FFG: Rogue One’s U-Wing Unveiled


Take a look at the newest ship to zoom into X-Wing pilots – the Rebel U-Wing.


U-wing Expansion Pack $29.95

The Rebel Alliance used the U-wing to deploy troops under the cover of darkness or into the midst of dangerous situations. You can use the U-wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ to transport Jyn Erso and the other heroes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story straight to your tabletop. It features one highly detailed and pre-painted miniature U-wing with articulated wings that can pivot back and forth, along with four ship cards and fourteen upgrades. Conduct espionage. Promote Rebel bravery. Pivot your ship’s wings to real effect. The U-wing Expansion Pack makes it all possible.

Let’s take a look at all the components:



Ship Basics

Primary Weapon: 3

Agility: 1

Hull: 4

Shields: 4

Pilot skills range from 2 (Blue Squadron) to 6 (Cassian Audor) with a point value of 27 for the top pilot.

Focus and Target Lock actions are shown.

Upgrade Slots

  • 2 Crew
  • System
  • Torpedo

Sample Cards


She’s a focus factory in tight spots.


More of a gambler than Lando!



Interesting… A dual card indicating the U-Wing has a “0” maneuver like the Lambda shuttle, but gets an additional free 180 turn, OR use it to increase your agility by 1.

More on the ship from FFG here.

U-Wing in Action

~ Pilots, get to your starfighters!

  • Crevab

    Was V-wing taken?

    • Obsidian

      Yes, actually.

      • Crevab

        Off to Wookiepedia

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    I love that you can upgrade to be able to stop move. One of my favorite moves.