues behind the scenes and one of the main developers left who was a huge 40k fan.

    • Chopin

      I’m 100% with you on that one. It just feels cheap, there’s no way around it. Visually it’s bland and flat and performance is poor, the gunplay, animations and melee are dogshit. Truly a disappointment.

  • cudgel

    This game gets a lot of hate considering how fun it is. I get why for people that want the mmo features nao ! But it is very fun for what it is. The fortress battles are epic as hell.