EXCLUSIVE: Warmachine-Hordes “Ready, Aim…”



Privateer has a mystery for you. Look what’s headed for you in Warmachine/Hordes – just around the corner!



All Privateer would say is:

“There are many like it, but this one is mine…”




~You figure out what’s in the picture Warmahordes fans.

  • The Lost One

    I want to say it’s grim Angus

    • Agreed.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Charms and gun mostly match, though if so then I’d say the artist forgot Angus was albino.

  • Richard Mitchell

    What I want to know is….where are my Gators with guns PP!

    • Hawt Dawg

      They are in Will’s head…

    • DeadlyYellow

      The Unleashed RPG toolkit, natch.

      Though seriously, rifle gators would be awesome.