Geekery: Watch ILM Make Movie Magic

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ILM’s work on Star Wars Episode VII is amazing – watch scenes literally come together in this clip.

ILM was founded in 1975 by George Lucas with the help of John Dykstra and a group of artists, engineers, and students. They created the effects for Star Wars in a garage in Van Nuys, California. They’ve since done CG and effects for over 300 films, and have always been on the cutting edge of movie making tech.

They recently released this insane super cut of the major effects from Episode VII… is that a Blackbird I spy?

JJ Abrams was really vocal about the use of practical effects – and you can see those dropped in along with the CG one pass at a time.

ship deck ILM

The amount of detail that went in to every shot is just insane – layer upon layer of skeleton, skin, texture, lighting, and finally putting it to motion. The Star Destroyer crashed on Jakku built from the frame up with layers of detail, and the multiple passes that had to be done to take the wake behind the Millennium Falcon from 16 video game to realistic water. Flat out amazing. /I may be a movie dork, just a little

empire ship ILM star wars

star wars ilm

Check out ILM’s YouTube channel for some gems from Pacific Rim and The Avengers – and, yes, Transformers.

What is your favorite ILM created scene?

  • vlad78

    Awesome. Sad the story wasn’t that great, too much were taken from episode 4.

    • euansmith

      It is a shame that loads of films lavish more attention on special effects and marketing than on writing.

      • Ross Allan

        I really liked it, therefore you’re wrong.
        +20 Internets to me for such stylish Internetting.

      • nurglitch

        If I wanted good writing I’d read a book.

  • petrow84

    Here’s the plan:
    – meet with the guys behind The Lord Inquisitor
    – make a goddamn awesome movie
    – ???
    – profit and thousands of 40k fans drooling onto the floor!

    • Aezeal

      Why would these guys need the people behind Inquisitor… ILM can do that work themselves…
      GW needs to talk to ILM

      • petrow84

        Cause its always good to have dedicated and talented guys in your team, who know the lore. Anyway, they wouldn’t go anywhere without GWs sanction.

        • Aezeal

          GW sort of knows it’s own lore 😀

  • Ross Allan

    Look. Someone had to do it. It was inevitable. Think of it as me taking one for the team.
    Look. Someone had to do it. It was inevitable. Think of it as me taking one for the team.