FW: The Titan Guard Arrive


Forge World has some new toys for the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii – Secutarri Hoplites & Peltasts are here!

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The towering God Machines of the Adeptus Titanicus can destroy companies of tanks, and bring fortifications to ruin, but if the enemy can get close enough even a lowly trooper can cause the Titan great harm. That’s where the Secutarii Titan Guard come in…

Secutarri Peltasts

Today you can order the brand new Secutarii Hoplites and Secutarii Peltasts Upgrade Kits. These kits each upgrade a unit of Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii to be powerfully armed warriors of the Mechanicus, dedicated to defending their Titan charges with their advanced weapons and their very lives!

Secutarri Hoplites 1




Secutarii Hoplites go into battle armed with Arc Lances and Mag-inverter shields, weapons that enable them to hunt war machines and vehicles that would threaten their charges. Akin the arc mauls of the Skitarii Clade officers, and the far larger of the mighty Cerastus Knight-Lancers, the arc lance inflicts damage through short range blasts of coruscating energy that can burn through xeno technology and render mute the machine spirit of even the most heavily armoured vehicle. Mag-inverter shields provide the copious power needed by arc lances, and resists blows which would otherwise slay its bearer instantly through utilising a powerful and sophisticated inversion generator at the shield’s core.


The Secutarii Hoplites Upgrade Set is a 51 piece resin upgrade kit which includes all of the parts needed to upgrade a unit of ten Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii to Secutarii Hoplites. An alternative head is included to make one Secutarii Peltast Alpha.


Completed models shown built using the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii, available separately.

Free Forge World PDF Rules Here.

Secutarii Hoplite Rules Preview




Secutarii Peltasts seek targets of flesh and bone that would attempt harm on the great God-Machines of the Legio Titanicus. Armed with a Galvanic-caster, the Secutarii Peltasts are equipped for all manner of targets. This electro-galvanically driven, multi-function projectile launcher has multiple firing modes that may fire rapid bursts of low velocity, razor-edged metallic flechettes; attack concealed targets with retina-burning ignis charges; fire an armour-piercing inert slug-shot at supersonic velocities; or even fire a barrage of blind canister shot to confuse and disorientate the enemy.


The Secutarii Peltasts upgrade set is a 43 piece resin upgrade kit which includes all of the parts needed to upgrade a unit of ten Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii to Secutarii Peltasts. An alternative head and pair of arms are also included to make one Secutarii Peltast Alpha.


Completed models shown built using the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii, available separately.

Free Forge World PDF Rules Here. (Scroll down)

Secutarri Peltasts Rules Preview

I like the look of these models. They have some pretty interesting options when it comes to weapon modes. The Galvanic-casters remind me of the special issue ammo from Sternguard/Deathwatch Kill Teams. Used defensively these guys can really hold the line – plus the ability to give Super-heavy units Shrouded is pretty useful too!


That is some scary looking bubble wrap!

  • euansmith

    Those are nice minis and I like their names too. They take me back to playing Ancients.

    • Tim Brown

      Yeah – G dub loves to take the Byzantine names for units…or anything Greek. Too many armies, too little time. The whole concept of a galaxy conquering machine cult still bothers me. If the Emperor could speak I imagine he’d say ” Ya gots one job wheelnuts – make me weapons for my boys -and stay on Mars where ya belong. We aint got the manpower to go saving your 1/2 metal butts or stopping youse from joining up with them necrons ‘ cause they are what you’re trying to achieve.”

      • Aezeal

        THey have plenty of worlds throught out the galaxy and they defend them against all comers. And they have a presence on other worlds too so could be part of a defense force there. They’d be unlikely to be much on the offence though. At least as far as I remember the lore.

        • Ahmad Jafar

          If they would be on the offensive it would usually be for archaeotech for the off chance that is will not be infested with warp tech daemons….

  • georgelabour

    it’s worth noting that the rules say they’re of the Adeptus Titanicus faction. Which means they’re not a part of the Skitarii or Cult Mechanicus.

    But it also says they’re an elites choice in a skitarii maniple. So either we’re about to get an actual titanicus faction that’ll borrow from the Codex or we’ve got our first unit that breaks a few rules regarding multiple factions.

    Granted we have formations that have done this before but this would be slightly different.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Well GW retconned Skitarri slightly, as they were originally always the Titanicus’ guards and scouting force.

      • Aezeal

        But Titans and Knights are seperate?

      • georgelabour

        I know that. However in this case I’m referring to the rules portion of the game.

        E.G: your ogryn have the Astra Militarum faction and thus can’t be taken by detachments with Imperial knight, Elder, or Space Marine factions.

        In this case they’re Adeptus Titanicus faction, not the Cult Mechanicus, or Skitarii faction

  • Jay

    If these truly go with skitarii I’ll be very tempted! Killer.

  • Benderisgreat

    Forgeworld, you had me at “hello.”

  • Viktor Julian

    AP 3 and rending at range 30. That`s a no brainer.

    • Mr.Gold

      or even 10-20 small blasts, ignoring cover…
      even at S3 that is going to hurt

      • uatu13

        Not to mention blind as well. Just with the scatters and placement alone you could force half an army to take blind checks.

    • ZeeLobby

      I don’t know why we even put the models down anymore. Lol. Ranges seem outdated too.

  • generalchaos34

    but the real quesstion….how much does it cost in points, like most FW units its either too cheap for its own good or too expensive to bother

    • Mr.Gold

      free PDF rules in the article above

    • ShasOFish

      Let’s put it this way; Tau players would be willing to have the Kroot and Vespid killed off entirely for a squad or two of them.

  • Anti-Gravity

    Gorgeous kits, daaaayum. Will probably have to grab a couple packs of these, and I’ve never fell for ‘upgrades’ before. These are just too nice to pass up and indeed with the amount of bitz in a single Skitarii box, combined with a Cadian Shock Troop box, one can make two fat squads of units using all of the weaponry/heads/extra stuff.

    I’m literally addicted to building models, might have to seek therapy in the coming years (dead serious).

    • nurglitch


  • benn grimm

    Very nice 🙂

  • Emprah

    Oooh these look amazing, though for that price they could have included the torso and legs sprues too.

  • Stealthbadger

    Also remember. Skitarri are relentless so that ‘heavy’ and salvo restriction means nothing. 🙂

  • gregjwild

    History Pedant alert!

    They’re giving “Hoplites” shields, but “Peltasts” no shield… somewhat of a misnomer as historically hoplites were named for their full set of armour (the hoplon)… but peltasts were named after their shield (the pelta).

    *grumble grumble*.

    • Statham

      But the Ad Mech also designed the Dunecrawler thinking it resembled a donkey/mule. I don’t think Terran historical accuracy is big on their agenda.